Customer Service Survey

Thank you for choosing to share energy together through participating in a clarity session!

I believe that what I see in you is a direct reflection of me; so as we walked a few steps together through this session, I used the opportunity to learn, grow, reflect within my own life.  It was my pleasure to share these steps with you!

If you may please take a few moments to complete and return this short survey.  Your comments about the process and the results are very much appreciated; I will incorporate what you share as I continue to  create within this space.

To share my appreciation with you, if you refer a new client to me, you will receive 50% off your next service.  Please have them mention your name when they sign up, so that you may receive credit.  You will receive an email with your credit when they sign up.

On a scale of 1-10, one being the lowest, ten being the highest, please rate your satisfaction:

The ease of the sign up process.

The process was clearly explained in your welcome letter.

Your reason for requesting clarity was identified and addressed.

Communication was frequent.

The reflections you received were accurate.

The tools and resources you were given were explained thoroughly.

Your overall satisfaction with the session.

You would recommend a clarity session to another person.

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