I offer small circle ecourses, so that each participant has the opportunity to experience fullness of connection with me (as the facilitator), other participants and the class materials. 

“Small circle” means 20 participants or less.

Each ecourse is organized in a way that gives you daily access to the material and also the opportunity to share your questions and experience with myself and others who are participating.

My intention is to create a space where you feel supported as you experiment with how to apply the class material in daily life and appreciated for whatever you choose to share in the class forum.

I share materials as well as personal guidance so that you can explore the practices or techniques and feel them ‘working’ in your life.

I created this free audio recording sharing with you the foundation and feel of my practice of presence to unfolding within organic growth, beliefs about and experience in living infinite possibility for my (free) Manifesting with Joy in Daily Life teleseries. I am sharing the link here for you to listen to (and download and save, if you would like.)

To learn more about each ecourse, and to register, please click the individual photo links. The ecourse offerings are updated monthly so please check back.

If you prefer one-on-one attention and guidance, I do offer personal sessions. 

I also offer a monthly Online Energetic Intention Circle. The circle is open to add intentions through the 7th of each month. I provide a reading with support and guidance, weaving chakra energy into your intention along with affirmation of your intention throughout the month. The subscription options are one-month or one-year.

It is my pleasure to share this October 2015 offering with you:

Manifesting with Joy

Let’s put some fun into manifesting!.

This is an invitation to thoroughly enjoy the process, celebrating each step, and celebrating each placement – allowing the current of joy and gratitude to easily ‘move you’ to manifesting *more* of what you’d like to experience in life.

When you feel joy in your manifesting practice, that joy touches *each area* of your life – naturally inviting peace and possibility into your creative expressions and connections!

Registration is available through October 16, 2015. To register, please click the photo link.

It is my pleasure to share this November 2015 offering with you:


Worry-Shift is a one-month ecourse offered to 6 students per session during which you share a current space of worry and together we explore an understanding of your unique patterning and triggers as we customize practices of presence for you to use to shift from worry into peace and possibility.

Registration is available through November 13 , 2015. To register, please click the photo link. 

It is my pleasure to share this January 2015 offering with you:

The Sanctuary of You: Understanding and Appreciating Your Body as a Sacred Container 

The Sanctuary of You is a 30-day exploration of the idea of honoring your body as a sacred container that houses your spirit and is the vehicle that you chose to inhabit to move you around world.

Registration is available through December 30, 2015. To register, please click the photo link.

Much peace and abundant love,