Free Live Teleclass: Worry-Shift


I am offering a free, live teleclass on Saturday, April 18 at 4p (pt).

My intention for this call is to share a basic understanding of the energy of worry, some common patterns of worry, a few common ‘myths’ about worry, and three practices to shift out of the reaction of worry into a space of creation.

To be clear: none of this is about ‘not worrying’. Let’s realize that if you tend to worry, then judging yourself (or your worry) will likely add more tension to an already painful process. It is absolutely about understanding worry when it is present and how to reclaim empowerment and choice while in a state of worry.

Please note: this is a potentially vulnerable conversation. I ask that if you feel your heart saying ‘yes, please’ that you choose to participate. I love the feel of round-table discussions, but if you prefer not to speak, simply receiving the information opens energetic doors.

This is not a sales call; however, I will be referring to the Worry-Shift ecourse beginning May 1st, from which this call material is taken.

The call will be approximately 60 minutes.

I will consider sharing a replay with those not on the call – however, the space on the call is a sacred container and the work can feel vulnerable. I want participants to feel comfortable sharing, which they sometimes do not if it is shared outside of the setting, so I will check with the participants to see how they feel.

Registration is now closed.

Please note: When you choose to receive this series, you will also be welcomed as a member of the Facets of Joy community, which means that you will be receiving articles and updates in your email in-box.

I invite you to share this registration page with anyone you feel would benefit from receiving these materials and participating in the call.

I look forward to connecting on the call!

Much peace and abundant love,