Manifesting with Joy: 4-Week Home-Study ecourse


This is a home-study ecourse.

You will have access to me via email to ask questions or share your reflections and experience with, as you work your way through the materials.

(I host a ‘live’ 4-week session quarterly throughout the year. The difference is that during the live, small group session, we all work through the material together and you have access to me daily via a Facebook forum.)

Why Would You Want to Study Manifesting Concepts and Techniques?

Everything has energy.

Understanding the energy and having tools and practices that support your desire and ability to direct your focus and attention on tapping into this energy to create and connect *naturally increases the peace and possibility in a moment.*

You feel: empowered. Life feels: fun.

You understand that you potentially can create anything in your life, when you choose to be present to the possibility.

You understand that it is possible to consistently live in (and with) peace, joy, abundance, delight, connectedness, and flow of creative expression and you either want to have this experience or you already live it and want to *amp it up*.

You are here on Earth, with all of these variables around you – why not tap into elemental energy and draw experiences into your space that light your heart and invite you to enjoy the fullness and ‘goodness’ of life, instead of endure or ‘survive it’.

(Lots of people choose to endure and survive, and that’s okay. But you know there is more to life than that – you want to experience thriving, and manifesting is a fun part of that!)

I don’t know if you want to learn how to manifest, but I do know you are manifesting anyway, so why not learn how to use it to your benefit, right as you are, in daily life, as it is.

My Style of Manifesting and the Energy in the Ecourse Material

I created this free audio recording in which I share about the foundation and feel of my practice of presence to unfolding within organic growth, beliefs about and experience in living infinite possibility and manifesting.

I also interviewed my children (ages 15 & 17 at the time of the recording) so that you could hear a bit about how they manifest.

There are many manifesting sites, books, resources and guides. I invite you to choose guides and materials that feel resonant with your own beliefs and also gently challenge you to open through and stretch beyond your beliefs.

You don’t want the ‘same’ or familiar stuff because it won’t offer expansion, but you do want practices and techniques that make sense and feel good to you, so you will use and explore them.

What I share specifically in this ecourse is sometimes a bit different from my peers, because I believe in (and practice) engaging our mind as the powerful tool that it is, to think about the practices and create and connect using them.

I will share with you the logic behind the concept, so your mind can think about it – which also means your mind is not in those moments engaged in doubt or fear.

Because your mind is engaged, your heart can open to celebrate what is being presented (even if it’s new and unfamiliar material).

This way of learning (and being) is gentle and ‘easy’ on your body, and keeps your energetic vibration elevated.

Using your mind and heart energy together is very powerful, and feeling peace in your body means you can center deeper and open more, which makes manifesting natural, easier and more joyful (as well as more effective).

In essence, then, you are creating and connecting from an empowered, centered state, not only as you manifest, but in general, in life.

I am very grounded and logical when presenting this material, which engages your mind, and puts your body at ease. In general, people feel ease around logic.

So, when I present something I can’t explain, that trust is already there (internal with yourself and external with me) and you are more likely to open to it, with less (or no) resistance. 

As an energy facilitator, and one who manifests daily, I understand that adding the energies of joy, ease and celebration – which are all *naturally* heart healing and opening – to your practice, changes the feel of your practice as well as your daily life. 

When your focus is on celebrating each step, your mind is engaged in the process of creating and connecting – or resting (instead of in fear-mode spouting limiting beliefs and falling back to patterning that could act as a barrier to receiving in). This allows your physical body to be at peace, which then allows your heart to open to receive in with ease and delight.

There are many different ways to practice (and I suggest you have fun exploring them to see what feels good and works for you).

What I know from my personal experience and coaching experience is that mine is naturally full of peace, which then naturally opens the door to possibility – it simply flows, even through resistance. 

It’s easy (and common) to get stuck in stages of the ‘manifesting loop’ of clearing. centering, creating an intention and receiving in.

When your practice feels boring or you don’t see immediate placement of what you are manifesting, it’s natural to become discouraged, to feel like you are doing something wrong or something internal is broken and to quit – often right before what you were intending to manifest is drawn in.

Perhaps you have experienced this in your manifesting practice, losing trust in yourself, your ability to manifest as well as in the process of manifesting altogether.

This is an invitation to thoroughly enjoy the process, celebrating each step, and celebrating each placement – allowing the current of joy and gratitude to easily ‘move you’ to manifesting *more* of what you’d like to experience in life.

To be very clear, I’m going to

  • ask you to invite the energy of joy into your manifesting practice and to celebrate each step along the way.
  • provide you with a space to explore and understand your personal patterning and potential blocks to flow, as well as to apply the material I share to your daily manifesting practice.
  • be present to offer personal attention, guidance and support as you apply these techniques and practices in your life.

Let the manifesting fun begin!

A previous participant, Fernanda Falcao shares:
The manifesting ecourse was a blessing of an experience for me. For me, it was not only about manifesting but also about connecting with how I want to live my life. Joy supported me a lot to connect with my own energy, with centering, holding space for whatever was coming, celebrating, and enjoying the little steps I was taking on manifesting my soul desire. It was a lot of fun!

The support I got not only from Joy but from the others in the fFacebook forum kept me moving forward whenever my patterned appeared. I highly recommend this ecourse for anyone who wants to get in touch with manifesting something in your life and also to get to know yourself better. I am a new person after this ecourse with a lot more energy and trusting Source even more. The more I get to know this practice,  all I can say is thank you. More please. More loving. More practing. More manifesting. MORE AND MORE!!!


At base, what most people wish to experience in life is a feeling of comfort and safety in a space of love and appreciation.

This space naturally encourages your manifesting practice to *thrive*.

This ecourse is structured like a sacred container to give you the experience of that feel.  A sacred container, in this context, is a space where I set the energy – with my presence and the materials I present – to be one where you feel comfortable sharing, exploring and connecting. There is acceptance, understanding and non-judgment (unless you bring self-judgment in, which I will gently point out so you have the option of shifting into something different).

Because your experience with manifesting – including your patterning, reactions and techniques – is unique to you, this ecourse is a bit different from the other ecourses that I facilitate.

The goal of this ecourse is for you to experience daily joy and ease in your manifesting practice. It’s best if you can choose a specific feeling or experience you would like to manifest in, so we can work together on understanding your potential blocks, customizing practices for you and applying daily presence to your manifesting intention. Choosing a specific feeling or experience allows you to ‘see’ any shifts as they happen, which then builds your trust in the process. From there, you can use the concepts in other areas of your life.

This session will include: a daily prompt delivered via email and one email exchange per weekday with me (so five emails per week) for the duration of the class.

For you to experience any energetic shifts in this class, it will require your time, energy and attention to the materials. You can spend as little or as much time as you would like with the materials knowing that your ‘result’ is dependent upon your focus.

Inner work is akin to running a physical marathon. So, please understand that it is to your benefit to set aside enough time to process the material and rest, and to be gentle and kind with yourself during the duration of the class.


You will receive a daily prompt via email at 4a (pt).

You may have one email exchange with me per each weekday during the duration of the class (so 5 emails per week, for four weeks).

We spend the first week creating a foundation for your practice and the subsequent weeks exploring and experimenting with different techniques that support your intention. The idea is for you to feel and see these practices ‘working’ in your life.

The cost of the class is $81.00.

To register, please follow this link: Registration for Manifesting with Joy -home study $81.00.

**There are two steps to registration: payment and adding your name to the student roster. After payment is complete, you will receive a prompt to add your name to the student roster.


There are currently no scholarships available for this ecourse. I will update this status as scholarships are placed.

If you are interested in receiving or providing a scholarship, please email me at

If you are interested in a payment plan, please email me at


There is a no-refund policy on this class.

When we work in heart space, sometimes fear arises. Understandable and extremely common.

When fear arises, we often react, by pushing away the source of love (in this case, this class).

When you choose to register to *Manifesting with Joy* you are acknowledging that you are ready to open your heart space to journey to inner core.  Much like an airline ticket is non-refundable, so is this class.


I create the materials from this class from my personal study, understanding and experience of manifesting. I cannot guarantee that you will feel ease, joy and peace nor can I guarantee that you will manifest in what you wish.


You took the time to read through this invitation – simply considering the idea of manifesting with joy is a gift to yourself (even if you choose not to participate in this ecourse). May you thank your self for reading, considering and opening doors.

Please feel free to share this offering (by sharing this information page link) with anyone whom you feel will enjoy it.

Time and energy are precious – I appreciate your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,