Manifesting with Joy in Daily Life: A Free Conversations Series


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Manifesting with Joy in Daily Life: A Free Conversation Series!

Each conversation is with a different guest. We will be exploring a myriad of techniques and tips to enhance the ease, joy and overall effectiveness of your manifesting practice.

This series is for you if you are curious about, and interested in, the practice of manifesting – with joy, in daily life.

Here is the link to my free audio recording for this series, in which I share with you the foundation and feel of my practice of presence to unfolding within organic growth and my beliefs about -and experience in – living infinite possibility. I am sharing the link here for you to listen to (and download and save, if you would like.)

My Intention for This Series

My intention is to share with you examples of real-life manifesting experiences as well as guidance and tips from people I know who excel at manifesting and enjoy the process.

I specialize in understanding the energetic dynamics in your space – whether that space is a moment, an experience, a relationship, a creative expression. I use that understanding to:

  • increase your physical and energetic experience of peace
  • to tap into to create with, to experience infinite possibility, right here in this moment.

My manifesting practice naturally evolved from my interest in energy movement. Since manifesting, at base, is energetically drawing something in your space, the more I learn about energy, the easier (and more fun!) it becomes to manifest.

Coming from a childhood of having my voice and creative expressions squelched (and being disciplined in the moments I had the courage to choose to explore and share them), living infinite possibility in my daily life, now, feels like a miracle! (It is a miracle – each and every day something new is manifested in and I am in wonder, awe and extreme gratitude!)

While I understand the value of learning through study and application, I personally learn best from listening to people’s real-life experiences.

If you explain how something works in your life, I can think about and feel into it and customize it to apply somewhere in my life.

While we might hold a common interest in manifesting, we each practice in different ways. Finding affirmation in our similarities and being exposed to the differences and considering using new techniques in our personal practices, is very expansive, in a gentle, joyful way.

I intentionally surround myself with ‘manifesting masters’ because I love to be inspired to heal, stretch and grow in my practice (and in life).

I thought it would be fun to share our recorded conversations together so that you, too, could listen in and benefit from our combined years of experience and practice.

If you hear us discuss something familiar, that may be an affirmation of your path or practice or possibly a sign or synchronicity that has a message for you. If you hear us discuss something new or different, that may inspire you to open through an inner block and expand your practice.

Of course, if you have any questions, or would like to share your experience, you may contact me, or any of my guests, via email.

Conversations are Available Now Through November 25, 2015

This conversation series is available to register for now through November 25, 2015.

When you register for the series, you will receive the first conversation link via email at 1a within 48 hours of registering (often within 24 hours, depending upon what time of day you register). If you register during the last week of November, I will forward you a list with each link so you can download and save each discussion.

You will receive a daily email at 1a (pt) with a link to that day’s conversation, along with information about my guest (so you may connect with their work through their personal site and follow their social media pages if their tips resonate with you).

To be clear: You may download and save each discussion so that you may refer back to it repeatedly, as many times as you’d like. Registration for the series closes on November 25, 2015, but there is no expiration date on your saved discussions.


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Manifesting with Joy in Daily Life

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List of Guest Speakers

I practice presence to unfolding within organic growth. It’s important to me to create with resonance, because there is clarity in message and also in the energy we collectively share.

Taking this into account, my ‘criteria’ for speaker participation was simple:

  • that I am familiar with the person’s work and way of living,
  • that they create organically in their life
  • that the energies of ease, joy, delight and gratitude are strong currents in their work and life.

There may be some differences in our personal beliefs or ways of practicing. Because I love, learn from and celebrate exposure to contrast, I invited guests with a broad range of areas of expertise. Some of what they present may be different and unfamiliar and that will give us the opportunity to expand our practice, if we wish.

This list is in alphabetical order.

Cindie Chavez – Cindie

Tracy Coan – Tracy

Kelli Cooper – Life Made to Order

Carolan Deacon – Carolan

Michelle Martin Dobbins – Daily Alchemy

Megan (Bord) Eaton- Megan

Jenny Griffin – The Power of Change

Jennifer Hillman – Jennifer

Lindsay Hinton – Soul Inspired Wellness

Evelyn Lim – Abundance Tapestry

Jenny Mannion – Jenny

Evita Ochel – Evita

Unity J Schmidt – Healing with Unity

Mia Saenz – Mia

Renee Starr – Back to the

Kathryn Yarborough – Flowing with

Photo and Graphic Credit

Photo credit: Me (I use selfies as part of my self-love and appreciation practice).

Photo Graphic *Magic*: Tanya Levy, known as Heartlady on Facebook. I asked in my energy circle if someone could create a magical graphic for me and Tanya responded right away with ‘what do you need’? *and* created it right there, on the spot. Tanya was extremely patient with my intuitive self and what she created was *exactly* what I wanted and adds an element to this page and series that I feel is symbolic of the power of Universal support and love. Please do join Tanya’s Heartlady community by ‘liking’ her Facebook page. 

May you feel this connectedness in your life, as you move through each day – and may that connectedness allow you to experience infinite possibility *just like this*. 

Thank you for your presence!!

Much peace and abundant love,


PS. If you’d prefer not to ‘talk’ about manifesting, you’d rather *just do it*, you may wish to register for my Manifesting with Joy, 4-week home-study ecourse..

If you prefer personal attention and guidance, I also offer personal coaching.