My Heart Truth

My Heart Truth

This is what I believe with my entire being:

I don’t believe anyone is broken or needs “fixing”, we sometimes require a reflection of love to remind us of what we cannot see. 

This statement reflects to you my personal practice of inner work, healing, and growth; my professional practice of reflecting light, love, and spirit through all that I share; my practice of purpose as I move through World.

Everything on this site is centered in the above heart truths. Everything in my sight is centered in the same.  

In February 2013, I committed to a personal exploration of love in this series: 28 Days of Love. Reading this series will give you insight into how I create and connectmy intent is to reflect to you messages that inspire you to gently stretch into spaces of love and/or to affirm the power of love as you move through World.  The page includes individual article links, so if  a title speaks to you, you may read just the one article.  To access the page, simply click the title link.

My Story

Because I choose to live fully present, it is difficult for me to explain myself to you…ever-evolving, the external in my life is very fluid.

I bask in sunshine, revel in moonbeams, and live the reality of my heart whispers.  I see the beauty in everything and I spin some wonderful *magic*.

I release my story daily to live as I do, yet I share parts of it with others (you) if it helps to encourage or inspire you.  So, I begin with this small piece so that you can see who I was and who I am becoming.  (For perspective, I am a single mother and my two children are now young teenagers).

While it has been my natural essence to be the light in the room, a lot of my heart space was full of  muck from a lifetime of abuse and chaos.  While some of you might not understand abuse, I would like to share this: it doesn’t feel “good”, but when it is familiar, it becomes more natural than any other way.

After being told and shown how unworthy I was, I began to feel unworthy…I could see your beauty and reflect it to you, but I couldn’t see my own. I could be the light for you, but I couldn’t shine it internally.

I repeatedly drew to me people who were in pain or stages of compromise.  Larger than life people with external charisma yet internal fear.

Choosing to have children was my catalyst for change.  I wanted them to have the experience of life that I knew was possible.  So, I stepped out of chaos and began my practice of presence.

My children and I spent five years together living on a sailboat. There we began learning together principles of unfolding, manifesting, transparency, honoring individual path, and celebrating life.  My children often remind me that I taught them impossible is  “not real”.

I allowed myself to be folded into romantic love.  The kind in which I began to re-member depths of my soul, my being, that had been covered in layers of fear and doubt. It opened a door my mind thought had been bolted shut. Those seeds have sprouted and are blossoming into all of this *now*.

I am learning to cultivate and revel in abundance.

I am a being in Love..with World.  I hold hands with God, dance with Divine, celebrate with Mother Nature, energetically play with Universe, create with Sister Goddess.

And, I know without a doubt, broken doesn’t exist.  It is a myth–right along with perfectionism.  Fear manifests as pain, which distracts us from Love. So, we might “think” we are broken or imperfect, but heart feels the truth.

We are divine beings of love and light.  It is my purpose in life to reflect to you the potential of depth and range and the joy of infinite possibility available within our choice of love.

There is a piece of you somewhere in this story…our external details might differ, but there is a point of connection.  It is a joy to meet you there!  May we learn from, and celebrate, each other.

Far more effective than any other healing modality, love is truly the answer.

I recently created this video: I Love You Out Loud! to share my gratitude for the experience of love in my life.

My Essence and Dream

The truth of me is that I don’t fit into a category.  I am a heart-healer type, asking people to trust me to guide them through their vulnerable spots, so I tend to speak and move in gentle ways.  Yet for me personally, I thrive in extreme adventure  –physical, push your body to the limits kind of stuff. My children understand this, but most people do not.

I wish I knew people that didn’t allow fear to distract them, but I find it is situational.  In general, the energetic healers journey to a depth emotionally/energetically and the adventurers journey to a depth physically, but I hadn’t found many who will do both. So, I journey with the heart healers and I play with the adventurers, and lots of times I journey and play solo.   

To combine all of the above, my ultimate ‘each step I take is toward this dream’ is to sail around the world with Facets as my platform.  I have six years to get ready (my daughter will be 18 then), and my children understand this is what I am going for, although my friends think I am crazy, which is why I am making new friends *grin*…nah, inside they feel something other than that, but it’s true I am also surrounding myself with people who say “awesome, how can I help”…

At this point, the reality is I may sail solo, perhaps with excellent sailing crew at different points…and  I’m going to be running a business…so in this dream, there isn’t really room for sh**…each moment counts..I appreciate and am learning to celebrate each one!

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