Subscriber Special for Presence to Manifesting Money Miracles


I very much appreciate your presence within the Facets community!

As a token of my appreciation, I am offering a subscriber-only 50% off special the regular price for Presence to Manifesting Money Miracles – $25.00.

This special is valid through August 23, 2013.

To receive this special pricing, simply click this link: Facets Subscriber Special- Manifesting Money Miracles $25.00.

This link will be removed at 9p (PDT) on August 23,2013.

Reminder: Registration is a two-step process – after payment, you will receive a link to add your name to the student roster.  Upon adding your name to the roster, you will receive a Facets thank you note – your registration is then complete.

Please do not share this link with anyone.  This is not to generate sales, this is simply to share my appreciation with you for your presence within this community.

Much peace and abundant love,