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I am facilitating a telecall with the feel of an energetic circle, on Sunday, November 22, 2015 from 3-4p (pt) for us to discuss together the choice to trust in the goodness of world.

I specialize in understanding the energetic dynamics of an experience and feeling into (and experiencing) the peace and possibility within it – even if external variables look chaotic and pain is present.

I believe and experience that peace and possibility are ever-present in this world, waiting patiently for us to choose them. (If you’re not familiar with who I am and how my heart has been called to serve in this capacity, you may want to check my about page so you can better understand that this belief was crafted through years of personal experience then later followed by study.)

This background information explains where the seeds for this call were planted 

My kids and I opened last week (the week of November 9th) with two days of bomb threats at their pre-dominantly middle-upper class technology high school in a beach community in So Ca. (I share these labels only to reflect that it was unexpected and threats can happen *anywhere*.)

On the first day, the threat was found after school had been dismissed. On the second day, my son was already home when the bomb threat was discovered. I wanted my daughter to feel safe and not be caught up in the energies of rampant fear and chaos as the experience unfolded, so I made the decision to pick her up from school the moment I found out.

My decision was purely intuitive – made from a centered space of love and peace. 

I’ve raised (am still raising!) my children to believe in, and experience, peace and possibility yet, I understood when they temporarily doubted it. We spoke about how it’s important to still be peaceful and celebrate peace even though fear is prevalent.

We can’t ‘just’ speak about the power of peace (and love), though – the next step is to do it: to trust enough to open our hearts to be that peace and love, to shine light, even when others in world are caught up in hatred, fear and anger.  

A few days later, there were highly publicized bombings in different cities in this world.

It’s ultra-easy and also very understandable, to feel fear, especially when you keep those news feeds rolling.

*And* we always, in each moment -regardless of what is in that moment- have the choice to center into and be love.

As I scroll through my social media feeds, I see a wide variety of reactions. I see some divisiveness. And I see lots and lots of love. 

When we can center, then open to understanding the energy of ‘being attacked’:

  • that those causing chaos want us to feel hatred and want to dissolve unity and empowerment so when we choose fear, we are amplifying their intention; in essence, giving them our power.
  • that the psychology in this is not personal – meaning, in general, those creating chaos (whether that be ‘global terrorists’ or the pain-filled child at school) are sharing their pain; when we allow their pain to re-direct our attention and steps, we are amplifying their intention; in essence, giving them our power.

We can find inspiration and encouragement to continue to be, connect & create with and celebrate, love – in our hearts, physical body, homes and World. Peace naturally unfolds from that love. 

My intention for this call

Please remember, if what we hold to be true in our hearts is that we are each a part of the global community, then our thoughts cannot be on “us” against *them* – our concentration must be on *we*.

Where is this global pain stemming from and how shall we meet it? How do our thoughts, beliefs and actions as individuals, communities and as an entire society, contribute to these events and how can we heal and grow from them? 

You see, in general, an attack is meant to disempower.

The antidote, then, is to choose empowerment by centering & amplifying source/love energy.

For this call, I am creating an energetic circle and inviting you to join me in talking about how we can choose to be that love, to celebrate the daily magic right here in the life we are experiencing, even with world violence – maybe *especially with* world violence.

I will share with you what I know and understand about chaos, from my personal experience and study and how to still feel *genuine* peace, joy, gratitude and love so you can continue to lean into and embrace the fullness of the goodness of life, here on Earth, as it is now, as you are now.

To be very clear: I will be holding space with love and gratitude and I expect that, even if your heart hurts and you are doubting the power of love, you will step into the circle with resonance with love and gratitude.

We each feel a wide variety of emotion – let’s talk about them and about how to understand them and hold space for them to unfold, as we continue trusting in, and celebrating, the goodness of world.

Call Details and Registration

The call will be around 60 minutes.

There will be a replay.

I hold roundtable style telecalls – meaning, if you call in (or participate via webcast), I will ask that you share your voice, if you feel comfortable doing so. As the facilitator, I monitor the energy of the call as I share materials about this topic of trusting in the goodness of world.

If this resonates with you and your heart says ‘yes, I’d love to be part of this circle’, then please do join in by registering here:

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I look forward to connecting on the call!

Much peace and abundant love,