Walk Your Heart Path with Joy: Exploring and Experiencing Peace and Possibility in Daily LIfe


Walk Your Heart Path with Joy: 

Exploring and Experiencing Peace and Possibility in Daily Life

A Six-Month Intensive: December 21, 2014 – June 21, 2015

This intensive is for you if you are interested in experiencing the joy and freedom of connecting, creating and celebrating with heart energy and inviting it into each space of your physical life as you move through each day.

“Now we live with the reality of sudden change and the whimsical nature of the unknown because it is the nature of life – and we must rise to its consequences not through logic, but through faith, wonder, courage, endurance, compassion, and love for each other. We would have little need for any of those blessed graces from which we derive our humanity if this life were a reasonable, logical, purely mental experience.”  – Caroline Myss

A Heart Path

When you choose to walk a heart-path, you are open to listening to your heart whispers and following them wherever they may lead. You tend to see and feel the light and beauty in *everything* (some people call this ‘wearing rose-colored glasses’ I call it seeing with eyes of love and gratitude). You celebrate the gift of this moment, simply because you feel blessed to be alive.


Heart whispers are esoteric *nudges*; not necessarily clear directional markers – so it’s easy to feel lost, uncertain, even full of doubt when walking your heart path. 

The ability to see and feel *light* also means you have the ability to see and feel everything; including some pretty painful stuff, that others sometimes numb or bury – so there are moments you feel *raw, tender, broken open*.

And, you might feel blessed to be alive, but when you are in vulnerable space (which happens often on a heart path) you aren’t always feeling blessed to be *you*

All of this is absolutely *okay* until we judge ourselves for feeling less than lovely or for the ‘imperfections’ we feel internally. In those moments of self-doubt, we often wish we were on anything but a heart path. Then we feel guilty or ashamed about the thought.

But, as heart-path walkers, we don’t know any other way – we know with our entire being that we are meant to walk this heart-path so we wake the next day, heart wide-open and do it all over again.

Oh, how refreshing and enlivening to share a few energetic steps with people who choose to walk in similar ways!

How inspiring and enriching to have a strong, centered, on-purpose, unconditional reflection of love and light to tap into when we ‘need it’. 

How nourishing to share our joys and doubts; creative expressions; hopes and dreams in the space of a sacred container with others who understand and appreciate where we have been, where we are and where we wish to go.

The Energy of Joy

Joy is an energy that we share generously with others but often save for a ‘special occasion’ for our own being to experience. However, joy is a natural connector energy, powerful manifesting energy and a potent healing energy (have you heard the phrase “laughter is the best medicine’?).

When we invite joy into our daily lives, we shift energy into peace and possibility.


It has been (still is) my journey to learn to embody the energy of Joy, as I practice presence to unfolding within organic growth. 

There are so many *amazing*, insightful teachings that seem to ‘work’ when I am in nature, or at home playing with the kids or ‘removed from mainstream’ in some way. But, I hadn’t found anything that showed me how to bring these practices into daily life – to feel a wide range and depth of peace and possibility when I am balancing my roles of single mother, solopreneur, friend, lover, daughter, creative being.

There are many people who choose to react with fear, instead of center into love and create – unplugging from that allows me to experience synchronicity and miracles throughout each day, but it also causes a disconnect and I thrive in connection.

So, I began to explore how to bring my practices of presence into my daily life; how to keep my heart wide-open in a world where people tell you to close it; how to enjoy and celebrate this moment, regardless of external. How to feel peace and possibility, here and now – on this heart path, as it is, as I am.

I am here to share with you what I have learned (and am still/always learning) as well as to be that strong, centered, on-purpose, unconditional reflection of love and light to tap into (that I referred to above).

I am here to walk next to you, with encouragement, love and appreciation as well as to stand-by while you explore and experiment with customizing practices of presence to fit your path and bring them into your daily life. 

My life is an intentional practice of presence; I center into love and gratitude and then I create and connect. I continue to refresh and center throughout the day.

This is my Instagram feed from May 11-May 14 – a visual of my heart-path. I celebrated Mother’s Day with my children (being a mother is an honor and delight!), I took the time to see sunrise from the beach and then on the same day I saw Moon set in the pre-dawn hours and sun set in the evening *from the same beach*.


This is the energy that I share with *you*, daily.

Registration Information

I want to share with you my intention in this registration process.  I will often share with you the logic behind my choices so that mind is engaged in thinking it through and heart can open to feel the energy in it. 

I am weaving energy from numerology and natural cycles through the foundation of the registration process.

This session runs from December 21st, 2014 – June 21st, 2015. (This session will run from solstice to solstice – a natural time of grounding to a natural time of blossoming).

Registration is open through December 20th, then will close for the session.

The tuition fee is $118 per month. The energetic circle of this intensive is open to 18 heart-path walkers, total. 

Month One tuition is due by December 21st – each month’s tuition is due the 21st of that month, through May 21st, 2015.  To pay Month One tuition ($118) please click here. – you will be billed for Month Two tuition on January 1st.

The tuition fee is payable at $118 per month equaling $708 total for the intensive. If you would like to pay for six months upfront, you will receive an 11% discount on the total of $708 which equals $630 (and is payable in full by December 21st). To pay for the entire intensive (including an 11% discount) at once ($630) please click here

What Can You Expect?

Because I practice unfolding, and I don’t yet know the specifics of the participants in this intensive, I hadn’t written the materials yet. I write for my courses intuitively, dependent upon what the specific interests and energy of the class as a whole turns out to be.

However, I do know the topics we will cover in this intensive will include:

  • creating the foundation and space for daily practices of presence, at home, in your daily life
  • the concept of creating a sacred container; then applying that concept to your heart space and physical body, relationships, money, heart whispers, specific block of time
  • setting and honoring boundaries
  • centering into elemental energy and sharing from this empowered space versus shielding techniques
  • dream tending
  • exploring the energies of joy, love and gratitude
  • practice of forgiveness
  • basic manifesting techniques
  • experimenting with creative expression
  • the importance of play and rest in each day
  • resonant energy in connections
  • the idea of *centering* versus ‘grounding’
  • the myth of perfection
  • choosing to create instead of react
  • information on chakras – energy, cleaning and opening
  • learning to engage mind in affirmative and fun learning processes, instead of  ‘releasing’ it

The materials will be delivered once a week, on Friday, via email, at 4:00a (PDT) beginning December 21st. You will receive a welcome packet on December 21st and your first module on December 26th.

There will be a private Facebook forum solely for the participants of this intensive.

A Visual of My Work on Heart Path



Even though the marine layer was thick, the air chilly and there was lots of wind, I convinced my children to go to the beach for sunset…(which was easy since I was the one driving us home from my son’s aerial class).

The first (top) photo is what sunset actually looked like this evening, the second (bottom) is the way my heart feels when I am standing at ocean’s edge, breathing in the elements, reminded of who I am and what I am made of.

I also rarely edit my photos, but it was fun to use *love and gratitude* to gently coax the vibrancy out – a visual of the work I do with others while on heart-path.


There is currently one full scholarship available. I will update this status as registration continues.

If you are interested in receiving or providing a scholarship, please email me at joy@facetsofjoy.com.

**If tuition is an issue and you would like a payment plan, please connect with me.

No-Refund Policy

There is a no-refund policy on this intensive.

When we work in heart space, sometimes fear arises.  Understandable and extremely common.

When fear arises, we often react, by pushing away the source of love (in this case, this class).

When you choose to register to Walk Your Heart Path with Joy you are acknowledging that you are ready to open your heart space to journey to inner core.  Much like an airline ticket is non-refundable, so is this class.

Thank You!

I am so excited!  This intensive is a delight to facilitate; your presence is vital to the energy and existence of this intensive.  I appreciate that you took the time to read this information and I know that even if you choose not to participate, energetic doors have been opened as you processed what was presented.


Can you see the heart-shape in the trunk? I love this tree!

Much peace and abundant love,