100 Days of Celebrating the Space Between

I love connecting on Instagram! I noticed that many of my peers were using the hashtag #The100DayProject so I finally looked up the meaning. (If you’d like to read about it, and perhaps join in, please click the title link.)

I chose to explore the idea of celebrating ‘the spaces between here and there’ – the liminal, in-between spaces. 

I have two distinctly different energetic dynamics, daily, in my life.

1. As a single mother of two teenagers – with an intention to be fully present to them around their school hours – and a person who practices presence with devotion each day and a business owner solely responsible for the income of my family, each day is very full.

As long as I center, I can tap into flow and feel ease as I move from one task to another. Centering takes time. Being present to each task takes awareness and intention.

Sometimes there is minimal ‘space between’. My intention for this project means that I will focus my attention on making space between, and celebrating it. It’s something very different and I am looking forward to seeing how it changes the feel of my day.

2. Currently in my life, I am the sole driver in our household – driving my kids to and from daily school and activities that are not close enough to home to return to while they are in them means I sometimes have an hour to ‘wait’, a few different times within the same day!

My job through this Facets of Joy site is based primarily upon my creative expressions. I prefer to have large blocks of creative time but with my current time constraints I find I prep work in the morning, return to it later in the day and finish in the evening – in the process from beginning to end, there is lots of in-between spaces.

I do inner work each day to understand my patterning and open my heart to newness. Energetically, I am not ‘where I was’ but also not quite *where I want to be*, meaning I am technically in the in-between space all day, each day.

Sometimes there is lots of ‘space between’. My intention for this project means that I will focus my attention on not resisting those in-between spaces, but open to feeling magic in them and celebrating them.

I don’t want to fill my space or ‘fritter away’ time, I want to enjoy the feeling of spaciousness and feel the blessing, miracles, synchronicity, peace and possibility in it.

Thus, my theme for this project.

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My first photo for this project – my kids and I found this whimsical piano while walking from our trolley stop to the parking garage. We did stop to play and we enjoyed it very much! I felt it was an awesome affirmation from Universe that, yes, *magic* is available in the spaces ‘between here and there’.

If you want to follow along, my Instagram account is @joyholland.

The hashtag I created and am using for this project is #100daysofcelebratingthespacebetween  – you can search the hashtag on Instagram to view my photos and read the reflections, as a series.

I invite you to like the photos that appeal to you and to comment on the photos and/or reflections I write with them.

I appreciate your encouragement and support as I create for this project.

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace,


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