The Power of You

I celebrate the Light within *You*!

Brilliant, radiant, magnificent, powerful, energizing, essential..


You are different.  Absolutely.  No doubt about it.  And you do not “fit in”. Nope.

How do you feel as you read that?

My entire life I thought I wanted to be the same.  Homogenous.

My truth is that I am everything but homogenous: an extremely optimistic minded, high energy, absolutely embody the essence of my name “JOY”,  live the moment to it’s full potential kind of girl who wears red confidently yet prefers to be clothed in as little as possible…I am often the one who lights the room, stands out in the crowd, am remembered when I exit.

Definitely different..everyone who meets me tells me that they have never met anyone like me.  They present it as a compliment, but for years I would cringe when I heard such words.  I wanted to be someone other than me..someone less different. This internal struggle created havoc in my life: by denying my own essence, dimming my own light, I gave away my power; I blocked flow/abundance/peace; and eventually I became physically ill.

The Universe had to speak loudly to me, because I wasn’t hearing the whispers.  I would purposely allow noise and filler in each moment..listen to the radio while driving, connect with louder than life people, spend less time in solitude in nature, invest in anything but that which enabled my own creative expressions.   My life was full; yet not fulfilling.  I knew the Feeling  I wanted each day: peace, joy, ease..yet my days were full of struggle, and I would fall into bed absolutely drained and exhausted.

My gift of clarity applies as strongly to my self as it does to others.  I effortlessly See inside of my self.  So I knew where I was compromising and why I Felt this way.  When I became physically ill–placing limits upon my ability to move and adventure–I chose to create new and different.  My current journey began the moment that I embraced the truth: I began to create new and different within my life when I accepted that each day that I wake I am new and different.

“If we come to understand that the deeper cause of suffering

is the misperception of the nature of reality, we know how to undo suffering. 

We can follow the bread crumbs back home

to the village of peace, compassion, and wisdom.” Sandra Pawula

I believe that what I see in you is a direct reflection of me.  When think of the people I connect with who enrich my life, the one common denominator they share is: they are each uniquely different..from me, from each other.. like no one I have ever met before..and I love that about each of them!  I cherish the differences.

Reflection: I cherish the differences.  My truth is: I cherish the differences..when I think of my self then, my truth is: I cherish that I am different.

What  reflection do you wish to illuminate today?

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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Comments on: "The Power of You" (26)

  1. Joy,

    Your message resonates so clearly: to embrace who I am! I’m so glad you broke through all the counter-conditioning to become the fabulous “you” you truly are and, thus, be able to share this magical message with us.

    I wish to reflect love and optimism today!

    Absolutely love the new look on your blog. Thanks for the link love.

    • Hi Sandra,
      Thank you for your beautiful reflection!
      For me to truly accept my self and my unqiue gifts, I needed to *know* my self–be willing to clearly see my entire self–then to apply unconditional love to my self; quite a learning process. As I move forward, I commit to being fully present to my self so that I may continue to explore as I create.
      My wish for you is that you receive abundant love and lots of radiant energy as you generously as you share it!

  2. Hi Joy .. I love the website you have here .. and your ability to ‘dive’ into yourself and understand, feel your needs – that clarity must be wonderful.

    It’s something I am sure I will explore more .. when I have time and am not thinking of my mother and her needs, along with other contingent things.

    I admire your tenacity of life and ability to realise what you need to .. may that all be resolved (easily and quickly prefereably) …

    My thoughts for now .. and wishing you the very best with the children, family and friends … Hilary

    • Hilary,
      It is a pleasure to see you here..thank you:)
      I firmly believe that as the creator of the moment that I am in, I have the responsibility to be consciously aware of where I choose to place my energy. As an empath/healer I tend to be other centered, so I have to be aware of the balance of placing my energy into caring for others and allowing ample time for self love and self care so that my own life experiences are as rich as those that I counsel. This is part of my recent paradigm shift; a concept I am currently experimenting with in these very moments.
      I send my best to your mother…and to you, Hilary..a warm energetic hug full of refreshment and peace.

  3. Dear Joy!

    The site is beautiful – absolutely radiant like you! It is warm, welcoming and just such a beautiful reflection of you!

    Thank you for sharing all this, thank you for encouraging clarity and transparency and love and joy and….all the characteristics of the beings of light that we are!

    Today I wish to reflect gratitude for life, adventures in the physical, good friends, good health and the numerous blessings I encounter each day!

    • Evita,
      Thank you:)
      When I create from my personal Truth, it is exciting and fun and a pleasure..this site is a culmination of a lifetime of cultivating experience and fully embracing the gift of this moment.
      I celebrate each individual “Being of Light”..I truly believe that when we relate from our differences, instead of despite them, we are given the amazing opportunity to grow beyond what we can imagine capable.
      Thank you for your reflection of gratitude..extremely life affirming and beautiful!

  4. I love your new website. It has a warm, bright and inviting glow. Great decision with the vibrant colors!

    I am also intending to allow my authentic voice to come through. Living in silence for a long while, now is the time to give myself the permission to express myself fully. I choose to illuminate love, courage, creativity and authenticity today.

    I look forward to reading your coming posts and wish you much love and abundance always!

    • Evelyn,
      Thank you! I think so often we “dull our colors” so it is with pleasure that I share vibrancy:)
      What a beautiful affirmation you share: “I choose to illuminate love, courage, creativity and authenticity today.”
      Silence is a wonderful place for reflection and growth…a place to absorb, listen, and access clarity so when we are ready to allow our heart whispers to surface, we appreciate each whisper and create from a place of joy and gratitude, *because* we are ready. I am so excited to see what magic you create, as always Evelyn..beautiful!

  5. Megan Bord said:

    Beautiful Joy, first of all this site is incredible. It’s fresh, vibrant, and very much “alive.” I love it!

    You taught me something very important recently, and it had to do with removing labels from things. When I read this post, that’s what struck me: rather than say “same” or “different,” I found myself referencing the words you spoke last week. “Perhaps don’t label it.” Granted, that doesn’t work in every situation, but when it comes to the power of me — and yes, I’ve at times wanted to be the same as “those desirable looking ones over there” and other times “different” so I could stand out — I’m slowly learning to strip the labels away. It feels good when I can do that because somehow it puts me more in the moment.

    So thank you for the lesson, and for giving my life greater clarity and peace.

    ~ Love ~

    • Megan,
      Thank you..fresh, vibrant, alive..what a gorgeous reflection!
      When I create from my heart space, label free works in every situation..labels are descriptions the mind uses to relate and labels come with built in perceptions which then influence the way we relate. When we release all labels, we create/relate from a place of trust and peace which allows for the freedom to be authentic and transparent. When I Feel trust and peace, I also Feel great freedom to explore, experiment, and open my heart ever might say in such a space I am most fearless, most bold, and most fully tapped into flow.
      As you strip away layers, you are releasing barriers/blocks to flow..I wonder what you will create as you continue to release..

  6. Hi Joy,
    Congratulations on your new endeavors and blog. I’ll bet your meet ups are fun and full of your joyful spirit. I want to reflect the love that I am today.

  7. Dear Joy, congratulations on your new focus, site and “mission.” It is a beautiful thing to witness. Today, I choose to reflect the beauty and perfection of the present moment … no matter what is happening in our “human lives,” our divine love and compassion can prevail. All is always well…

    With metta (loving-kindness) to you and all who visit, work and play here. xo

    • Hi Jan,
      Thank you! Your encouragement and support has inspired me to blossom! When we graciously receive a seed, we may nurture it and allow it to grow into everything that we wish, especially when we use Truth as our nutrient.
      I magnify your reflection of beauty and perfection in this present moment..and yes, may all who visit, work, and play here receive metta (loving-kindness)….

  8. Joy,

    What a beautiful blog – it’s the perfect complement to the beautiful message of hope and love you so graciously spread.

    Thank you for touching my life. I’m looking forward to being on this journey with you.



    • Alex,
      Thank you for the kind words.
      I magnify the beauty and gratitude that you share..such radiance in your reflection.
      “Journey” is a perfect word..As I open my heart to World, I continue to explore, experiment and experience…sometimes trailblazing in completely unknown territory, sometimes in stillness, but always *in love*.

  9. Joy,
    I love the new website and the FB page. I also really liked the photos you had on FB too. I’m so excited to follow you on your new journey. I wish I was close enough to attend one of your meet-ups. I’m sure they’re inspirational – just like you!

    • Hi Angela,
      Thank you! My intent is to cultivate *pleasure* even as I work..since I create from my heart space, I am committed to allow my creative process to be one of joy rather than obligation or a chore..thus the meetups and community events. As I continue to create, I have the choice to be afraid of new and different..or to embrace new and different and have ‘fun” with it..I choose fun!

  10. Joy, when I went to your other blog, I was afraid you had disappeared – especially more afraid as another wonderful blog I visited has closed. It’s been ages since I’ve been blogging and have felt like blogging, and I’m glad you have a new home and are continuing to share not only your journey, but your light.

    • Talon,
      It is such a joy to see you here! I know it has been a while, I trust all is well..and I send you a warm energetic hug full of light…love..and peace..

  11. Chaque baiser de toi est une nouvelle facette clivée sur mon coeur.

    Thank you Joy for the changes that I came back to after not being on the internet for a month.

    I am happy to actually be *one* that will be able to come up from San Diego for a ‘Meetup’. My sister lives in Saticoy…been needing to visit her.

    The best positivness to *all* the family with everything that is brought into your lives.

    • Rand,
      I love what I experience within the dynamics of my little family; it is my pleasure to share the concepts of transparency, creative expression, and peace with my “Facets” community as well. To have support and encouragement as we create, allows each of us to the potential to be and to experience our best within each moment that we choose!
      So often, we fear change; I reflect that change is possible and may be as fun and exciting as we allow it to be:)

  12. Joy, I’m looking forward to being at your first meetup! So much greatness is unfolding here on your site and within your community! A new world is opening up and new adventure unfolding – I’m very, very happy for you. Letting your light shine!


    • Aileen,
      There is this perception that “learning is tough” and change is “hard”; I say let’s shine some light on that as we continue to embrace the concepts of delight, pleasure and fun within the creative process!
      This new world, new adventure is reflective of my heart space; as I delve deeper to my core, I am able to open farther to World…and enjoy each moment:)
      I am so excited to share laughter with you and all who participate in my *first meetup*!

  13. What a wonderful post! Just like you, it took me a long time to accept that I was different…I am still learning and it is sometimes a painful process. But all in all, I try to embrace my difference rather than fighting it. This is new to me, but I feel so much better now than 10 years ago!

    • Hi Muriel,
      I loved reading your story today..very inspiring to me!
      In my personal life, I’ve always been bold in my creations and am often the one to light the room; for a long time I didn’t want to be different so I didn’t use my gifts to my potential, even sometimes burying them or denying them. Yet, the way I connect *with* someone is through their differences..allows me to learn, makes my heart smile. I realized my determination to fit in denied others the same pleasure of learning and smiling that I received when I embraced their now I shine that light brightly and encourage others to do the same.

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