A Beautiful Celebration of Life

Within my life, I practice the art of unfolding, choosing to release manmade time tables and cycles as I honor the natural cycles within the Earth’s flow (thus, recognizing the power and potency of tapping into energetic Flow). This allows me to invest my energy into the joy of creating each day; to open to abundance within connection and celebration.  As many around me are caught in the widespread panic of gathering and the surge of year-end review; I am full of peace as I carefully choose where to place my resources.  Instead of feeling a need to quickly complete resolutions set last year, or to participate in one of numerous parties; I am in the midst of allowing the natural beauty surrounding me to guide my direction and creations.

Thus, one recent day, I found myself on the beach in the wee hours of pre-dawn watching the full lunar eclipse.  That very evening, I found my self on the same beach watching the sunset over my backyard islands as the full moon rose.  Standing on the beach, chilly wind caressing my face as I watched the surf crash into the sand while nature splayed her best across the canvas of sky; I could not help but open my heart past any residual fear or doubt into the affirmation of infinite possibility.  Accepting this glory into my heart while sharing the magnificent beauty with others was more of a gift than anything we could share in the form of a present.

Affirmation: When I honor natural flow, investing my energy into celebrating the cycles within life; creating is a joy– each moment that passes is a beautiful celebration of life.

When we find we are inadvertently caught in mainstream flow, we may make the conscious decision to remove our self from that which is ‘expected’  to enjoy that which is simply and lovingly presented.

As the month of December continues to unfold, what is one way that you participate in the beautiful celebration of life?

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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  1. ” When I honor natural flow, investing my energy into celebrating the cycles within life; creating is a joy– each moment that passes is a beautiful celebration of life.”

    I really love this affirmation.

    Much can be learned from how you choose to use your energy and how you live in a flow, rather than in Resistance. Your words reconnect me to a state of flow

    • Aileen,
      Affirmations are an extremely powerful creative tool that I use within my life to center my focus on that which is life enriching and spirit enlivening. I am glad that this affirmation speaks to you; I wish you much joy as you explore flow using this concept!
      You mention resistance; when I feel resistance, I know that fear is present,–using an external tool such as this affirmation allows me to realign my inner values with my external actions. As you reflect, it is a choice, one I have to be mindfully present and aware of to make.

  2. Megan Bord said:

    Like you, I’m sort of doing what feels good, and honoring what my heart tells me it wants or needs. It’s easy to get caught up in so-called “mainstream,” but it’s just as easy to honor my internal (heart) callings, too. It’s a choice, and this month it’s seemed almost easier to make it.

    Happy December & lots of peace!

    • Megan,
      The strongest part of your reflection is the statement that “it’s a choice”. I am accountable for my thoughts, my actions, my creations; if I choose compromise and busyness, I will feel drained and exhausted, if I choose quality and transparency I will be fulfilled and able to effortlessly share from that abundance with those around me. Because I believe in *magic*, I tend to choose that which is delight filled and joy filled; as you share, when we choose to honor that which pours from our heart, we are choosing all that is positive and “good”.

  3. Dear Joy,

    Yes, following the natural flow, rather than limiting the beautiful flow of divine energies…yes, my heart and soul smile to that.

    And so as December continues to unfold, although there was a time when it appeared that so much more was asked of me, too much in fact, than I would ever be able to or want to “do”….now I am just basking in the glow of creative endeavours one step, one moment at a time, knowing and having faith that all which needs to get done will, while my energy maintains its balance of being vs doing.

    • Evita,
      I love this:” basking in the glow of creative endeavours”, an idea that some might consider “impossible” during this busy year end month of celebrations and commitments. Thank you for sharing with us a perspective that might feel a bit different to some, yet feels so perfectly right to me. A poignant reminder that what I invest my energy into grows.
      Thank you for sharing your heart and soul smile, which magnifies the energy within this piece!

  4. Hi Joy .. I wanted to pop in and read your peaceful words .. one day I guess I’ll reach these depths of peace and understanding …

    I’m pleased you’re still exploring and wondering and enjoying the pleasures of this world – you probably see more than most of us .. and Aileen’s words say it all ..

    With thoughts and happiness .. Hilary

    • Hilary,
      I *love* when you pop in..your presence somehow assures me that “all is well in the world”.
      May you always know that you may find peace within this space, and may you choose to take some with you offline as you create in life:)

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