An Oyster Shooter May Be Magical

A very short little magical story that I would like to share…

An Oyster Shooter May Be Magical

(*grin* …not because an oyster is an aphrodisiac..although I hear that it is…)

After a day in which every single one of my heart whispers was dashed, and I really didn’t feel like opening my heart any longer (one of those days!), I was a passenger in the car with my friend.  Driving home from an evening walk on the beach in which I gave my discouragement and disappointment to the stars and the ocean (because they somehow transform my feelings to gratitude each and every time!), my friend mentioned that he had never eaten an oyster shooter.  Even though I was drained from the day, I had such gratitude in my heart that, when he spoke, I was able to hear the almost imperceptible wish.

Reflection:  When I am feeling “less than” and afraid, do I immediately share this negative energy with someone thus impacting their energy? Or do I first invest in processing it internally in a healthy, enriching way before presenting it to World?  In this case, ocean is vast, the stars are brilliant, and fresh air is healing, so a beach walk was a way to allow my self to investigate my barriers and choose to open my heart through them.  My choice.

When I am fully vested in a connection, am I willing to open my heart beyond my own doubts and fears and release my own internal “stuff” to listen when they speak?  Am I willing to listen from my heart, knowing that I believe in unconditional love and the best way to share that is not through words, but action?

I heard the words, and felt the wish; although it was pretty late at night and I was tired, I wanted to share some magic.  Feeling excited (a complete turnaround from discouraged and disappointed!), I quickly researched the local seafood restaurant to see what they offered.  The local seafood restaurant is quite expensive so, even as I researched,  my mind told me this was impossible and impractical while my heart urged me to remain open to possibility.  (My friend was just astounded yet again, that one could so easily access extraordinary from such an ordinary moment).

Reflection: Regardless of external (in this case, it was late, I was tired and not feeling too magical), when presented with the opportunity do you tap into flow?

When you are excitedly cultivating magic (wait, that assumes that you do excitedly cultivate you?), do you listen to your mind as doubts rush in, or do you listen to your heart as it asks you to remain open?

Do you put aside your own inner “stuff” to be a conduit of magic for someone else?

The time was 6:50pm and they advertised a special happy hour menu through 7:00pm in which oyster shooters that are normally $10 each are $1 each.  The restaurant was only a few minutes drive from where we were and on the way to where we were going.  With a huge grin from ear to ear–because impossible became effortlessly and affordably possible!– I turned to my friend and asked him to change “course” to go to the restaurant.  He was open, but had a few doubts as expressed with “what if”…(happens when magic is so easily accessed!).

Reflection: When you ask for something, are you then willing to graciously receive it? Are you open to the possibility of magic?  Are you willing to “change your course” to accommodate that magic?

We walked into the restaurant with about three minutes to spare.  The bar was completely full and there didn’t seem to be a waiter in sight.  I smiled at the impossibility of it all, and that smile brought a waiter right to me.  I explained our situation: that my friend had never had an oyster shooter and we were just driving through when I remembered this place and saw the $1 special.  The waiter actually whisked us behind the bar, put in our order, then gave us a table to sit in comfort!

Reflection: Are you willing to share your wish with a person who can help you to make it happen?  Because I chose to share our “mission” the waiter was accommodating and friendly and enjoyed being part of “an experience”.  What could have been ordinary, was magnified to extraordinary. The experience was far easier and more magnificent than I could have planned or hoped for.  Are you comfortable accepting the element of magic and, if so, do you allow it to then be magnified and still receive graciously?

The actual eating of the oyster shooter was kind of anti-climatic.  The oyster shooter was perfectly presented with accoutrements; my friend downed it in less than 3 seconds.  Yet the entire experience is etched into my heart. Simple, yet so extraordinary.  So often we plan and we fret and we wish to present “perfect” and large and grandiose when it is the simple act of opening our hearts and sharing from such a place that allows far beyond that which you can imagine to enrich your life.

Much peace,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.


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  1. Hi Joy!

    I am online at ‘The Living Room’ here close to San Diego State University…sitting on an old overstuff sofa…listening to 1950’s oldies over their sound system. I’ve been very busy with work…actually after work today at the Sports Arena I went on a ‘quest’ for a tool that I will need tonight for the ‘out’ (found it).

    “So often we plan and we fret and we wish to present “perfect” and large and grandiose when it is the simple act of opening our hearts and sharing from such a place that allows far beyond that which you can imagine to enrich your life.”

    Years ago a very close friend had some of us over for ‘Oysters Rockefeller’. Mike really put in a major effort to ‘perfect’ the main course. After we all completed the meal there was a mutual major upheaval rumbling in our stomachs :( Upon reading the recipe once again it was discovered that the ingrediants were about three times what was called for! Very enriching!

    Here’s looking at you…

    • So, your friend presented his guests with a lovely parting gift:) “Perfect” is definitely about perspective: I prefer natural, simple, genuine..perfect to me, yet we each have our own tastes; when we honor those individual tastes while relating, we cultivate connection through our heart space, a gift indeed.

      • Joy, I sense your intuition or some other means has correctly told you that Mike is no longer physically living in this world…true…but to have honestly known him one would say that he was ‘natural’, ‘simple’, and ‘genuine’…he was very well known throughout this world.

        All that ate the *Oysters Rockefeller* will have a good *belly laugh* about it for their remaining years :)

  2. Hi Joy,

    I smiled all the way through this! One point I really took the heart is the question of whether we immediately share our negative energy and impact others or process it internally. Great reflection!

    • I love that you smiled, thank you! Reading the experience now, I still smile at the thought of being the conduit of magical for those around me..
      As for negative energy, it is emotional thus reactive and creating from that reactivates it in those around us; or I may choose to take the time to process it internally and create from that space, cultivating peace, joy, love..requires patience (an area of opportunity in my life) and awareness that isn’t always easily accessible when external is heaped upon us. So, it is my choice to learn to make my “base” creative foundation peace…when external is “heaped” may my autoresponse be peace…

  3. Joy,

    I love the new site:~) and, of course, your wise words! I liked the tongue and cheek tone of this post. It made the message go down so easily and It was a good message for me to consume…at least recently.

    I’ve had way too much negative energy floating around me and stopping here reminds me to stop fighting the river and float. If I do this, I know in my heart, my journey will be a lot more fun and relaxing. I’ll also probably get to wherever I’m going faster!

    Anyway, I love your site. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a new year that continues the magic you’ve started:~)

    • Sara,
      Thank you for visiting! I love that you chose to check out my new site, quite magical…thank you for the kind words:)
      Your reflection reminds me of my own tendency to sometimes resist, even in the midst of unfolding…I find even if I see the answer clearly, I sometimes work around it, over it, under it…but am reluctant to open to it…I *love* the idea of floating..allowing my self to be carried by the natural currents around me, as I effortlessly tap in/even become..flow. Thank you!

  4. I love it when an unexpected event becomes magical. What a joy.

    • Hi Sonia,
      My life truly is as magial as I allow it to be..if the magic is missing or on low, I access my heart space and do the work to release any barriers so that abundant magic is present:)

  5. Joy,
    I love your new look! I had to comment on the oyster shooter because I LOVE oysters. Eating one is fast/ fleeting. The taste so good. (Just like poignant parts of life!)

    So glad to reconnect and re-sign up!

    PS I’m always finding good happy hours, too! What a deal!

    • Betsy,
      I am so glad to see you here!
      What a beautiful reflection: “fast, fleeting, delicious..just like poignant parts of life”. In my life, I used to avoid fast, fleeting, delicious because I wanted to feel the “permanence” of stability; but such bliss in fleeting–teaches me gratitude and the fullness of being aware.
      The best part of this “surprise” is that I love tuna sushi, and for happy hour each piece is only $1..I would never have known had I not been open to flow to fulfill my friend’s wish:)

  6. Joy,

    I never read *this one* first time around, and today it is the perfect message at the perfect time for me… On so many levels!

    There is so much in here- I am still processing it now, and you know my immediate takeaway began with a judgemental inner voice criticizing my recent *sharing of negative energy* to be transformed into an affirmation of how many ways in my life people have shared that I have been the facilitator of *magical moments* for others. And it is true! And accessing the extraordinary in ordinary- what a gift! And so, with these two things in mind, I see the transformative power of that negative inner critic- when I treat these voices in my head with gentleness and apply forgiveness to them (myself) as if they are a scared child (my *inner* child?) I am able to access the Source of that inner child spirit, recognizing the gifts that have come from my challenges in life. In living much of my childhood in a fantasy world (head in the clouds they called it), in an effort to escape the unpleasant environment and energy I grew up in (embedded in my psyche as critic voices now), I cultivated a rich imagination and internal landscape where *anything* truly is possible- and that gift, when shared with world, allows me to transform mundane into magical, to be the writer and artist I am becoming, and to facilitate *magical moments* for and with others. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for this story- in it and through it I’ve come to recognize both my source of power and my gift to share with World. Such an opening! Thank you!

    • Molly,

      This oyster story was a wonderful experience and a simple reminder of the power of presence to possibility. The ease and joy was amazing…and *that *is what I feel is the most wonderful part! To share ease and joy within the magic of presence is a gift…truly..a gift with no limits…no cap…available each moment we choose.

      I *love* that through the sharing of this special experience, you are able to feel such clarity in areas it had previously been elusive. That affirms my intent in sharing…it is not ever to say, oh look at this magical life I have…but *to say*, look, at what is available…when we choose to see! And to invite you to use the reflection and apply it within your own life…as you have done here.

      It is with love and gratitude that I ask you…what magic shall you create *now*? How *fun*!

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