Are You Chasing Your Dream?

Let your heart whispers flow freely,

Take shape as they will.

Release insistence upon a certain form..

And allow for “magnificent” to be perfectly placed!

May you do this for me?  Please.

Throw caution to the wind.  For a few moments, release your mind space and access your heart space: Dream with me

Sounds lovely, yes? Ah, but not very practical.  And while we take these moments to dream, time is ticking along, wasting productive can dreaming actually be…I have deadlines and my heart hurts and quite frankly I am not into entertaining magic while my to do list is ever growing…I’m exhausted, overwhelmed, busy..

Adios (bye!)  mind..enter heart..

What I feel when I open my heart to life: the glory of loving fully, the freedom to be me, the bliss of using my each of my senses, the inner peace within alignment, the excitement of using my talents and skills to fulfill my life’s purpose, the joy of transparency…delicious.  Magical:)  External has no bearing on my creations, because I am fully vested through my heart space into all that is life enriching and spirit enlivening..meaning: I am fully vested into living!

Quick summary: what I feel when I open my heart to life…fully vested into living! Whimsical? Perhaps.  Essential? Absolutely.

Sound refreshing?  It is.  I know because I live it (well, except for the days I choose not to..sounds silly?, yep, read on…).

It took me a lifetime to be able to share this truth with you: I specialize in living a magical life.  *And* it is my greatest joy to share that magic with anyone in my space! Among the best reflections I have received have been those along the lines of: I feel so happy–that is that hardest I have laughed ever, I Feel so surprised I couldn’t imagine *this* could be possible, I feel so relieved–I told you a truth I have not yet revealed in my life, I feel so comfortable I would like to try this activity that I have been afraid of.  Notice, these are all “feelings” and what I know for sure is that one can only “feel” from your heart space; when you connect to me through your heart space, you are allowing us both the priceless gift of being connected through flow.  An honor.

(On any day of gift giving, some of us are concerned with finding the most perfect  “knock your socks off present” –move mountains, go into debt, allow stress just to find that present–ah man, it’s right here in our heart space).

“When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you.” 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself . 

I read this and immediately felt: stop stalling and start living.  Keep dreaming, and then live those dreams.  How? Release insistence and allow for magic. A timely reflection for me because I recently have felt as if I’m chasing a dream..not fun at all, quite spirit draining and discouraging..definitely not magical.

The difference between chasing and allowing for is huge– as different as the first two paragraphs of this article.  When I read the first paragraph, I feel as if I am exerting energy to merely exist; when I read the second paragraph, I feel as if I am investing energy into the great joy of living.   Doubts rise in my mind–if I do not think out specific actions and plans for my dreams, how will I ever accomplish anything?   But my heart says yes, I will open to this moment and allow for because I very much want to invest energy into the great joy of living!

Well, then, what allows me to “chase” in life?  Fear.  (My Mind).  When I choose to invest energy into feverishly creating, I am keeping my mind occupied and creating a barrier to flow.  Ultimately, I am trying to exert control over external by manipulating it with my actions.  My body doesn’t feel nourished by such activity, it feels exhausted and drained.  I stall out.

What allows me to live fully? Faith. (My Heart). When I choose to invest energy into: full awareness (transparency) of going within to set an intent in alignment with my heart whispers; clarity as I release all that is “old” and no longer spirit enlivening; and patience (trust) as I allow all that is “right” to be perfectly placed.. I am tapping fully into Flow.  I am using my talents and skills to fulfill my life’s purpose.  My being feels fulfilled, well-rested, at peace; as all that I create is from truth and through abundance.

May I suggest this option: Rather than live an exhausting life as we chase a one-dimensional dream: insisting upon specific external conditions–this connection, that job, this house, that car; we may allow for wonder and awe within a multi-dimensional dream.  When we practice “allowing for” we may not know ahead of time what form the external variables will be presented in, but we can be certain that peace, joy, love, magic will be  present in abundance.  We may be certain that living fully vested, in alignment, fulfilling  life’s purpose, while loving fully and experiencing transparency in relations will allow us to experience far beyond anything we could imagine.

Are you chasing your dream or allowing your self to live it?

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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Comments on: "Are You Chasing Your Dream?" (8)

  1. Hi Joy.

    I have a multi-faceted job with each day possibly presenting a different skill needed. My last job found me and another high up above the stage of the oldest theater in my city. We were on the bridge loading metal bricks to the linesets needed for the Moscow Ballet.

    To be present in the moment (let loose of a 30 some pound brick can instantly kill someone far below) I found to not ‘overthink’ anything, but to just execute each motion methodically again and again was the best for all concerned.

    Don’t we just find ourselves overthinking life at times?

    • Hi Rand,
      Thank you for the reflection: “to be present in the moment, I found not to overthink anything”. When I overthink, I lose clarity and begin to feel uncertain of my direction thus “chasing my dream” rather than living it. Thank you for the reminder:)

  2. What a beautiful post and message! Thank you for sharing your authentic self and inspiration. Blessings for a peaceful holiday.

    • Hi Shannon,
      It is a pleasure to share authenticity in this space and in life..
      Abundant *joy* and peace to you and your beautiful family..your photos together are radiant and fun to see:)

  3. Joy,
    I was chasing a certain connection. Thanks for the wake-up call!

    • Hi Tess,
      Thank you for sharing. Chasing indicates we have a goal; which is marvelous because we are moving toward something. Perhaps if you set the intent on how you think this connection feels, you will draw to you maybe not this specific connection but absolutely the perfect connection that will bring to your life exactly what you wish as you create.
      Intending and creating are ways in which we invest our energy that do not exhaust our beings, but refresh and invigorate instead:)

  4. Joy, this message today was total perfection for me to read! Everything about it was spot on for things running through my mind – and the open want flowing through my heart. Thank you for bringing my “work week” to such a beautiful close so that I might focus on my inner soul work without attachments to externals. This is so good. Thank you, my dear friend! XO

    • Thank you, Jan, for taking the time to share this affirmation! This is one of my favorite pieces—I wrote while in the midst of transition. I practice presence to unfolding, and this was a reminder to center into my practice. The challenge sometimes is to believe it is possible with ease and love, and to open to receive with gratitude.

      I *love* the feel of this “inner soul work without attachments to externals”–a perfectly placed reminder to me!

      Thank *you*.

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