Setting an Intention of Excellence

I am inspired by natural elegance and excellence all around me.

All that is reflected to me magnifies my essence.

As we approached year end, I began to notice the seemingly sweeping shift in mainstream energy from that of an even flow of enjoying celebrations and connections to an almost frenetic energy as many reviewed the past year and suddenly felt an urge to complete their resolutions.  To many, these resolutions originated from a place of faith last January with the desire to invest resources to complete them.  Now, with year end, gone is the faith; replaced by fear that leaving these resolutions uncompleted will… what?… show the World that we are not enough?  Somehow mean that we won’t pass to the next “grade” in life?

In such a way, many who choose to make new year’s resolutions tend to bring unfinished business and residual fear into the new year.  If one believes–as I do–that to create this moment I:  clear space, set an intention, invest energy, and allow for magnificent to be perfectly placed; one could see how unfinished business and residual fear would impact all that I create in the new year before the new year even began!  Instead of a clean slate, many are left holding bags of clutter.

May I ask you to consider something perhaps a bit new and different?  Instead of compiling yet another “to-do” list full of self-imposed limitations (because really, when you create such a list, do you feel free to invest in an activity not on the list while faced with so many lines of “should’s”), may you consider the idea of setting an intention for the year and allowing this intention to guide your direction?  I would love to ask you to consider a daily intention, rather than a yearly one, but let’s baby step through this idea; while mainstream focuses on year end review and new year planning, we shall focus on opening our hearts to experience the freedom of living untethered to a list.

My perspective expands each time that I consider new and different.  When I set an intention for the new year, I pick one word that symbolizes a concept that is an area of opportunity for me so that as I explore the word I will grow, effortlessly, through the fun of exploration.  Last year’s word was simplicity (this link shares the process I follow when setting an intention).  I loved the sound of the word, but I also recognized that as I began to honor transparency in all of my relations I wanted the simplicity of truth to be the core of all that I created.  As I embraced simplicity, it evolved into my entire way of life; leading to where I am now, currently in the midst of external that resembles nothing of how my life was this time last year.

My word this year is: excellence.  Excellence as in optimal energy on all levels.  Excellence as in integrity, honor, quality and truth…no holds barred.  Focusing my awareness on living my purpose in life and investing energy only that which is spirit enlivening and life enriching while I release all else. I am also exploring the ideas of commitment and routine and stability within my practice of unfolding.  These are all feelings from my heart space–how does excellence feel to me, where shall I let it guide me, how will it manifest within my  creative expressions?

To illustrate how I currently view this word within my intention for the year, I will share this excerpt from a recent issue of Transformational Magic (note from Joy: Transformational Magic is a weekly subscription newsletter I used to write that is no longer available):

“Excellence.  My friend, Evita Ochel, recently posted a video from her 11-11-11 trip to Peru Spiritual Journey Experience. As I watched her video, tears streamed down my face.  Tears of joy, yes!, and tears of sorrow.  Joy: Evita understands the significance of standing on sacred ground, she lives her truth, and she shares it boldly even as she experiments within it.  As she shared her insights and reflections–along with the beauty and history of the land–I was aware that I, too, may have this spiritual experience right here as I am, where I am; but, also, I may have that experience the moment I am committed to it.  Sorrow: I love Evita for who she is and what she shares–she didn’t get to be there with her soul partner husband by compromising or playing small or allowing fear to paralyze her; nope.  She got there (right where she wanted to be!) because she holds on to her truth and creates from it and allows for magnificent (do I have that or have I allowed compromise to block flow?).  As I watched Evita in this video–radiating pure love and light–I thought of how we have shared physical space and this bond of friendship that spans distance and I think how she mirrors to me: excellence.  She would not like me to apply the label of “excellent” to her, but in this case, I apply the feeling of excellence: quality, commitment, full presence, truth.

Reflection:  Am I willing to invest my time, energy, resources, presence to being fully committed to my dream…not to the idea of my dream, but to living that dream fully.  A while back, when I read that Britney Spears did 500 situps every day, I did 500 situps every day, and I had the best abs in town. Why??? (not why was I reading about Britney, can‘t answer that *grin*, but why did I have the best abs?)  Because I was committed to doing whatever it took, to showing up everyday and putting in the time, effort, emotion, to getting those abs.  Would I like to compromise away my dream or fulfill it?  And will I do what it takes or just be half assed hoping it works anyway? Sure I’m stepping through doorways, but then do I stand still hoping to be handed a gift, or do I keep exploring, knowing it is the experience, not the result.

My challenge as I continue to allow the change of the last sixty days to settle and to embrace the concept of excellence as I create, is to not look back upon the periods of stagnation the last year and criticize my self, but to apply compassion and clarity.  To celebrate the motion I did allow, all that I did create, and to recognize the patterns of the barriers to flow that I built so I may release those patterns that no longer serve me in living my purpose.  Since my purpose is to be love, as I review the last year, I am cognizant of the importance of being as gentle and loving with myself as I would be with a friend or client. (Thank you for holding space as I shared this excerpt).

May I ask, are you open to setting an intention for the day/the year?  And if so, what is your intention word?

Happy New Year!  Happy Day!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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  1. Absolutely! I’m completely willing to flow with the idea of setting an intention for the year/day. My word this year is “simplicity.”

    I adore the way you dissolve fear from the equation and insert love instead!

    • Simplicity! I *love* it:) As I mentioned, using simplicity as my intent word last year completely transformed my life.
      As I read these words “you dissolve fear from the equation and insert love instead” I realize this is exactly how I choose to live; thank you for the reflection:)
      Here is to a *simply excellent* year!

  2. Joy,

    My word is, “confidence!”


    • Awesome choice, Alex!
      Insert a roar here…and stillness..for confidence is as gentle as it is fierce. May you enjoy the exploration of your intent:)
      Here is to confidently experiencing the present in all its fullness!

  3. jean sampson said:

    Hi Joy. Great post for the new year. My word this year will be “expansion,” because when I am worried or afraid, I can feel my energy tightening in a ball around me ——and I lose the “big” overview that lets me take a big breath and know this is just the reaction from my “small self” rather than the self that knows how to see everything as just as it should be. When I catch myself contracting, my intention is to remember who I am and expand into that. I also intend to catch myself before I get too scared or worried! That is the first step. I think this will be easy to remember because it is such a physical experience for me, right down to how I breathe!
    Happy New Year, Joy! :)

    • Hi Jean,
      “Expansion” feels as though you may explore in every area and be guided to *everything* that you open your heart to. I am excited for you as you experiment with your word!
      Thank you for sharing how the word will guide your through fear and worry…may we also consider how “expansion” may allow you to imagine and dream and experience far beyond what your imagination and dreams may present to you..In times that you feel abundant and full, expansion will raise that vibration to absolutely magnificent..seems very empowering! You are as “big” as you allow your self to be :)
      Here is to *excellent expansive breathing* in all realms!

  4. I like the *smiley face* added to your recent photos!

    *Laughter*…thats…a… my word!

    Lord knows that a day can be trying and Lord knows that there is beauty in the seriousness of life…but to allow for receiving laughter and to generate laughter onto others…kinda infectious don’t ya think??

    …so to start this off I came across this absolutely halarious John Muir description of ‘Billy The Shepherd’…a real gem:

    Thank you for being a *natural inspiration* to me Joy :)

    Happy New Year!

    • Hi Rand,
      My Flickr photo set changes, so thank you for noticing the smiley face while it is present on the stream. A guest at my recent meetup brought the smiley face cookies–very appropriately decorated:)
      Laughter is a beautiful word..allowing us to explore vulnerability and acceptance as we learn to “laugh” at our selves, our nuances and all that makes us unique. As we learn to appreciate the joy and humor in each experience, we are practicing the release of our illusion of control of external and accessing inner peace. And, of course, laughter is a wonderful tool to release tension and flood our physical selves with “relief and refreshment”.
      Such an empowering word–here is to *excellent laughter*!

  5. …now thats a laugh how I spelled hilarious (ha-larious) Go figure? “Best abs in town” !!!
    Dangedy Dang x 500!

  6. Joy,
    I was just going through my in-box and found I missed a slew of posts and yours was among them.
    I just did the very same thing! I am going to forgo setting “goals” this year to follow my intuition instead. My intention is to experience “freedom.”
    I am having a bit of a withdrawal from not making goals though….It’s hard for me not to think in those terms. I wish you the very best in 2012~!

    • Angela,
      I never thought I would say this–me who believes in and practices unfolding!–however, because I am not only open to trying new and different, but also *doing* new and different: I do feel there is a specific place for goals. Perhaps not yearly as in resolutions, perhaps not set in stone so that they become a burden instead of a signpost; but…for instance, in exploring commitment, I do have a “goal” to be present each and every day. So, in this sense, my goal allows me to explore my intent most fully.
      I think we tend to berate our selves for not accomplishing a “goal” rather than congratulate our selves for each step and creative expression we did make. In such a way, a goal may become self-limiting rather than empowering.
      “Freedom” is quite an empowering word..many directions one may explore within this word..I love the feel of it! Perhaps your first consideration is freedom from goal setting :)
      Here is to *excellent freedom* in 2012!

  7. One word that will encapsulate me in 2012 is RADIANT.

    I’m trying to live by this: One of my greatest gift to the world is the beauty I create in all aspects of my life.

    In the past, I’ve allowed my fears and my negative beliefs prevent me from living the kind of life I wanted… this year I am going to shine on and show the world my inner light:) Thank you for this lovely post:)

    • Mika,
      You have amazing energy! Radiant fits you well:)
      I *love* your affirmation. May I ask you this lovingly?…if you release the words/thought “I’m trying to live by this” and instead use your affirmation as it is: “One of my greatest gifts…” you will be celebrating that gift effortlessly (minus the “struggle” of trying..nice!)…how does that feel?
      Shine on radiant one! *Excellent* indeed:)

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