Sharing the Joys of December

Happy December!

May this be a magical month!   What a lovely month to experience the warmth of Spirit, the joy of connections, the fragrance of home-cooked food, the peace of the season, the beauty of the landscape surrounding us, the celebration of each day:)

As I write that heartfelt wish, I wonder how many of you can read my words and absorb the feeling of them.  For surely, magic surrounds us each and every day; there is so much to be grateful for when we allow our self the time to sit for a moment, to see all that is around us and to be aware of the abundance of the moment.

For many people, December is a blur of commitments and obligation and a feeling of “not enough’: time, money, resources.  Instead of sitting in gratitude, mainstream typically is in “gathering mode”: presents, decadent food, material things that in many other months are not necessarily our focus.  It is my pleasure to remind you that your values, the practices that bring you fulfillment and joy, the peace that you cultivate and share are all as easily accessible in this month of December as each and every month.

Affirmation: I am the creator of this moment.  I choose to release external (mainstream focus) as I honor the wisdom of my inner core.  I invest my energy into all that is life enriching and spirit enlivening.  I give myself permission to say no to anything that is not in alignment with my core.   Because I choose  to share from a place of comfort and peace I experience great joy and fulfillment through my connections and activities. 

When we look at life, we choose the lens that we wish to use.  May I reflect to you the possibility of December through the lens of each of  the six building blocks of the “Facets of Joy” .

Gratitude  Let us focus our attention on all that we do have, allowing this focused attention to magnify the abundance of the moment.  When we wake, may we feel appreciative of the sleep we just had, the person next to us, the possibility of the entire day.  And then, if we must, we may allow our to-do lists and commitments to surface, feeling thankful for the activities that we choose to participate in and the people that we connect with.

I often practice: when Universe hands me a gift, receive it graciously and say thank you, then fully enjoy the gift.  During this time of giving, perhaps we may open our hearts to receiving transparently and authentically..meaning that we will simply accept the gift as it is given.  As we do so, perhaps we may  recognize that this gift is perfectly placed and allow our beliefs and core values to magnify the intent of the gift.  Let us not feel obligated to share in return, or to deflect the gift, but to accept this gift because we are open to flow.

Likewise, when I choose to share a gift (time, energy, resources) I do so by tapping fully into flow and giving generously from the abundance in my life.  Giving in such a manner means I am not giving more than I have, and I am thankful for the ability to share, accepting that my gift is from my heart, given without strings or attachment.  Giving becomes a pleasure rather than a burden or obligation.

Love  When we choose to open our hearts to the moment as it is; we are choosing to be love.  When we create from this foundation of love, we are creating from a secure place; able to be as transparent as we wish, in a manner that is energy driven so is effortless and meaningful.  Because we feel secure as we practice transparency, vulnerability is not present and we are able to connect easily far beyond surface.  Investing in such a way allows our connections and creations to be genuine and fulfilling rather than draining and exhausting.

Peace When we create from our core values, we are honoring alignment; when we are in alignment we are in a state of peace.  Creating from this state of peace allows us to be peace filled, and to remain peace filled, regardless of external circumstances.  We choose how to invest our energy; when we choose to invest in peace, we exude peace, and we draw to us more peace.

Simplicity  The moment is as full as we allow it to be; a connection is as layered as we allow it to be; a practice is as complex as we allow it to be.  When we experience the moment for what it is–a molecule of air to breathe in and breathe out..the simplicity of the experience stands out.  We often add layers and complexity to that which is magnificent on its own.  Some of the richest connections are just that..standing together in the same space, breathing in and out, ‘be’-ing together.  Full presence in the moment is priceless because it is often so rare in mainstream.  This season, may we consider investing in presence, rather than presents. 

Clarity Your Truth yearns to be expressed fully; yet, sometimes when relating with others, we stifle our truth.  As we look through the lens of clarity, may we allow our truth to surface and color all that we invest in. We may be confident as we share our truth; our willingness to be clear and transparent might inspire those around us to be the same.  May we consider that when we are surrounded by those whom we respect and trust, it is easy and fun to express our truth, we feel safe as we connect and create, and we expand our perspective when we allow exploration from within our truth.

Trust You are the navigator of this being we call ‘self’.  Your self trusts you to surround it with positive, vibrant, nurturing, honest energy; to keep your self ‘safe’ as you experience World.  When you honor personal integrity, you grow trust and you gain the freedom to open your heart fully, adventure boldly, connect genuinely, share freely, receive graciously.  When you trust your self, you are able to experiment freely within a range and depth that may be gently challenging, engaging the entirety of you as you create.

Often, we become so comfortable viewing life through one lens, we forget that others are available.  It has been a joy to share this array of lenses with you..may you use them freely as you experience December:)

What lens are you most familiar with?  And what lens might you consider experimenting with?

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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  1. Joy, this is a beautiful new site! And this post is indeed timely for folk as they begin to wind up to Christmas. I haven’t yet started that wind-up, and yet, as I read your words I felt myself slow down :)

    You have such a beautiful and graceful way of expressing yourself. And not only that; you are very wise. Your words have reminded me about many things I’d forgotten and I’m grateful for that. Wishing you a wonderful new venture with Facets of Joy. And, a peaceful Christmas.

    • Davina,
      Facets of Joy is a wonderful canvas for community expressions…it is a joy to create together within this space! Thank you for your kind words..I shall incoporate beauty and grace into my meditation this morning.
      As I read your words, “savor” and “relish” come to me. May we savor each step, each connection, each “gift” as we relish the beauty, peace, joy, love surrounding us.

  2. Megan Bord said:

    Joy, I love this affirmation: “I give myself permission to say no to anything that is not in alignment with my core. Because I choose to share from a place of comfort and peace I experience great joy and fulfillment through my connections and activities.” This is a great starting point for my intentions around Christmas 2011. Thank you!

    You so beautifully walk the talk…

    • Megan,
      Affirmations are wonderful tools to allow me to focus my energy not on external validation but on internal wisdom and intuition. When I affirm my truth, then create from this space, I am in essence strengthening my inner core (ab work for the spirit!). As you remind us, setting intentions is also a powerful tool; when we purposefully focus our energy, we are empowered to create our reality in a space of alignment.

  3. Beautiful Joy,

    I love your new site. I love your message. And more importantly, I love that I know you.


    • Hi Peggy,
      Thank you for sharing kind words and love! Your journey inspires me to continue to embrace my own core truth and to create boldly from within. Thank you for all that you reflect to me!

  4. What lens are you most familiar with?

    “The people is a polychrome, a spectrum and a prism held in a moving monolith, a console organ of changing themes, a clavilux of color poems wherein the sea offers fog and the fog moves off in rain and the labrador sunset shortens to a nocturne of clear stars serene over the shot spray of northern lights.___Carl Sandburg

    “And what lens might you consider experimenting with?”

    Joy, as you present trust being ‘Trust in Self’. If a diamond, one would find this faceting on the pavillion. The pavillion is the base of the diamond on which all other facets are cleaved…being…Gratitude, Love, Peace, Simplicity, and Clarity.

    Yes, I will trust myself to Experiment. Explore. Experience the *Florist Bakery*. It is in the building that use to be a Goodwill :) I have reconaissance placed out there via my niece who grew up in the area. If all goes as plan… I will afford you the ability to verify my partial sanity to the rest of the online community :)

    Here’s a *High Five* !


    • Hi Rand,
      Thank you for your explanation of the pavillion! My pavillion then, would be peace..what I honor in my personal space and the foundation of all that I create in share. From peace stems purity; it is my goal to share the most authentic, most genuine in all that I create.
      When your trust your self, you give your self the present of peace. A beautiful gift indeed:)

      • Thank you Joy!

        Some years ago I took the GIA course in diamonds.

        On *your pavillion* these facets would be cleaved:

        Om shanti shanti shanti

        …the Threefold Peace in body, speech, and mind (i.e. peace in the entirety of one’s being).

        At the very bottom end of the diamond pavillion is the culet. This is where *small* is good, as it *allows* the the total brillance to be as good as possible.

        I am curious…what do you comprehend the ‘culet’ to be regards this post?

        • Hi Rand,
          Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do something “new for me” and switch from my heart space as I share energy here, to my mind space to think out my words and what I consider the culet. It would be this: “This season, may we consider investing in presence, rather than presents.” Absolutely!

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  6. Hello Joy,

    I love the idea of waking up in gratitude. That is a lens I would like to wear for the month of December. Thanks for helping us shift our holiday focus from outer obligation to inner fulfillment and the spirit of true giving.

    • Hi Sandra,
      What a lovely lens to wear: that of waking up in gratitude. May I reflect that one may “wake up” each moment that we choose, not necessarily morning. With such a lens, I may magnify gratitude throughout the day; starting fresh in one moment if needed:)
      “Inner fulfillment and the spirit of true giving”…a beautiful affirmation as we create each day…thank you for your reflection!

  7. Joy, I’m so glad you reached out on FB so I could find your new site…congrats on it, it is beautiful. And what a wonderful post for reminding us how to truly live the spirit of this season. I am sure you have heard this so often, but true joy really radiates through your writing and presence, as well as such an open heart. – Lisa

    • Hi Lisa,
      I am thrilled to have connected with you! Thank you for your kind words..this site is an extension of my heart; a wonderful vehicle that allows me to live my purpose and share my choices and creations with others.
      I very much look forward to meeting and sharing energy together:)

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