The Miracle of Love

May your heart whispers roam to the moon and return a reality.

The miracle of love is that we do not have to “believe” in it to receive it, nor consciously share it to give it; we only have to open our hearts, just so–confidently, begrudgingly, timidly–to experience it.

When we choose to open our hearts fully to the day as it is presented to us, we are, in essence, choosing to open our hearts to love.  The degree to which we are willing to open our hearts determines the depth and quality of love we are willing to a little/share a little…open fully/oh man, the sky is the limit!

We choose.

A personal story: I think that each one of us may look at the above photo and wish that we were in one chair and a certain someone was in the other.  Perhaps a sister, a friend, a parent, a child, a pet, a lover.  There is someone in life we love dearly and wish to be present with–perhaps from the past, perhaps in the now, perhaps a projection to the future.  Someone we wish to sit with.

Due to some external, my heart has been a bit heavy this week.  While I allow these feelings to surface and I take the time to be fully aware of and process them;  I also recognize the importance of continuing to open my heart to the day, to feel gratitude for the abundance present in my life, and to create from this internal fountain of love and joy.

My being finds great peace and joy and beauty in nature so, regardless of what the day presented, or whether or not I “felt” like it–I honored my promise to myself to open my heart through heaviness to celebrate each day.  I invested in this promise when I chose to wake early to watch the sunrise, take long walks on the beach, play in the hills, and stay up late to look at the night sky.  It was during one of my evening beach walks that I came across these two chairs, exactly so.  I didn’t move them at all; instead, I took the time to release any expectation, observe the scene, and allow the moment to speak to me as it wished to.

I feel this is the key to allowing for the miracle of love: release expectation, observe, and allow for.

When I got home, I realized I loved that the chairs were empty.  Sitting there, just waiting to be filled.  A symbol of infinite possibility…if only we are willing to dream, to imagine, to believe…to open our hearts to: the miracle of love.

(My PS would be: A new feature on this site is the addition to the sidebar on the right of my most recent photos from my personal Flickr photostream.  I enjoy sharing as I experiment).

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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  1. Joy, your unyielding openness to life continues to challenge my own levels of openness. You inspire me to reach new levels of allowing life to present itself, and accept the journey with even more openness.

    Wishing you unyielding joy, health,well-being and love!

    • Aileen,
      What a beautiful reflection–thank you:)
      I believe that what we see strongly in others is a reflection of us; I am in the process of stretching to new horizons.. gently harnessing power while boldly tapping into flow. I love experimenting with the photos and that entire process of learning patience and perspective and awareness. So, what magic shall we create today and each day my friend..let’s have some fun with it:)

  2. Sonnet To Joy

    See the clarity of the limitless December night sky.

    With simplicity, thin white crescent wraps Venus aloof.

    Confidently, begrudgingly, timidly…ah the joy of loves proof.

    Sitting together without expectation, sharing moon and planet as they lie.

    The ocean heart whispers gratitude with each receding froth sigh.

    Trusting, each gazing depth of love within a universe without a roof.

    Seated in peace, Venus and moon are love reflecting our own truth.

    Their celestial re-union committed to unfold will not belie.

    Ah the joy of love! Eyes laugh carelessly with tears.

    Ah the joy of love! Lips fall softly to flesh.

    Ah the joy of love! Tasting gratefully sweet and bitter of the years.

    Ah the joy of love! Smelling each morning fresh.

    Ah the joy of love! The soul has grown beyond fear.

    Ah my dear Joy! The body will leave, but love will never relinquish.

    • Thank you for sharing a sonnet in honor of love…
      I love how the evening sky (and nature in general) may inspire individual creative expressions:)

  3. Joy,
    Came over from Twitter. OMG I love this post and the chairs. With a new year on the horizon and the two empty chairs…and infinite possibilities…anything can happen. And that’s amazing, exciting, and just what I needed to hear and see.

    Working through heaviness is what will allow all of us to fly lightly into the new as we say goodbye to the old.
    Happy New Year! xo

    • Your reaction to the photo and words is beautiful–thank you:) When I saw these chairs on the beach, my heart celebrated the potential and joy and beauty of it all!
      Anything can happen (we could put emphasis on any one of those three words for a wonderful affirmation!), when we believe it is possible, and allow it to be possible.
      May “we all fly lightly into the new” each and every day!

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