The Sleep-over

I would like to share this short story of creation, empowerment, and magic.

My daughter was extremely excited to have the experience of a sleep-over during a recent three day weekend.

On Saturday morning, she woke early and began to connect with each of her friends, issuing an invitation and waiting for a response.  There were a few no’s, a few maybe’s, a few perhaps tomorrow’s.  Throughout the day, she would check her phone, and continue issuing invitations and connecting with her friends.  She very much wanted the experience of a sleep-over.

Even though her original sleep-over goal was still unfulfilled, my daughter continued to move through her day with an open heart, participating in each activity that my son and I did, always ready to “break away” if a sleep-over was to happen.  Not complaining or doubting, just knowing that her sleep-over would happen.

She kept her belief, and she kept creating even as she held onto that belief.  She didn’t ask how, she just knew it would happen.

By late evening, my daughter asked ‘if so and so called would it still be okay to have a sleep-over?’  Of course.

No call.

She kept creating, and kept believing.  (My role as her mother is to honor her space, so even though to me the situation looked doubtful who am I to question flow, so I allowed her to create and to believe).

Bed-time came.  My son and I were each occupied with our own thing.  My daughter was in the bath.

Her phone kept buzzing.  (She was in the bath, so she couldn’t get it).

My phone rang.  My friend and her daughter live on the other side of town, but happened to be in the area and even though it was bed time, she wanted to know if my daughter could spend the night.  (She hadn’t known of my daughter’s sleep-over wish, and still doesn’t until she reads this).

When my daughter came out of her bath, ready for bed, in a lovely mood because even though her wish wasn’t granted, she kept creating…I was able to tell her, with a huge smile, that she had manifested a sleep-over after all.

Reflections for us to consider as we create:

When you wish for a certain outcome, and it doesn’t happen, how does that feel?  If disappointment or doubt rise, are you able to open your heart through that and continue to create, or do you allow your vibration to lower and your mood to match that vibration, in essence closing your heart?

Do you hold on to a specific set of details, or do you tap into flow and allow your wish to be granted in an unexpected or surprising way?

Do you hold on to your belief that everything truly is possible, or do you limit that power by allowing doubt/fear/disappointment to redirect you?

When a loved one presents you with a wish, do you empower them by magnifying that wish with your faith, or do you dis-empower them by detracting from that wish with your own doubt?

In the “last minute” do you give up or do you allow for magic to be perfectly placed?

What is possible in your life if you believed as my daughter did that your wish would be granted.

Synchronicity: This morning, my TUT daily message is: “Today, just do a little bit, so that I can do a lot of bit. That’s how it works.  Huge love, The Universe.”

May I ask, what is it that you wish for? What magic shall we allow for today?

Much peace abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.




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  1. I love this story and I love learning lessons through our children!! Thanks for sharing, Joy!

    • Thank you, Betsy. My daughter didn’t even “see” the lesson at all; upon her return home I explained that she manifested a sleep-over. She said she is used to that (the ability to manifest) because she lives in our house *grin*.
      Amazing reflection for me–if she is “used to it” where, then am I allowing my own beliefs to be limited?

  2. Wonderful story Joy.

    Your daughter’s faith is a good reminder that we create what we think about.



    • Thank you, Alex. Sometimes we tend to complicate faith, when it is as simple as believing. She didn’t even realize it was a “miracle”, she just knew it would be so:)

  3. Joy,

    This is a wonderful story to share. I think it’s also a great reminder to not give up on our dreams and manifesting them. Sometimes the path may not be as clear as what happened to your daughter, but it’s still there as long as we truly believe. We have to learn to look for the signs and then acknowledge when we see them.

    As always, it’s a pleasure to stop by here:~)

    • Hi Sara,
      It is always a pleasure to see you here:)
      I think in life, sometimes we get so attached to the details of “how” we forget that Universe may surprise us in myriad ways…the whole “magical element”. This is what I love about my children…they believe (even when it looks “impossible” to me!) and that is a beautiful, empowering reflection to have. Reminds me to hang on through my doubts, because everything truly is possible when I allow it to be so.

  4. This was beautiful, Joy. Your daughter just trusted. Isn’t that something? And though it wasn’t as originally planned, it still was…there’s a lot to be learned from her experience.

    • Yes, Talon, she ‘trusted’–such a beautiful reflection for me as I create in my life: trust. So profound in its simplicity, but sometimes a key factor I overlook.

  5. jean sampson said:

    Your daughter’s faith is so inspiring to me. I know that, eventually, things will manifest in the order that makes sense to the universe——we might get the cart before the horse and think that the universe has forgotten us. But, in truth, there are some things that might have to happen first so that what we want to manifest happens in the best way possible. I know that is true in my life—-thank goodness things happen in the best possible time. I know it took me 20 years, off and on, to get into the art center I am in now. If I had gotten in earlier, I would have had to quit in order to caretake my Dad. I am glad the universe waited till I was free before it gave me such a huge and time-consuming gift. I have seen that sort of thing happen all the time, and I am grateful that all is in order to work out in the very best possible way. I know the good thing is coming—–I just don’t know when! :)
    Hugs, Joy

    • Hi Jean,
      My children are both “master manifesters”–they astound me (who raised them to be manifesters!) with their ability to openly believe and fully trust. When I am creating and have doubt, my son constantly reminds me of something I have taught that about them:)

      I practice unfolding, so within that I believe there is perfect placement. I also believe if there is struggle, that is my resistance to what is being placed…as Talon reflected it’s simply a matter of trust!

  6. Joy,
    Love the quote and love the story. Isn’t life grand?

  7. That’s an amazing story, Joy. Thanks for underlining the lessons for us.

  8. I’m so honored to be the mom from the other side of town who helped your daughter fullfill. We were very spontaneous. Close to your house, I said to my daughter that it was a bit late, a crazy idea… But let’s try! Having been friends since birth, they are very comfortable with eachother. After picking up that freshly bathed girl, the magic continued to unfold. It was perfect. They made the bed, snuggled in, talked, laughed, danced, and then slept. They awoke to an incredible bike ride, kitchen for food, then back to the clubhouse fir yummy snacks, swimming and more laughing and playing. One spontaneous sleepover manifested many magical moments!!

  9. What an amazing story about creating the life you want. Thank you for sharing. Your daughter is amazing, and so are you. I am going to remember this.

    • Lucy,
      Thank you! I share this story because it is possible for all of us to create in such a way, when we release fear and doubt, and allow something bigger to guide us. Life truly is as magical as we allow it to be:) I would love to hear a story of magic from your life…

  10. I loved re- reading this and remembering that evening. I am still honored to have been involved in her manifestation. It was a great and perfect evening. We love k8 who just fits right in even at the last, late minute. What a blessing, indeed.

    • What I love most is that Kaitlyn consistently says she “doesn’t have to manifest because you and Kev do it”, but when she wants to, she is *that excellent* at it. A reminder of absolute trust.

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