A Place of Healing and Connection

Unconditional love says there is a special place of healing and connection–

you may always meet me there, regardless of external.

There is a story I would like to release. Something “dumb” that I used to believe in until this past Tuesday (wow, yesterday–seems a lifetime ago!). To understand the power of release, I do not need to explain to you the details of the day’s events. I shall, however, share with you the ‘story’ in case you buy into it, too, and would like to release it with me.

This is what happens within a community of love and friendship: we share through vulnerability so that we may encourage each other to open our hearts beyond ‘external’ to create beauty and joy and magnificent everything! (Thank you for your participation within this community!).

The story: the people closest to me are the ones who hurt me most.  Bull.  Drop it.  Smash it.  I just did and what I found is freedom and expansion.

(And gratitude. Abundant gratitude!)

There was a moment in that particular day in which I felt my heart metaphorically splinter.  A depth of energetic pain I had not yet felt in life. In attempting to understand this foreign pain, my mind immediately said “oh, the people who are closest to us hurt us the most, so of course, this “makes sense”.  This being someone I have let in closest, my mind said heart splintering is perfectly appropriate then. And, I almost accepted it as so.

Almost. Dis-empowering thought.

But, I don’t do dis-empowering, and quite frankly this person taught me not to accept less than excellent. Metaphorically splintered surely is not “excellent”. (And, neither do you.  Do dis-empowering or less than excellent.  Thank you for joining me in magnifying empowerment and excellence!).

I create this moment; I choose what I allow to be in this moment. When I create, I bring external to a centered place of peace and create from there (rather than allow mind to react to external).  So, I opened through energetic pain and I brought this external to my heart space; what my heart knows is that love does not hurt.  Love: enriches, enlivens, grows, expands, frees, illuminates. The people closest to me (to you) whom love us more than anything in the world…those people…use love to build up, inspire, encourage, heal.

When we create from heart space, we release struggle and embrace flow.  We tap into the power offered to us, when we open our hearts to it.  Together, then, may we release the mainstream story and embrace a beautiful affirmation:

Those who are closest to us share a love that is based in trust, truth, transparency, and vulnerability.  This love is life enriching, spirit enlivening, encourages us to reach beyond what we know to soar far above the moon, and to enjoy each and every moment of the way.

And so it shall be, for what we focus on grows and guides our actions.

I invite you to join me in allowing this affirmation to become your reality; when it is reality, may you share gratitude and allow that gratitude to magnify love (and dreams and spirit and life!).

Oh, and by the way, unconditional love does not say, you hurt me, bug off.  Unconditional love turns it inward and says how did I allow this to be present in my life?  How may I open my heart through this.  Then, offers the above invitation: there is a special place of healing and connection–you may always meet me there, regardless of external.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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  1. Megan Bord said:

    Ah, so brilliant, my friend!

    My friend used to say that people will behave badly, but when they do, we don’t have to put up with it. In other words, if the people closest to us are the ones who hurt us the most, then perhaps they shouldn’t be so close anymore.

    Like you said, unconditional love says we do not blame them for our hurt feelings at the hand of their actions. We do, however, have a responsibility to ourselves to point out to them, “Hey, this thing you did was internalized by me in THIS way… I’ll own how I reacted, if you own that you acted (….”

    I love you, Joy. Thank you for dropping that cliche and adopting a new, more love-filled vision!

    • Megan Bord said:

      Oh that’s funny: it cut off part of my sentence. I wrote “…if you own that you acted (like a horse’s a**).” Apparently not even the horses want to be associated with bad behavior!

      • *grin* One of my dear friends and I made a pact, I will drop my self-limiting belief and they will drop theirs. I’m sure none of us wish to be associated with “less than”…and horses are majestic and strong and beautiful, so maybe a horse’s a** then is a wonderful way to be:) You know, the whole label thing.

    • Hi Megan,
      Thank you:) Brilliant is the moon beams on the harbor water, but I will accept that *grin*.

      I understand your friend’s advice. I also feel if the people closest to me are the ones hurting me, what am I doing to allow that to be so? Is there residual fear within that allows external fear to be present? (Because someone hurting another is fear based, and when I am aligned with love, fear is not present in a harmful way). What barrier then do I need to remove and how may I raise my vibration?

      I also understand your point about discussion. I have a different way. It is my responsibility to my self and to my purpose of being love to do the inner work to release barriers and then from a centered place of peace to explain to the other the inner work I have done and to share my gratitude for the experience. Unconditional means I will process my ‘stuff’ even if another does not. I will be a presence of love (not necessarily engaged love) regardless of external. That is unconditional.

      As I wrote, my focus is to create from a centered place of peace (not to react– which is of mind), so I will share what I have created from the experience, but to share if and how I reacted is to share “less than” and possibly ignite drama. Love is life enriching and spirit enlivening, and centered–and I affirm drama has no space in my life.

      Thank you for magnifying love and brilliance and for sharing in such an open way!

      A warm energetic love filled hug to you:)

  2. jean sampson said:

    There are a lot of “stories” we tell ourselves and others that seem true and they seem to explain “how things always are.” The word that gives away the patterened quality of that phrase is “always,” the word that allows us not to stay present to what is really going on NOW. When we use a patterened story to explain why we feel a certain way, we don’t allow for a different, surprise ending. When you decided to release the story that the closest to us are the ones who hurt us most, you woke up into the knowledge that you had a choice as to how you were going to both react (a better word would be respond) and intrepret an event in your life. I think that is so cool, Joy! So you have decided to see your whole life, its joys and hurts, through the empowering lens of unconditional love, including vulnerability, which is new and fresh in each moment of creation. It is not a part of a disempowering story, but is, if we choose to let it be, our constant awakening into the tap root of our lives.

    Oh, Lord, Jean got on a roll again! And it was fun!
    Love you, sweet friend Joy
    Hugs and love!

    • Hi jean,
      I *love* when you are on a roll..you go!..I can hear you and feel you and it affirms World to me:)

      My challenge is that I am clear within my self, yet I sometimes listen to others stories (especially popular mainstream, “it’s always been this way” ones) and then internalize them and make them my own. I “think” they know, although I *feel* what is true; so for me, it is about living in–and creating from–alignment, regardless of mainstream theories.

      “The empowering lens of unconditional love” is one I vision through as I move through world, allowing each moment to be full of beauty, magic, joy, peace, love, creative expression. It is giving my self permission to use this lens that is empowering. And also it is important for me to surround myself with those who view from a similar lens. Thank you for the reminder! Beautiful!

      A huge, energetic hug to you:)

  3. hello Miss Joy,
    just wanted to thank you for sharing this story with us. I am glad to hear this version of unconditional love… I will forward it to a dear friend that needs to hear it today. She has a male friend and 2 grown up kids that also need to see that as a mom this place is where she is coming from.
    Love, Light & Laughter ~ the SS Rosemary

    • Hi rosemary,
      Miss love and light and laughter…loving it all:) Thank you for being you and for sharing as you do!

      A warm energetic hug to you (and to your friend and her family)!

  4. I am so getting that our heart can never be truly broken. Our heart is always whole. You’ve expressed this so beautifully. Unconditional love is so beautifully counter-culture and cutting edge!

    • Hi Sandra,
      We “think” a heart may be broken, so we are often afraid to love. Our heart remains whole while our expectations shatter.

      May I use your words as my tagline *grin*: “Sharing unconditional love is so beautifully counter-culture and cutting edge!”

      Empowering and affirming–thank you!

      A warm energetic hug to you:)

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