Allow Your Heart Whispers to Unfurl

When I open my heart through doubt and fear

to live my truth,

everything is truly possible!

What an exciting day to celebrate energy!

This morning, a friend asked me: “Exactly what do you want from me?  How will I know if it is in my realm of being to share, if you are not clear about what “it” is?  How can I truly give you what you would like if you do not clearly tell me?”

Awesome!  Thank you!

Because I Feel World says something similar to me: “Ah, Joy.  I see that you are creating.  Thank you! However, if you do not trust enough to open your heart and tell me exactly what you wish for, how shall I then give it to you?”.

I wonder, are you clear about where you choose to invest your energy and what you are choosing to create?

Are you trusting enough to open your heart through past hurts and grudges and bitterness and resentment and sorrow and pain–this barrier that you fully believe keeps you safe, but in reality is killing you because it is a barrier to flow– to joy, to unconditional love, to the inner peace you so desperately wish to feel.

When I say to you: I love you, you are awesome and knowing you makes my heart smile, you inspire me, your energy thrills me, your creations allow me to consider new and different in my life.  I love the experience of you; it magnifies all that is me. Can you hear me?  Really hear me?  Can you feel this love, this joy, this appreciation, this unconditional light washing over you?  Can you believe it?

What if this is exactly what the specific form of divinity you believe in says to you, each and every day?

Simplicity.  Thank you for being you.  I love your essence.  I appreciate your presence.  Tell me what you want, and allow me present it to you.

(How powerful these words, this sentiment would be in every connection!)

May I ask you to look in the mirror and try it with your self.  Thank you for being you.  I love your essence.  I appreciate your presence.  Tell me what you want, and allow me to present it to you.

So, I answered my friend.  But, I was really answering my self and Universe; my friend was the conduit between my heart whispers and my ability to open through doubt and fear to embrace and create from truth.

Thank you for your presence; may you choose to allow your heart whispers to unfurl and may you allow them to become your reality!

I would like to share two links with you.

If you would like to get a feel for my ‘essence’ and listen to my first audio interview (exciting!), you might enjoy this article/audio: The Intuitive Art of Moving Energy and Facilitating Clarity.

If you would like to learn a bit more about my online email clarity sessions, you might enjoy this article Clarity with Joy.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.



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Comments on: "Allow Your Heart Whispers to Unfurl" (10)

  1. Megan Bord said:

    I find that I’m among those people who, most of the time, need specifics; they somehow fuel my ability to create. (And I imagine that visionaries are the opposite — they prefer fewer details so they can create them along the way and feel unencumbered.)

    I remember in a few of my past relationships being told by my (male) partners, “Tell me what it is you need. I can’t read your mind.” Those lessons taught me (as you’ve written about) to become more clear about not only what I’m feeling but how I’d LIKE to feel, and also to speak up and ask for what I want.

    As a kid I was taught that it wasn’t polite to ask for what I wanted. If someone gave it to me out of the blue, then jump up and down by all means and do a happy dance (and then send them a long thank you letter!). But NEVER ask people for things.

    As an adult I’ve been unlearning that to a certain extent, and as my relationships have taught me, people can’t read my mind (well, not EVERYONE can… some of my psychic friends are pretty good at it, though!).

    And as you’ve said, when we’re clear, lots of neat stuff happens, not the least of which is that energy has a new, unfettered path to travel along in answering our heart whispers. Joy, I love that!

    Big hug,

    • I fully believe you are a master manifester–I learn so much from watching you create in life! Thank you for continuing to inspire me:)

      Because I practice unfolding, I vision according to feeling–what is the feel of the moment–and I allow Universe to handle the specifics. With such a method, anything can and does happen–exciting, fresh, fun!

      However, there is great power in adding focus to that and asking for specifics. Like you, I was taught to only ask for so much, and be thankful for all of the rest. Living fully present in this moment, tapped into flow, I recognize that the only limit to abundance lies within my own mind–when I release those past patterns and thoughts, there is no limit at all! Empowering!

      Huge energetic hug to you, Megan:)

  2. jean sampson said:

    I ended the day yesterday listening to your interview with Angela and began the day with this post! How could I have anything but a great day! So far, so good!

    When I haven’t been able to be specific in what I wanted, the manifestation took a long time, but DID come to be., sometimes 20 years later! I think that I was working on how to figure out how to be clear about what I really wanted without any conflict or doubt during that time. Things manifest when I have worked everything out, sometimes when I am not even conscious of having done so. I know that sounds weird, but it has been my experience so far. I am hoping to shorten the time from now on! :D Love and Hugs!

    • Hi Jean,
      As I shared with Megan, I hadn’t been taught to ask for specifics, nor had my practice of unfolding allowed me to consider specifics. I still leave the “how” to the Universe, but I see how powerful it is to ask for specific and allow it to be magnified. As you share, the barriers to this would be conflict/doubt which is “just” fear. So, if I transform my thoughts around fear and allow fear to be a motivator, I am allowing fear to magnify my power and my focus. Awesome:)

      *grin* I don’t think your method of creating sounds “weird”; I think it mirrors the process of growing a garden. Plant a seed, nourish it, and patiently allow it to grow as it will. Beautiful!

      Huge energetic hug to you:)

  3. Wow, totally serendipitous. I exactly needed to read this this morning … working to renew connection with divinity, yet also make sure the day is successful. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Jess,
      Thank you for your presence and for sharing your insight:)

      Perhaps our connection with divinity (or any connection) is as “easy” as opening our hearts/minds to say I see you, thank you for being present, and allowing that simple statement to magnify the “success” of our day.

      I believe tapping into flow is as simple as making the choice to tap into it; the degree of abundance might vary according to my willingness to be open, but it is there ready for me to make that choice.

      A huge energetic hug for you:)

  4. thank you for the morning dose of positivity : )
    Glad i came across your blog today :)

    • Hi farouk,
      Thank you for your presence and taking the time to share energy:)

      A little bit of “joy” and positive energy sounds like a wonderful way to infuse the moment with empowerment :)

      A huge energetic hug to you:)

  5. Sometimes I think it’s almost a foreign concept to actually ask for what we need. Maybe we get so used to doing for others that we don’t even stop and think about what we might need for ourselves and the idea of actually asking for what we need seems incredible.

    But it’s amazing what saying it out loud can do, isn’t it?

    • Talon,
      I am awesome at asking for what I need; still learning to ask for what I “want”. Why would I differentiate between the two; when both are essential to the growth of my entire being.

      As I have learned to ask, I have also learned to embrace the quality of “excellence” and not settle. If what I am presented with is not life enriching/spirit enlivening, I choose not to invest in it. I have the choice to ask for what I want, and to receive only that which allows me to be “me”. Sometimes we think we need to accept everything we are “given’; we don’t, we have that choice.

      And, as you mention, affirming it with words is extremely powerful!

      A huge energetic hug to you:)

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