Celebrate the Spirit of Magnanimous Joy

Celebrate the Spirit of Magnanimous Joy

What I wish you knew about me:

Probably four years ago, my friend Caroline (who takes the most aesthetically beautiful and breathtakingly touching photos!) had a site she called ‘Dream Weavers’ (no longer in existence).

One day, I submitted my dream and it was accepted to be featured (hugely symbolic there!..as if a dream would be denied? We do that to ourselves, but a dream site wouldn’t do such).

I still hold it close to my heart.  Something like:

     “I am on my comfort beach (in “reality” a beach close to me that I visit often to express my heart whispers).  As I sit in the sand–barefoot of course–my pup runs laps around me.  I look to the hills on my right and feel enormous gratitude for all that I have experienced in them.  I look to the ocean in front and my backyard islands and feel such joy at the adventures I have had on them.  I feel my stomach–quite plump with pregnancy–and experience such peace, knowing all is well.

       I am taking a break from my “job” of writing, sharing energy and love through my shop.  My two children are at school, my love in his own place writing and creating.  I fondly think of all that we have created and treasure each precious moment.  Soon, we will all return home, to our boat which is docked at the marina behind me.  We will spend the evening together, eating something delicious, entertaining each other with stories from our day, painting or reading, or just being together. Sometimes we are each off on our own adventure, so I cherish these moments of togetherness.

       As I sit there, I think of how lucky I am to be a mom, to be in love not only with an energetically matched partner but with world, and to share energy through such a beautiful place.  I blow a thank you kiss to the sun as I gather pup and rise to continue creating.”

When I visioned this dream four years ago, I was far in circumstance from living it.  I had a full-time job at the hospital, two children, and a project boat in a marina far from this beach that I visit.  And, I had a heart full of faith.  That is it.  That is what I had.

Oh, and the belief that magic is real and *everything* truly is possible.

There are a few moments of doubt when my mind kicks in and I think it impractical for me to want to sail around the world; or unlikely that someone else will open their heart to magic, love, and simplicity; so I temporarily shelve my dream. I use the “excuse” I am human, and that is what humans often do, shelve what we truly want as we “settle for” what we have.

Those few moments are the exception.

My truth is, that I have no words to describe how phenomenal it is to experience the reality that each time I open my heart to new and different, I am living a component of that dream. It is not necessarily the specific details of the dream, but the feeling: of creating, of nature, of peace and love and joy, of connection, of family, of allowing my passion to be my work (or my work to be my passion).  Yet, the specific details are often presented as well.  Because I open my heart to the possibility of living it right now, and I allow it to happen.  I receive into my space from a place of transparency and vulnerability.

I am bold enough to ask, gracious enough to receive, confident enough to create .

When I learn to drop “enough“….I am living that dream fully. (Bold, gracious, and confident are very empowering in creating!).

So, I continue to open my heart through doubt and fear to the reflection of infinite possibility.

Thank you for all that you share: your stories inspire me, your creations encourage me, your words often affirm my own beliefs.  Thank you for having the courage to be transparent and vulnerable, and for allowing me the same.

This article was inspired by A Simple Path to an Unexpected Condition–may we follow Alex’s example and choose to connect through our vulnerabilities rather than to hide them.

May I ask, what do you wish people to know about you?  May you leave a comment below, or write me an email. I lovingly encourage you to share.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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  1. What a beautiful read. I feel you in and through your words… so glad I came to visit today…..

    As you wish for yourself, beloved Joy, so I wish for you also.

  2. Joy, this is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your dream, and your words of wisdom.
    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

  3. I love this: “I am bold enough to ask, gracious enough to receive, confident enough to create.” That’s going to be my new mantra! As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

  4. Such a lovely post! :]
    Heartfelt and honest… ((hugs))
    As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well.

  5. Joy – you are so beautiful!!!! I love that photo of you!

    And your dream…oh how precious…and it is so awesome to watch it come to life for you! You so deserve it and then some :)

    What do I wish people knew about me? Hmmm…I seem to get stumped on these questions…I think I will have to give it some thought…

  6. I think our dreams are our inner/older souls reaching out to us. As you wish for yourself, so I also wish for you!

  7. This post, and your dreams, are beautiful. Your are beautiful Joy. Thank for allowing us a peek into you soul.



  8. As I read this, all I could think was you have such an amazing talent for words, and I’ve read/listened to all the Abraham material and can’t achieve where you are now, well done …

    As you wish for yourself, so do I wish for you as well.

  9. As Joy wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

    Beautiful post!!

  10. Hi Joy,
    What a good read! Thanks for sharing. Sometimes I should remember to be grateful of what I lived, what I have. Thanks for the reminder.
    As you wish for yourself, I wish for you too.
    Cheers from Bordeaux, FR

  11. Hi Joy,

    I laughed at the part when you said that a dream site would never reject our dreams but that we are the ones who would. How true! I keep hearing reasons and excuses from others on how impossible living a life of their dreams would be. I hope to believe otherwise.

    I enjoyed reading about your dream. You have just inspired me to continue on my visioning and dreaming process this morning.

    With love,

  12. jean sampson said:

    The cool thing is, you will get even better than you want! I have found that out. When I want something, some quality of life or to achieve something that is meaningful to me, I usually get something so rich that I could not even have thought of it, could not even have imagined all the other good things it would bring into my life. I might not have realized this, had you not brought up dreams and their manifestations.

    I guess what I want people to know about me is that I love to laugh, usually stay calm when I need to ( at least calm enough), have learned how to be a good teacher. I also was born a poet but had to learn art from the ground up. I love people and critters and anything to do with the senses.

    I also deal with a shadow self that is afraid of getting old and afraid of being old and alone. I have a husband who is sick and I am afraid of losing him or seeing him suffer. So, I live between the extremes of faith and fear and give myself credit for the many fears I have overcome in my life.

    Oh, yeah, and I talk a lot! :) :)

  13. What an inspiring post, full of joyful energy.
    As Joy wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

  14. That feeling of creating is truly a magical one and never more so than when we are creating our lives.

    That is a joyful photograph, Joy, and a beautiful post.

  15. So inspiring, thanks for sharing. I´ve enjoyed your site too. As YOU wish for yourself, so I wish for YOU also

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