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In my world, the light comes from within.  I spent many years dimming that light.  One day I wanted something ‘different’ –I wanted to feel that inner peace (that seems so elusive to many) as a consistent current to access and create from.  The moment I chose to shine my light, radiantly, is the moment that I simply became *me* and peace flows readily.


In my world, I choose to live mindfully present in the moment as I honor the practice of unfolding.  This means that I am literally unable to tell you in specific detail what tomorrow (or after) will look like or where I will be.  However, I am tapped fully into flow; I trust that all is as it is meant to be, which gives me incredible freedom to experiment and explore and open my heart fully to each experience.

In my world, love is unconditional; magnifying this love is as easy as opening my heart to receive it and to share it through every movement and connection.   As I open my heart to be love, my heart whispers rise to the surface and roam free, returning a reality–affirming to me that my life is as magical as I allow it to beLove and magic are connected; it is my purpose to practice and magnify both.



In my world, all that I see is a reflection of me; with great clarity, I know the Answer is within.  I celebrate the beauty, joy, light, magnificence surrounding me; cultivating excellence and allowing it to nourish me.  Anything “less than” is a barrier to flow; when I turn that inward, I clear it with love and forgiveness transforming it once again to life enriching and spirit enlivening.


In my world, I feel overflowing gratitude for the gift of this moment and for all that is presented to me.  I open my heart to the element of surprise, knowing that Universe will delight all of my senses in ways beyond that which I could ask for.  This gratitude inspires me to gently stretch, to boldly create, and everything in between.  Gratitude expands my world– through self-limiting patterns and beliefs, and past edges into the wonderful realm of infinite possibility.


In my world, simplicity is essential to my essence; when I remove barriers and clutter and layers, I joyfully celebrate spaciousnessGone are the obligations and tethers; replaced by the pleasure of being in this moment, in this world–as I am, as it is. Quite simply, Divine.

Thank you for sharing in my world! May I ask, what is in your world?

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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  1. I just can’t see through the tears flowing from my eyes. This is the most beautiful affirmation I’ve ever read.

    Here’s my haiku for you:

    “Hard to imagine
    life without affirmations
    borrowed or innate”

    Hugs to you, Joy, and thank you for such lovely lyrical words!

    • Vidya,
      Such a pleasure to share my world with others; in essence, this is our world. All that you see in this reflection, is yours, too.

      My heart was full of gratitude as I wrote this; just flowed from my fingertips…perhaps this overflowing joy, love, gratitude is the cause of your tears…overflowing abundance!

      Your gift with words touches my heart..always so beautiful–thank you for the gift of your haiku. I couldn’t imagine living any other way!

      Hugs to you, precious, beautiful Vidya!

  2. I enjoyed this post very much. With sharing your world, you are showing us the way to live in greater peace, joy and love. It also reveals how deeply you are aware of the self and how you flow with the world. Thank you, Joy, for being the light that you are! I am blessed to come to know you and your site.

    • Hi Evelyn,
      As I shared with Vidya, in essence, this is our world; all that you see in this reflection is yours, too.

      When we live in alignment, tapping into flow is effortless and abundance is consistent; when we resist alignment, we create struggle and illness. We create this moment; may we allow it to be as magical as all that you see reflected here:)

      You and I use similar techniques when we create the moment: the use of affirmations, vision boards, and internal healing methods are empowering. Thank you for all that you share–your work inspires me as I continue to create and share from my heart space!

  3. Joy! Joy! Joy! Joy! Joy! Joy! JOY!!!!!!
    Awesome photos! And the EYES have it!!! It’s ALL up in your photos—your eyes–and your kickass script! I love the phrase “as my consistent current”—that’ll stay with me!!!
    As you always do!
    LOVE it! Blaze on! Such LIGHT on the pathless path!

    • Hi Steve,
      Thank you:) The eyes do have it–a heart smile felt energetically but seen physically; which explains why I absolutely *love* connecting within the same physical space! It is the presence of a heart smile that lights my own:)

      “The pathless path”–is definitely the one I am on…

      Thank you for popping in as you do to walk a few steps with me!

  4. Blessings dear Joy,

    At first I couldn’t connect with your message, Then I read your blog Walk on the Beach & my mind opened to heart love, feeling the presence in me & you. Years ago, I had a friend, Edda with whom we connected on that level routinely.

    Thank you for helping me shift today so that I can continue to open to my gifts, sharing more beauty & joy. Re-reading your post, I can now accept the beauty you shared, having turned within to embrace the less than parts!


    • Hi Brad,
      Thank you for your transparency; I very much appreciate that!

      My message is from the heart, so one may read the words and still “get it” but when one opens through heart space, one may then feel the words and experience the message. Thank you for allowing your self to recognize this and then to explore it.

      A “Walk on the Beach” is one of my favorites; it is how I live and what one feels when we share energetic and/or physical space..truly my essence. I am glad that you enjoyed it.

      I do not believe we have ‘less than parts’; I believe we are perfectly made, although sometimes fear might cloud our ability to see/know that. May we celebrate each part as it is:)

      Thank you for sharing from such a wonderful space!

  5. YES! That sounds like a perfect description of enlightenment, to me. Thank you for the permission to explore & experience. You have reminded me that I am always on the correct path. Thank you for yet another great post.

    • Jess,
      I magnify your “yes!” because it is such a wonderful affirmation to put “yes” to the Universe! Yes, please!

      Thank you for allowing your self to explore and experience…that inspires me to continue to do so within my own life:)

      We often “worry” about the ‘path’; in my life, I focus on did I step, not necessarily where did I step–I know that each individual step is purposefully taken, and where they lead is fine, as long as I am taking them. I revel in stillness and I savor movement.

  6. jean sampson said:

    Hi Joy. What a wonderful post for today! I always feel like I am teathered to a very wise and experienced horse (I, being the horse who forgets where she is going and how and why :) when I read your posts about flow and gratitude and letting life unfold in front of yourself. The real secret, at least part of it, is to stay out of the past that you can’t change and to quit worrying about the future that you can create as you go (now why would someone worry about that!?), Today, as usual, I felt myself get realigned to how I wish to live and view life. You do that to me! And I am very grateful for you and your wonderful gifts! Lots of smiles and hugs to you, dear friend! :D

    • Hi jean,
      Thank you:)

      Because I practice unfolding, I do not know “where” I am going, nor “how”…I just know that I am going and I feel gratitude for each step (that I am able to step, and that each step is as full as it is). So, if one “tethers” to me, one is sure to experience magic, wonder, joy…but I am unable to give specifics to set “mind” at ease for mine is a heart journey.

      Thank you for being you! I *love* your energy, and I appreciate your presence and all that you reflect to me:)

  7. A Marvilious Monday to you Miss Joy,
    just wanted to say thankyou for reminding all of us that this is our world and the more u’s and me’s that make that choice to find the connectedness of it all the more in alignment we are with the universe… So enjoy reading your words of encourgment and self reflection.

    • Hi rosemary,
      A marvelous day to you:)

      As you share, this is “our world” and we magnify what we wish in it…thank you for magnifying connectedness and alignment!

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