Overcoming Inertia

I know the freedom you yearn for..

I think you don’t realize that you already have it.  You can just be you.  Fully you.  And be loved. As you are.

You are not broken. There is nothing to fix.

You are absolutely enough, right now in this moment.


I know about love so amazing it expands your being and love “lost” that keeps you stuck–and all in between.

I know about that one moment you feel you just truly might die, but you don’t and then you think ah sh**, now what? And you keep on living the same.

And, I know about the one moment you think you truly might fly, but you don’t and then you think ah sh**, now what? And you keep on living the same.

Struggle.  People struggle.  It is a fact.  Guess what?  It is also a learned behavior, so we can unlearn it.  Try this for me, though…if you are struggling, is that bad?  Nope, so release the label.  Now it’s not so painful, it is just a fact.  Try this to release the pain: think, I am struggling; when I feel like it, I will choose not to struggle. And, then let it be. It no longer has power over you, now it is just a form of movement. And, it will pass.


You live.  You keep on living. You choose the quality of that life.  I choose peace because it suits me, I choose truth because it empowers me, I choose passion because it delights me, I choose love because it expands me, I choose gratitude because it enlivens me.

And you can borrow that any time you wish…because energetically it is possible.

You don’t have to “do” anything to get it…just open and receive it. The gift to me is all that you create.  Each song you share, each poem you write, each experience that makes you smile…that is the gift.  Why?  Because it shows me that magic is real.

My PS would be this: My children and I have not had TV for five years.  We still do not.  However, I have recently discovered Hulu and we as a family love to watch “The Voice”.  I have only watched two episodes but (ask my children) each time a contestant tells their story and begins to sing–whether or not they are pitchy or perfectly on key–I weep.  Truly weep.  And, my children exclaim “Mom, what is wrong with you?”.  I tell them as I tell you, the majority of my clients are people who have a dream, and fear stops them from living it.  They simply want someone to affirm to them the simple truth that they are worthy of living that dream and able to live it fully right now.  This is what I do: affirm worth and ability in the hopes that dreams will be lived. So, I look at these contestants who risk so much to be there, on stage, living a few moments of their dream, and I weep.  In gratitude.  Each story inspires me to keep creating from my truth in my own life. I want to say thank you for living your dream.  Why? Because it shows me that magic is real.

Empowering. Freedom.

I invite you to create with it.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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Comments on: "Overcoming Inertia" (13)

  1. I hear you, Joy! Having a choice is a great thing. Beautiful post.

    (I cry when I watch The Voice too! and I hate it when a contestant is asked to go home)

    • Vidya,
      Knowing we have a choice is quite empowering!

      *grin* I know it sounds odd, but I do not cry when the contestants go home; not all are meant to be on stage, and they take each moment of the journey with them to create the next experience. I cry when the contestants step on stage–who among us has the moxie and courage to do *that* step on the ‘stage of our dreams’..so beautiful and inspiring. My heart leaps with gratitude and tears just flow:)

      Expansion through a tv show, who knew?

      A huge, energetic hug to you:)

  2. I find myself almost forgetting to breath breath when reading your posts. LOL. Thank you for sharing the magic of The voice.

    • Hi rosemary,
      *grin* Breathing is essential…may you breathe it all in, allow it to settle, and breathe it all back out…taking only what your heart would like, and gently releasing the rest:)

      Who knew “The Voice” could be so magical *grin*?

      A huge energetic hug to you!

  3. Joy-

    Even more beautiful now than when I first read it – expanding your message and your love to the world. What’s not to love? Inspired to be inspiring here. :)

    xo, Molly

    • Hi Molly,
      I felt the original massage that I shared with you was poignant and very relevant to all that I am creating in life, so it was a pleasure to expand upon it and share in this space.

      In my eyes, we are all mirrors of each others, and I choose to see and bask in the beauty and love and joy reflected to me:) I celebrate the freedom to create and to live and to be!

      A huge energetic hug to you!

  4. I love this message that we’re not broken and there’s nothing to fix! Amen!

    • Sandra,

      I feel that we look at all of these choices…or sometimes feel stuck with ‘no choice’…and we become overwhelmed thinking we need to do something or be something or create something specific; allowing us the thought that we need “fixing” or re-framing or something to make it all better, or do-able. The freedom is in knowing all is as it is meant to be, including “me”/”us”/”universe”; with such freedom we no longer feel we “have to do” anything, yet we may choose to do “everything”.

      A huge energetic hug to you:)

  5. our choices determine our destiny
    thanks for the lesson :)

    • Hi farouk,

      Thank you for sharing such simplicity; such freedom in simplicity! Wonderful affirmation: I choose what I create; I am creating my life.

      A huge energetic hug to you:)

  6. jean sampson said:

    Oh, Joy, I love to watch The Voice, too! How wonderful that those people take that big scary chance—-as my best friend says, “It’s not what you do, it is how much you grow by doing it!” We are all quite enough but most of us don’t know that and the journey of living helps us shed all the things that are not us, all the things that keep us stuck or feeling bad about ourselves. At any moment, we can choose to let go of what is not us and allow the real person to shine. And we ALL do shine when we are being our true selves. I love reading your posts because they really affirm what I know in my heart. <3

    • Hi Jean,
      This is absolutely beautiful: “It is not what you do, but how you grow by doing it”. When I open my heart to World, the experience expands my being in wonderful ways:)

      As you share, we can choose to embrace our true selves and allow our light to shine. May I suggest that as we do this with self, World greets us in the same way. Very empowering!

      I think our hearts are set on the same vibration ?

  7. Thank you (again!) for the peace you bring to me and the magic our friendship has created! You inspire and empower me!!

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