You Are Beautiful

I am delighted to share this project with you!

I celebrate all things beauty filled–warms my heart, thrills my being, delights me on every level!

So, when I read about this beautiful idea in this article “Little Signs”, I was hooked.

I went right to the website and ordered my stickers–just ten to start.

Not wishing to deface public property or commit civil disobedience, I decided to put my own joy twist on the project.

Wishing to share magic, along with beauty, I affixed the stickers to this paper.

Potent combination: magic + beauty = magnificence!

I assembled these little bundles of magnificence and decided to mail them to nine people.  I chose to embrace simplicity, instead of including notes or anything to distract from the message, I sent them as is.

Sometimes, we give away the very thing that we “need” so  I kept a reminder for myself and hung it in the entryway to our home:

I love the reaction when guests enter our home!  Each one looks at the photo, then says something along the lines of “I am beautiful? Okay, thank you. I am beautiful.”

And I think do you know you are beautiful?  Truly beautiful.  My home is symbolic of my heart space and as you enter, you will feel the peace, the love, the joy.  You are invited in because the experience of you brings beauty to my world, reflects to me something that makes my heart sing:)

And, of course, there are moments that I pass by the photo–perhaps on my way out– and think “Oh, I am beautiful…whew I needed that reminder” and my step is a bit more buoyant as I head out the door.

There are other moments, as I return into my home and perhaps my heart is heavy or my hands are full and my body is tired, and I pass by the photo and think “I don’t feel very beautiful or magical”, but this simple reminder reflects to me infinite potential and I bring that into my home as I refresh/re-center and continue to create.

We tend to think that in order to make a difference we need to share something elaborate or exquisite or expensive so sometimes this keeps us from sharing because we don’t feel we have “enough”.  Well, the response to this simple note was heart warming.  I have included one here:

“Somehow you knew that I needed that.  Made me tear up.  Thank you. You are beautiful. too. XO.”

The thing is, we don’t even need stickers or a magical note; it is just as powerful to say:

You are beautiful, thank you for being you. 

I invite you to join me and to share beauty and magic today.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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Comments on: "You Are Beautiful" (18)

  1. Megan Bord said:

    That’s terrific! I love this project, and because of you I took on my own “Beautiful” project, too. I bought 100 business cards that simply say “Believe in Magic” on the front and “You’re receiving this card because you’re beautiful” on the back.

    I’ve been anonymously posting the cards when I go out and about: in greeting card envelopes at the card store, in magazines at the grocery store, in sugar packet baskets at restaurants… I figure whoever needs a reminder that they’re beautiful will find those cards.

    Thank you for being beautiful and reminding the rest of us that we are, too.

    • Hi Megan,
      What a wonderful idea with the “beautiful” business cards and message! May you tuck one away for your self and allow it to delight you, too:)

      Thank you for joining me in magnifying beauty! And, I would like to point out this is not gender based at all..the men with whom I’ve shared this message with have been just as touched as the women.

      You affirm a simple truth for me: when I open my heart to share, Universe magnifies my simple creation :)

      A warm, energetic hug of appreciation…you are beautiful, thank you for reflecting that beauty to me!

    • Hi Megan and Joy,

      Oh my goodness to both of you!!!! What loving and awesome ideas!

      See, and people don’t believe in angels….I know two of them personally!!!! :D

      • Hi Evita,
        Thank you for your presence here! And lovely friend, you are an angel which is why you are able to see them:)

        A warm hug of appreciation and love–you are the personification of beauty and all that you reflect allows me to blossom into my own:)

  2. What a wonderful idea, Joy. Your card looks lovely. I am going to make some for myself too and give them out. :-) I know the difference a single word of appreciation or just a kind word at random can make.

    I generally draw big yellow smileys on yellow cards and cut them out in that round shape. I know the recipients love them because people automatically respond to a smiley.

    Just loved this post!

    • Hi Vidya,

      Big yellow smileys sound fun and refreshing:) I know I am smiling just thinking of how fun…and how appreciative I am to be surrounded by such loving, generous people as your self and Megan and many other “online” friends who share so readily and willingly and joyfully! Very life affirming:)

      May you remember to share a big yellow smiley with your self as well:)

      A warm hug of appreciation…your spirit shines, and you are beauty personified…thank you for all that you reflect to me!

  3. Hi Joy,

    Thanks for the great idea. I love this idea and appreciate the way you communicate from heart & joy.

    I look forward to more tips.
    Blessings, Brad

    • Hi Brad,
      Thank you for your presence here and for taking the time to affirm magic and beauty:)

      A warm hug of appreciation…for your presence..and for all that you are beautiful!

  4. jean sampson said:

    Hi Joy—-Well, I KNOW you are beautiful because I have had a beautiful experience with you! And, since I am getting older, I always need a reminder that I am beautiful and that there are many ways to be beautiful, too! I think I will post a sign in my very public studio which has been called the Grand Central Station of the art center! I think there will be a lot of giggles at first but I think people will really get a boost from it, even with the giggles. One of my “missions” in life is to help people to feel good about themselves (because I have had to learn that myself), so this goes right along with that. Love you, beautiful Joy!

    • Jean,
      Giggles can only happen when we are our hearts are open…so let them giggle away, and take the beautiful message with them :)

      You are absolutely beautiful–I *love* your energy, your wisdom, your way of creating; all that you share reminds me to enjoy the process, be excited, have fun, laugh, love, color, dance, sing, create…pretty lovely reflection you share:)

      A warm hug of appreciation…you are beautiful..and I thank you for magnifying the beauty in others!

  5. Wow! It’s bubbling with joy & giggles around here. This is becoming my favorite place to hang out, relishing the heart felt communication here that I feel in my body.

    thanks Joy & friends,

    Happy Valentine’s to All

    • Hi Brad,
      This site is an extension of my heart space so I am glad you find it welcoming and joy-filled:) May you always feel the love, peace, joy, magic when you visit:)

      And, happy day of love to you:)

  6. Hi Joy, great idea that you have with mailing the cards. I may just get round to doing and sending some myself. It is a wonderful suggestion to spread some love and magic!

    • Hi Evelyn,
      You magnify beauty, love, and magic with all that you share through your site…thank you for the inspiration and affirmation that provides:)

      A warm hug of appreciation…you are beautiful:)

  7. that’s amaznig
    when you spread positive emotions they will come to you back for sure
    keep it up Joy :)

    • Hi farouk,
      What we choose to invest in grows; may we choose to grow that which is life enriching! It is an absolute pleasure to magnify beauty, joy, peace, love:)

      A warm huge of appreciation…thank you for your are beautiful :)

  8. Thank you joy for sending me the note – it was beautiful and so like you to do so!

    I have saved this email to re-read and today was special for me. Thanks again for giving me that gift.

    May I re-post on my page? I would love to pass forward your beautiful message!

    • Hi Miz Meliz,

      Thank you for the kind words:) Your energy is radiant and your friendship blesses me with laughter, faith, and refreshment! Yes, you may re-post this on your page…thank you for joining me in magnifying beauty!

      A warm hug of appreciation…thank you for your presence…you are beautiful:)

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