My Soul’s Reflection is Ocean’s Edge

My soul’s reflection is ocean’s edge

I brought my meditation practice to the beach.  It was absolutely surreal to have my feet grounded in the sand, wind gently caressing my skin, sun pouring in through my crown chakra as I concentrated on my breath.  Breathing in love, breathing out gratitude. After several moments of this, I experienced a lovely rhythm and felt my breath merge with wind, my heart merge with sun, my feet merge with earth.

Time had no relevance. I became the elements and my being soared.  There was nothing else but a feeling of purely “being”–the only desire I had was to just be. To just be felt absolutely enough.  I have no words to describe the feeling.

When I came back into my physical awareness, my son said it looked like I had died. So, I asked what he meant and he said that for a long time it was like I was out of my body, and then, at the end, that I came back in to occupy it.

When we went back today, he told his sister watch what mom does.  He was in awe.

I experienced much of the same today.  Not because I expected it, but because I allowed for it to happen.  Twice.  (If we allow for extraordinary at all, don’t we usually allow for it once, then leave it there?  I wish to experience this every day.  I wish for this to be my life!).

I am able to experience my soul’s reflection at ocean’s edge, but I may experience it anywhere I allow for it.  When I travel, I take this willingness to be vulnerable and my gratitude for whatever is in the moment and allow it to open my eyes to my soul’s reflection wherever I may be. Perhaps this travel is physical travel, perhaps inner work involving journeying to the depth of my core; wherever it is that I open my heart and my eyes simultaneously, is where I will meet the Divine.

What is required?  The ability to surrender my insistence upon a certain outcome, any expectations, self-limiting beliefs, doubts, fears and to open my heart and being to accept the wonderful gifts being placed in my vision.

As I learn this practice, I am learning to accept abundance, the abundance of life.  I am honoring flow in a way that until now has been unfamiliar to me; to be present to graciously open to abundance as generously as I share it.  Not having to earn it, or struggle or strive or compete; but, to experience the inner peace of knowing that my (our) role is quite simply to be present and open to flow.

What I do at ocean’s edge–meditate, run, take photos, build yoga rock sculptures, body surf with my children, walk hand in hand with a special someone–is not as significant as the commitment to be at ocean’s edge.  It is in the ability to “just show up” that we experience the concept of enough.  In such a place, we may release ‘how’ and embrace ‘just be’.

In my life, not knowing ‘how’ often allows me to excuse my self from my commitment.  (As in, I know you will understand I do not know “how” to do this, so I no longer wish to be present).  In allowing this to be my life,  then, I am affirming that my soul’s reflection is absolutely enough and I will trust that regardless of external.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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  1. Wonderful post Joy,

    I love your model of living at the edge of living fully, open to life, unknown, rich & full.

    Thanks for the perfect reminder to help me back on the path. I’ve been dancing the edge, but resisting the not knowing. I am willing to be present & open!

    blessings, Brad

    • Hi Brad,

      Thank you for the kind words:)

      As I continue to heal and grow, I have spent time at the beach almost every day in the last few months. I am discovering that, in general, mainstream is so afraid of the “edge”–pushing past it, falling off of it, it’s sharp corners somehow hurting us. What if, as ocean reflects, there isn’t an edge? What if life is “safe” in that it is one big expanse of space so we can’t push or fall or get hurt, we can just live and create and experience? How would that then change the way we choose to embrace each day?

      As for my way of life, I choose to live a centered, heart-based life, so I do experience doubt, fear, and yes even pain, but I open through it allowing gratitude to fill my space. Everything is possible through heart space, it is the willingness and ability to live through such a space that allows me to stand in unknown as I do.

      Allow your self to just be…no judgment, no criticism, just pure love and acceptance of where you are right now. Our beings follow cycles, just as in nature, so your dancing on the edge is perfect for this moment you are in. And, when the time is right, and you choose to lean into resistance, you will “know” effortlessly.

  2. I love this metaphor of “being at the ocean’s edge” for being present and aware in this moment! I appreciate how you allow relaxation, joy and beauty into your life.

    • Hi Sandra,

      I thought of you while on the beach. It hadn’t occurred to me to bring my meditation practice there–such a glorious feeling! To be one with the elements, not because it is a guided meditation allowing me to visualize it, but because I am there feeling it!

      As I shared with Brad, I am finding that perhaps there isn’t this “edge” that we sometimes fear, sometimes wish to see…

      Relaxation, joy, and beauty are essential components of nourishment for my being; especially after the huge focus on creating a book in one week in the midst of ‘regular life duties’ my being required a few days of ultra-peace. So, I unplugged from external and plugged into all things self and family-care. And, it is now lovely to be back creating and connecting from a centered place of peace and abundance:)

  3. Just beautiful. Thank you Joy.

  4. Hi Joy,
    I delighted in reading this…it spoke to me. Thankyou for conveying your message.
    be good to yourself

  5. jean sampson said:

    Hey, Joy, this is a lovely post. I love that you share these personal experiences and invite your readers to imagine being in the same experience wherever they are. I had a different but similar-type of thing happen when I was out walking the other day. As I was enjoying every growing thing and every wonderful smell and all the beautiful bird sounds, the delightful warm air and the bright sunlight, I found myself overcome by gratitude for EVERYTHING and I was completely in the moment, not in the past or the future. Everything was RIGHT NOW and it was all wonderful, nothing needed or missing. So I felt myself waking up into my body more and more, sort of the opposite of your experience of being out of your body. But, somehow, a very similar thing, it seems to me. I feel like I got in touch with my animal self —–people are animals, after all, and it is wonderful to be aware of that inner animal sometimes. Love and hugs to you!

    • Hi Jean,

      I was feeling quite vulnerable about sharing this particular post because I had received some criticism regarding my heart-led choices. However, mine is a heart-led life, and this is one way of sharing that message with others.

      You make an excellent point: one wouldn’t “need” to be by the ocean to experience this, one may be anywhere to feel the joy of connectedness.

      Thank you for sharing your lovely experience! Your experience of awareness sounds absolutely refreshing and empowering. So often, we deny or ignore certain aspects of our being, it is so peaceful to experience the integration of each trait.

      Love and hugs to you:)

  6. As always, this was beautiful. And I would LOVE to know more about building yoga rock sculptures. :)

    • Thank you, Jess…and for you, the next article I write will be about yoga rock sculptures and how they relate to relationships:)

      • Oh, goody!!! I’m just about to read that new post. Your blog just makes me feel calmer. I read it when I’m taking “retreat time” for myself. xo

        • Hi Jess,

          My sole purpose in life is to be love and to share magic, so that you feel calm in this space makes my heart very happy. Thank you for sharing:)

          And, thank you for being you, you continue to inspire me!

  7. I so wish I lived near a beach. Being near water like that is heaven to me. When I meditate I often take myself to a beach – which is a stretch in itself, but I love it. Thanks for this post as it reminds me that I have a CD with ocean waves and no music. I’m off to hunt for that right now!

    • Hi suZen,

      Reading your words allows me to feel such gratitude for what I am able to experience in my world. When I lived on the boat, and all was quiet as we fell asleep, I could hear the ocean waves lapping the shore and the harbor seals barking on the buoy…I learned to find those sounds to be extremely soothing.

      I find it interesting that all of these years at the beach, I had not thought to bring my meditation practice there. To combine the elements with breath and energy is to experience freedom to the “nth” degree:) As you most likely experience with your CD’s.

      A warm, “beachy” energetic hug to you:)

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