Alex Blackwell: Saying Yes to Change

Today I am thrilled beyond words to share energetic space with Alex Blackwell and to be a participant in the blog tour for his book “Saying Yes To Change: Ten Timeless Life Lessons for Positive Change.”

I am drawn to Alex’s work because he infuses his words with his life message of living faith and being love—two themes that resonate strongly with my own life’s message and purpose.

Alex Blackwell is the Founder of The BridgeMaker.

His first book, Saying Yes to Change: 10 Timeless Life Lessons for Creating Positive Change is now available on Amazon.

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 J: Hi, Alex, welcome! The name of your site is “The Bridgemaker” . May you share with us the meaning behind these words and your overall vision for your site?

A: The BridgeMaker connects people who are looking to walk by faith, share inspiration, and celebrate positive change.

The meaning of the blog’s name comes from becoming aware of where we are today and seeing where we want to be tomorrow and then making the deliberate choice to cross the bridge to discover the beautiful life waiting for us there.

Joy, my vision is to grow a like-minded community of folks who are inspired to encourage one another by sharing their own stories of personal change. My blog will be here for a long time to come.

J: If I may ask, what would you consider is the source of your power?

A: My faith, Joy, my faith is my source of power. I know there’s a purpose for my life greater than I can even imagine right now. So, I continue to walk by faith on my journey there.

J: I am captivated by the fusion of your intelligence, integrity, and your quietly powerful voice. In a world where “fierce” and “loud” is equated with power, you model that one may be quiet, yet heard; one may create from a place of integrity and enrich others in big ways. May you share with us a little about your philosophy; how did you find your voice and how did this fusion come to be?

A: First, thanks so much for those kind words.

I found my voice by making the commitment to be “real” with myself and with others. I believe to share in an authentic way; we need to move from behind the facades we sometimes create. So, I put my heart out there for all to see, and perhaps by doing so, others may feel inspired to do the same thing.

From a technical standpoint, I found my voice by writing every day. My style today is different than it was four years ago. With most things, the more we do it, the better we become at it.

J: I wonder: when you are creating and doubt surfaces, what resources do you rely upon as you continue to create?

A: I turn to my wife, Mary Beth. She knows me better than anybody. Mary Beth can usually help me pinpoint the reason for the doubt, and then help me silence it.

J: I am delighted with the message of your book, “Saying Yes to Change”.  Change is something I cultivate in my life, yet mainstream seems to fear.  May you speak a little about this book..the message and the process of incorporating these concepts into our lives?

A: My book is for anyone who feels the nudge to change; and it’s for people who are already walking the paths to positive change.

There’s one central concept in the book: You cannot change or heal what you do not acknowledge. When we acknowledge what we need to heal or change, we can begin living a happier, more meaningful life – right now.

J: Your beginning chapter “We All Come to a Crossroads” is so poignant, and powerful.  Thank you for sharing so transparently!  As I consider the concept of crossroads, I wonder when you were conceiving the idea for this book, what was the defining moment that you chose to create this book rather than allow it to remain a dream?

A: Here’s an interesting fact Joy, I actually wrote the first three paragraphs of that chapter seven years ago, and then I put it away. Last October when my brother died suddenly, I was reminded how precious, and short, life can be.

When I returned home from his funeral, I turned back to the book with a new-found passion and reason to finish it.

J: The message of the book consists of ten life lessons—empowering to contemplate and integrate.  What lesson would you say has been most instrumental in allowing for change within your life?

A: The lesson that inspires me the most and makes me feel strong on the days I feel weak is Lesson Nine: Take Down the White Flag.

J: As you continue to vision and create within your life, when you look forward, what is the next “change” you foresee?

A: Joy, the biggest change I see is finding out how I can use this book as a platform to reach more people. I feel a significant energy shift heading my way. Even though this unknown change is scary, I have faith it will lead to good things.

J: It has been an honor to share energy with you in this space, thank you! In closing, is there anything you would like us to know about you, your vision, your voice?

A: Let’s continue to support each other by showing love, kindness and grace in every encounter.

J: Absolutely beautiful, Alex, thank you!


Alex has so generously gifted this site with one complimentary copy of his book “Saying Yes to Change!”  Each reader who leaves a comment addressing the question below will be entered into a drawing.  The winner will be randomly chosen Friday, April 20, 2012 at 9pm (PDT).  **The winner of the raffle is Kara Rane.  Thank you to all who left a comment, for the support of Alex’s message and the wonderful opportunity to embrace “Saying Yes! to Change”.**

What is the most important life lesson you have learned, or are learning now?

Thank you, Alex! Thank you, dear reader! *Excellent* indeed :)

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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  1. I am learning to trust the unknown and in moving toward the unknown, confidently and with an open heart, that is where I find my faith. And I am learning that my faith rests on knowing, simply, that love IS enough.

    Thank you Joy, for shining your light and illuminating greatness every step of the way.

    Thank you both for honoring commitment to excellence, for having faith in the power of grace to transform lives, and for sharing your open hearts with the world.

    It inspires me to know I am not alone even when the road ahead is full of uncertainty..,

    • Hi Molly,

      Thank you for your kind words :)

      When the road ahead is full of uncertainty, it is easy to ‘forget’ that we are all looking at similar roads…none of us “knows” what is ahead, yet we keep moving forward…it is how we choose to move that determines the quality and feel of the experience.

      Learning to trust the unknown is learning to trust self, and World…as your journey continues to unfold, may that trust lead you to the joy of allowing your heart whispers to become your reality:)

  2. Joy, you have the most beautiful way of asking questions. And Alex’s answers are so enriching. I am really enjoying his blog tour. What a fabulous book, indeed!

    :-) I am excited that you and I are partners in the blog tour today, Joy. How blessed am I!

    Hugs to you!

    • Hi Vidya,

      Beautiful synchronicity! I *love* it :)

      Alex’s overall message is one that inspires me…the simplicity, the faith, the love, the joy. His book is a wonderful expansion of that message..for if we cultivate simplicity, faith, joy, love, we are naturally and effortlessly embracing change. Each chapter offers a different reflection, as well as examples from his own life, that allow us to consider change in all areas of life. Very encouraging!

  3. jean sampson said:

    This is so essential, to be able to change without resistance, knowing that it will work out just fine, even though you might not be able to see or even imagine the result of changing until much later. The world is constantly changing and demanding flexibility from us (which we can resist if we want to, but I don’t think that will lead to happiness and joy). I think you have to make a decision to “flow” without resisting, relax into what is. True creativity is having your world turned up-side-down and then, seeing what you can do with how things are now. People have done some miraculous creating in situations where they might just as easily go into a major depression. It is really all in how you look at change.

    Thanks, Alex, and Joy, for a great post. And thanks, Alex, for the reminder of how we need to do things now—because we just never know!

    • Hi Jean,

      Thank you for the wonderful reflection! I love this: “relax into what is”…I spent so much of my life resisting what was, then wondered why I felt so exhausted and drained…when I learned to be fully present in the moment, as it was, I learned to love life exactly as it was. When I added transformational tools, such as affirmations, I added excellence and quality to life. Gone was the exhaustion, replaced by gratitude and sheer bliss!

      Alex’s book is a wonderful resource that reflects to us the possibilities that are available when we embrace change…the most encouraging to me is the story of how he transformed his marriage and ultimately his life.

  4. Joy & Alex
    thank You for sharing*
    I am curious about Lesson 9. Take Down the White Flag
    – is this your guidance to surrender? I believe this can be a powerful subject, to surrender is not giving up but rather giving in, yes~
    & agree it is not easy, but very valuable to acknowledge that which needs healing, to know our own ‘Achilles heel’.

    • Hi Kara Rane,

      Lesson 9 is about how you react when faced with change; if in the past you chose to always surrender, how may one allow Faith to transform that practice.

      Here is a quote from chapter 9: “The next time the enemy of your soul whispers the lie, stay strong in your faith. Practice replacing the lie with the truth.” (The lie being the feelings of “not good enough”, “not worthy”, “not capable”).

      Alex includes wonderful exercises to prompt the acknowledgement of what keeps one stuck, and how to move through that. And the chapter ends with the reflection to allow your instinct to be your guide.

      Alex’s book is written in a way that is very easy to read and apply. Not at all ‘preachy’; rather loving, kind reflections that feel good to receive and to consider.

  5. I have been following Alex’s website and posts for some time now, and I really love all the posts.

    What I am learning now is to find beauty and Joy through sadness and tears. To accept that life on Earth is just a journey with many lessons to learn. The harder the lesson is, the more you learn, the closer you get to God.
    The only way of learning my lesson, is to do it with Love. Where there is Love, tears become a smile, and pain becomes Joy and laughter.

    • Hi Nikky44,

      I am glad you “know” Alex, his message is one that I find very inspiring and encouraging :)

      I love this: “The only way of learning my lesson, is to do it with Love”. How beautiful, and quite transformational. In the midst of chaos and abuse, I felt that learning was a struggle; I wished to change that so I began to use the affirmation that I use now in life: learning is a delight–a joy-filled adventure full of laughter and fun. So, it has been…

      Your faith, your willingness to share so openly, is a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing as you do:)

  6. Hello Alex and Joy!

    Thank you for a most meaningful topic and conversation.

    Since last night and into this morning I have been pondering this question presented by TiTi at the end of her ‘Hope is Beautiful’ post:

    “Have you witnessed hope lead to positive change in your own life or in the lives of others?”

    This brought vivid memories back from the time of my youth to the year 1984…and then on to the dismantling of the Berlin Wall.

    My youth:

    Monday 12 noon air raid siren test

    Under the school table drill

    Film of Los Alamos H bomb test

    Grafts of missiles showing their range

    Fist pounding on table (Nikita)

    Cuban Missile Crises (A day so real yet unreal)

    Bomb shelters


    My trip to the Soviet Union and…

    “I found my voice by making the commitment to be “real” with myself and with others. I believe to share in an authentic way; we need to move from behind the facades we sometimes create.”

    And so now “The Wall’ is down. There can not be any forgetting by the people of this world. All need continual commitment to be “real” first with one’s self so that they are more authentic and conscious of sharing and creating *positive change* on this planet.

    Thank God the wonderful barrier breaking tool of the Internet is available now so that we can make long journeys of peace with bandwidth speed!

    Thanks to all the beautiful bloggers for the *bridges* you have built :)

    • Hi Rand,

      I am glad that Alex’s message resonates with you. Alex is one who inspires me greatly, reminded me of the power of faith, the hope in love and the strength within community.

      Thank you for sharing your story. *grin* And, I think we all share your gratitude for the Internet:)

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