Clarity: Honoring Individual Path

To celebrate our differences and honor individual path

as we create together

is a beautiful gift of connection *and* expansive freedom.

When I wish for clarity within my own life, I clear my schedule of extraneous everything (making space) and go to the beach.  Walking in silence, I allow nature to nourish my soul and invigorate my senses.  Because I am engaged in exploring World through my senses, instead of “looking for an answer”, the answer invariably gently– softly–rises.  A beautiful, organic process allowing my inner work to be full of gratitude and joy rather than worry or stress.

On this particular day, I chose to walk to the farthest end of the beach, knowing that one of my favorite labyrinths would be waiting for me (an expectation).  When I came to the labyrinth, though, I found that there was major construction directly around the labyrinth (an invitation to release expectation).  Huge bulldozers and teams of men working–loud noise, the rumble in the ground, terrain being loosed and moved.  One might apply the words “less than peaceful” as far as external circumstances.

Before stepping into the labyrinth, I set my intention, centered my self, and began my walk.  Concentrating on each step, I was able to tune out external as I traveled internally.  There were many places that the labyrinth was in disrepair, the exact path worn away or the stones moved, so I found myself wondering if I was “doing it right”, following the ‘correct way’.  As if there is a “wrong” or “incorrect” way to travel?

I allowed this thought to lead my contemplation, with the intent of removing barriers and residual bits of perfectionism that might keep me from “moving” in all realms.  I recognize that it is not “how” do we step, or “the way” in which we step, but that we choose to step.  It is not whether this is the “right” or “wrong” way, but that it is way and we are choosing to explore it.  I was able to release my fear of failure (that had been building up as I have begun creating so many new and different things), and re-affirm my love of life. Gratitude for this realization drowned out external stimulus and internal doubt.  Each step was now full of the intention to open my heart, accept my pace, and enjoy the experience.

And wouldn’t this be a wonderful life lesson?  When I apply this insight to love, creation (a moment or a tangible product), connections (to people and to Earth), I am relinquishing doubt and fear and replacing it with the wonderful affirmation of my purpose: to be Love and to allow World to delight me in myriad ways as I honor flow.

As this relates to my online work, I had a fear of video work.  I felt that I didn’t have the technical skills to create one myself, nor did I have the presence to participate in a video interview.  In the most recent edition of my transformational magic letter, written upon my return home after one week of being unplugged, I shared that: “When I checked into the airport, I shed the light layers and barriers that had begun to form and as I passed through customs I stepped back into the magical world of this moment of full presence in *now*.”   In the full presence of *now* I released resistance and began to explore and learn video production.  I now have a YouTube channel which features my Welcome Video, and “The World That I Belong To” video.  I am in the beginning stages of learning–instead of allowing all that I do not know to intimidate me, I am choosing to enjoy the process of experimenting and creating.

This link is to my first ever video interview: The Power of Presence, Clarity, and Effortless Living with Joy Holland. Transparently, while it is wonderful to share my message in such a way, it felt a bit overwhelming to “play big” and allow expansion.  My way of life is often viewed as unconventional, so to share my world and “my way” required that I be most comfortable tuning out external and allowing my internal journey to be one of love and gratitude (as in the above labyrinth example).  Moving forward, it requires that I accept and honor my individual path as I so effortlessly accept and honor yours.

When fear is present, I take that as a sign that I am embracing new and different as I create my heart truth. I use that fear to inspire me to gently stretch beyond my own comfort zone into this beautiful land of unknown.  It is important to me to not just write words and ideas on a page and circulate them, but to live them fully; to allow them to be fluid and to continue to explore, experiment, and experience.

I would love to know, within your life, what is asking you to be explored and are you willing to gently stretch into that wonderful space?

(If you do choose to view my first ever video interview, I would love to know your thoughts and reflections on the message.  It is a wonderful pleasure to share new and different with you!).

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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  1. jean sampson said:

    Hey, Joy! I just added your YouTube channel to my “favorites” so I guess I will get each new video you make! And I do hope you keep making a lot of them because your “glow” just comes shining through! Fear, huh? Well, I do sort of fear technological things because I have never been any good at math-type stuff. Great at writing, great people skills, can figure lots of things out from very subtle clues—-but computers? Websites? Blogs? Seems like another world that I don’t fit into at all. So, that might be a clue that I need to head in that direction. I have faced and overcome so many fears in my life—–so I will probably take this one on. I don’t even know where I would start, that is how little I know! I guess I will put it out there and see what happens!

    Love and hugs to you!

    • Hi Jean,

      *grin* I have always said that I do ‘feel’ fear, I just gently acknowledge it and take it along with me as I create. Most often, the presence of fear is a sign to me that I am on the right path–gently stretching beyond my comfort zone into something wonderfully expansive…Exactly how I felt with the first videos. And, now I am creating a video series, so thank you, fear for showing up and motivating me:)

      The key for me is that my mind may create many excuses and doubts, but when I bring it to my heart, if it Feels right, I create…usually in a surge.

      And, Jean, you crack me up…you know if you put it out there, it will exciting for you!! And, what a wonderful reminder for me!

      Love and hugs to you, too!

  2. Gosh Joy…you know what? I really believe the majority of your readers and the bloggers that you follow are pretty much living similar ‘paths’. That their labyrinth experience, while not on a beach still has the same external and internal pull of influence and expectations.

    My beach walk the past three days has been the setting up a huge Cisco general session. A major rock concert does not have half the lighting that is involved with this corporate event…they will have a major ‘rock’ for entertainment.

    The flow about the the floor during set up is not any different than what you discovered upon reaching your labyrinth.

    “I recognize that it is not “how” do we step, or “the way” in which we step, but that we choose to step. It is not whether this is the “right” or “wrong” way, but that it is way and we are choosing to explore it.”

    The past three days I have been walking in your shoes though you may have actually been bare foot on the beach and I have been waring steel tip work boots.

    My labyrinth site was packed with five boom lifts, two large scissor lifts, many fork lifts, miles of cable, a mile of truss, a lot of workers, a lot of noise, and so much more.

    But How I choose to walk about my labyrinth is exactly the same if I do choose to navigate with the intention to explore and create. To set aside fear. To go about the chaos with the intention to learn. To be calm in the storm. To be a team member. To not let drama interfere or distract the ultimate goal.To have new technical skills. To be a part of the *Bigger Picture*.

    I want to congratulate you on your first video!

    You collaborated with a true dear friend (great interviewer…very professional).

    You are a very sweet and genuine lady.

    While watching intently I felt so much happiness. You eased into it and then became very comfortable with an excellent train of thought.

    Finger painting? That’s making me want to work on an antique watch soon!

    Speaking of finger…what kind of ring is that on your right thumb?

    I am very happy to see you grow. I have much gratitude for the better man that I have become through your guidance.

    Here’s to your heart whispers and to experimenting!

    • Hi Rand,

      Thank you for sharing your story :)

      My labyrinth walk happens not only on the beach, but in all realms; the labyrinth is a wonderful physical representation to me of anything that my mind might be considering, my heart might be feeling..step by step I walk through, just as I do in life. My pace, my style, my path. There will be some ahead of me, some behind me…and we may interact or choose silence, but we are respectful of individual way.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      The ring on my thumb has special meaning to me..I got it in Mexico a few years ago, I lost it and it was gone for one year, only to be found by another friend in a remote location. I originally got it when I began to honor this internal paradigm shift, it was lost when I was feeling a bit “lost” and found again when I was focused on living in alignment…a poignant reminder that my heart knows the way and to create from that heart truth.

  3. Beautiful Post Joy! Thank you.
    I will certainly listen once at home to the Interview.
    I think I had a similar experience once I started my Blog on the 29th of February. I was never comfortable in sharing publicly my private life and problems, but i did, and I don’t regret it now. I do have sometimes thoughts of deleting it all, feeling of fear. What if my family sees it? what if someone I know reads it. When someone knows about my truth, I feel like “naked”. But I’m trying to fight this fear and anxiety :)

    • Hi nikky44,

      Thank you:)

      I understand your reticence because the material you share is extremely transparent, personal, and allows you incredible vulnerability. I know that sharing your words with others is healing for you, and inspiring for them, so thank you for sharing as you do!

      My initial hesitation about sharing through video was due to my lack of confidence in my resources (as far as technical equipment) and sharing beyond my comfortable circle of this community with many people I am not familiar with..expansion is lovely when I “control” it, but it was learning to allow flow to expand my world far beyond that which I know (which in the last year has happened!).

      When we affirm through our creative expression, and the use of our unique voice, we are in essence affirming life :)

  4. Dear Joy!

    C-L-A-R-I-T-Y mmmm that feels so good to have in one’s life and you are such a shining inspiration of it!

    I really loved your last part where you shared how fear can drive us to wonderful new paths – yes – we can use anything, anything at all in a positive way or negative way. We always have that choice.

    And it was wonderful again to sit down and talk with you about your personal passion and current life calling through the video interview. I am so happy that you have created your own channel through which you can share and spread more of your love and joy filled energy :)

    • Hi Evita,

      Thank you for the gift of your friendship, which from day one has inspired me to know my truth and to create from it, even if my path seemed unconventional or my ways were not mainstream. That you so easily understand and accept my differences is refreshing and inspiring as I continue to create in my unique way. As you know, for years I was hesitant to embrace video, yet with my recent journey, to share through video now seems natural and quite fun. Thank you for opening the door:) Having my own channel prompted a huge creative surge, and I will be sharing the results soon.

      As for clarity, people wish to experience inner peace, yet often do not wish to know the truth, they even avoid the truth, then wonder why this rampant dissatisfaction exists. To know self well, to know World well, allows us the freedom to explore and create openly and joyfully. Refreshing and invigorating! Instead of fearing truth, may we embrace truth; instead of fearing life, may we embrace life. As you share, it is a choice. May we learn to choose that which enriches and enlivens :)

  5. Wonderful lesson, Joy. If we don’t stretch, we lose our flexibility. My Grandmother often said – even dough rises, just sitting there. :D And we, as human beings, are mobile. Free to choose, free to go where we want, free to let go of our fear, free to explore.

    Loved your writing and the inspiration through it.

    Hugs, Vidya

    • Hi Vidya,

      Reading your words reminds me of the process of making bread by first, I found the kneading and stretching boring and quite ‘chore-like’..a necessary “obligation” if I wished to have freshly baked bread. Then, I learned the joy of shaping and molding and creating with my hands..transforming the entire process into a pleasure. What a beautiful lesson you have reminded me of, thank you!

      You mention freedom…while I think many wish to have “freedom” I find that many are afraid of “freedom”, of the ability of choice. So, thank you for reminding us of mobility and flexibility and exploration :)

      A warm, energetic hug to you!

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