Moving On

May you accept the invitation to experiment with

vibrant hues, varying texture, and experiences

that allow for organic expansion.

This is a photo of my new “backyard”.  If one chose to browse through my Flickr photos (listed on my sidebar), one would see that my new backyard is not at all similar to my “old” one.

For the last seven or more years, I have lived within a very secluded, protected beach community steps away from the ocean (or for the five years when my children and I were recently live-aboards on the boat, actually on the ocean).  My refuge, the essence of my being, the place where I felt able to freely express myself in all ways.

In hindsight, I see that I had built a sacred container–a safe “island” of a place for me to heal, grow, learn, become. Blossom.  And, so I have.

Having stepped out of chaos into peace, of abuse into care, I “needed” that space.  Sacred containers are wonderful tools one may use in connecting and creating, yet let us think of potted plants.  As the plants thrive, the containers no longer hold them and soon the same container that encouraged growth begins to hinder it.  And so it was with the sacred container of my beach community.

There came a moment when I realized that all of my photos were similar in color, in background, in vision–ocean, sunsets, moon-rises, beach (all quite beautiful, and etched into the fiber of my being!).  In cultivating extraordinary in my life, yet feeling plateaued in creating, I came to see that my struggle was within this sacred container…there was no room for expansion, and that discomfort could lead to complacency and stagnation if I allowed it to.

We think that when we (or something) no longer fit, we need to “break” the mold, if you will.  As I share with you on my last day within this sacred container, I do not wish to cut cords or break anything. I hold it all with reverence and gratitude, with love, joy, and peace; for all was Divinely placed and received and is now woven into the tapestry of my life.

I am able to clearly see how each moment, each experience, led to this *now* of intentionality and sustainability that I am currently living.

This awareness is significant and essential when choosing to move forward; allowing the gift of presence to infuse my current choices and creations expands my world beyond my comfort zone and the perceived safety within predictability.  Upon reviewing my past steps, I am not criticizing, berating, or judging my self.  I am looking lovingly at the person I was and at all that I chose to open my heart to and experience fully; in such a way I am learning to look lovingly, with acceptance and delight, upon my self.  It is a wonderful feeling to trust my self as I choose to move forward.

Gone is my fear of playing big, of expansion, of “needing” to know anything; replaced by this delight with the element of surprise, the joy of experimenting, and the ease of practicing unfolding within alignment.

One might say on a metaphysical level that ocean equaled solitude and farmland equals community; that for others my space by the ocean was one of refreshment and now my space by the farmland is one of sustenance.  I understand that moving in one realm is moving in all realms, and I look forward to embracing all that this shift draws into my life.

I would like to share this about my move: the one thing that felt absolutely right was to honor my pace.  I affirmed that this move would be one of leisure and enjoyment (quite a radical concept for me, in the past I tended to love movement yet resist the process of moving) .  This was the first move that I physically did alone, with no external help.  My body (that had been so ill in Fall I was on bed rest) was ready for the experience.  I packed lightly, made multiple trips, stopped to eat fresh nourishing foods, rested, practiced Sun meditations and gratitude, laughed with my children, and even created a bit online.  The words leisurely and enjoyment are too small to capture the essence of all that I felt.

My life affirmation is that I invest in all that is life enriching and spirit enlivening.  When I looked at our belongings, if something wasn’t within alignment of that affirmation, it was donated, recycled, or discarded.  I absolutely believe that our living space is a mirror of our heart space; my new living space is definitely “butterflies and glitter” and conducive to full creative expression and joy.

I cannot help but now look at all areas of my life and apply these same principles that allowed movement to be so full of ease and joy.  What spaces have I outgrown?  What (connections, beliefs, thought patterns) am I clinging to because it used to be comfortable but now no longer fits?  And the flip side is: what new spaces are waiting patiently to be discovered and explored?

The question is not where have we allowed fear to restrain us.  The true question is: where will we allow faith to move us?

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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  1. Dear Joy

    This was SO beautiful to read. I love all the personal realizations you have attained and the wise insights you share as to your present and past journey. It all resonated so much with me in how each time, and each space in our life is for a sacred purpose and when that purpose is up, it is our time to move on. Many in the world however stop at this part and resist moving on, not realizing that it is the sacred flow of all that is. Staying in a space or energy or relationship that one has outgrown only adds struggle, pain and energies of unease.

    You have liberated yourself by being true to yourself, and that is a shining inspiration for all who share in your path to be present to.

    To wonderful new adventures and magical creations!

    • Evita,

      Your words are such a beautiful reflection–thank you for understanding and for adding wisdom and joy to the experience!

      What I feel is freedom; with freedom comes inner peace, regardless of external circumstances. This is the result of applying clarity within, knowledge allows us to accept and to delight in..feelings that draw to us gratitude and appreciation, and lead to reverence, a beautiful cycle. For what we revere we treat with respect and love; this is the most wonderful lesson of my recent journey. To learn to revere all *facets* within self, World, creations, and connections. Therein lies the joy of life.

      Yes! to wonderful new adventures and magical creations…I am excited to see how we each accept Spring’s invitation to blossom!

  2. Wonderful to read Joy and so uplifting. I love you affirmation,
    I invest in all that is life enriching and spirit enlivening and these words jumped out at me “butterflies and glitter” that may well inspire a painting :) I think you inspired this one too :

    Your insights resonate for me and I know that the clarity sessions are really helping me move towards more joy and inner peace as well as raising my energy levels. I love your moving experience and what you intended and how it transpired.
    As Evita says what an inspiration you are ?

    • Hi Suzie,

      Thank you for the kind words:)

      As I mention, chaos and abuse was part of my past; along with that came self-criticism in the way I spoke and thought of my self. I would treat World genuinely with love and respect yet speak to my self in harsh ways. The use of affirmations was (and remains) absolutely transformative in creating–when we focus on what we “want” to draw to us, we raise our vibration and energy levels, even in the midst of the ‘same’ external. Affirmations allow us to speak and think with gratitude and appreciation for what we do have, and when we apply gratitude, our World effortlessly and organically expands with abundance.

      A peace-filled, refreshing way to grow…gone is struggle and exhaustion replaced with delight and joy.

      I love the painting! Thank you for sharing:) What I love most is that you released your original vision and allowed it to be “flipped” upside down and now it looks so natural and inviting. Beautiful reflection:)

  3. Joy-
    wishing You & your family the very best*!
    ..moving Faith into my heart to lead me home~

    • Hi Kara Rane,

      So incredibly beautiful…thank you! I shall use this as my affirmation as I create: “Moving Faith into my heart to lead me home”.

      My heart is full of gratitude for our connection– you inspire me to expand the range of my vision, to embrace flow, and to honor organic to enhance beauty…thank you for being you!

  4. Joy I am excited for you and at the same time proud of you!

    The short time I spent on a farm in West Clare, Ireland was happiness condensed just like the condensed peet of the bog that provides heat.

    I am reminded of all the great poets and writers that either grew up on a farm or later lived on one. There will be wonderful growth for you and your children.

    Everyone that comes heartfully in contact with you will grow.

    ‘We Grow Accustomed to the Dark’

    We grow accustomed to the Dark —
    When light is put away —
    As when the Neighbor holds the Lamp
    To witness her Goodbye —

    A Moment — We uncertain step
    For newness of the night —
    Then — fit our Vision to the Dark —
    And meet the Road — erect —

    And so of larger — Darkness —
    Those Evenings of the Brain —
    When not a Moon disclose a sign —
    Or Star — come out — within —

    The Bravest — grope a little —
    And sometimes hit a Tree
    Directly in the Forehead —
    But as they learn to see —

    Either the Darkness alters —
    Or something in the sight
    Adjusts itself to Midnight —
    And Life steps almost straight.

    ~Emily Dickinson

    God bless,

    • Hi Rand,

      Thank you:)

      We are not on a farm, we are steps away from acres and acres of farmland. It mirrors my internal growth–everything is different, new, fun to explore..and as I release labels, and allow for organic growth, it makes perfect “sense” that we would be invited to this specific external living space.

  5. Megan Bord said:

    Joy, I think the last line of this post is brilliantly worded. I also agree that the ocean has a certain solitude to it, while farmland is community-oriented. Or more so, PROVIDING for community; sustaining them, enlivening them, nourishing them. Such a beautiful metaphor for this part of your life — from “one” to “all.”

    I’m with you in each box you move!

    • Hi Megan,

      Thank you for the kind words:) I quick looked in the boxes, but you weren’t there *grin* good thing, because my muscles are tired from moving!

      Yes, you have been with me in spirit the last few years as this growth has occurred and I appreciate all that you share. Your prompt for me to see the metaphor inspired this your prompts often inspire creative expression, and for that I am full of gratitude :)

      What abundance shall we receive graciously, what adventure shall we embark upon, what love shall we draw to us? The joys of infinite possibility!

  6. jean sampson said:

    H Joy! Congratulations! What a beautiful and expansive post! I LOVE your new backyard! Unlimited horizons! Yes! I think this is a metaphor for your life.
    I LOVE Glitter and Butterflies! Yes!
    I have a different way of growing and traveling and expanding.which people often envy, often misunderstand, often think is just plain strange!, I live in the same house I grew up in and teach in the building that was my grade school! Everyday, walikng the few blocks to my studio there, I pass my Grandmother’s old house and an uncle’s house….and I LOVE IT!

    It has enabled me to grow deep roots from which to explore all the inner regions, carve out new inner territories from which I create, And, since nothing really stays the same, I have had to be flexible in order to accept and adjust to all the changes in both myself and my environment.There is something to be said for being very familiar with each wild thing growing in your yard, or feeling like each tree is a member of your family!
    One day, I am going to write about my life as a rooted being. I think folks would be surprised at the richness that I experience and enjoy and try to share with other people.

    So, I guess so far, other than my travels in the world, I have enjoyed all the things that have surrounded me all my life. One thing that makes me joyful is that I don;t want anything else but this richness that I have! I LOVE being in that space of contentment.

    One of my new explorations at age 57 (I am 65 now) is that I started modeling nude for a drawiing group and I enjoy the challenge of holding interesting poses for folks to draw. To me, that is new territtory to explore! :)

    So we all move in our own unique ways! I LOVE both of our ways of expanding our worlds!!!

    Love and HUGE hugs to you!

    • Hi Jean,

      Thank you for this wonderful reflection!

      Interesting is that within this past year, as I shared space with a traveler, I began to explore the concept of rootedness. Like you I love the feeling of “same” and grounded and the richness found in it all, but I didn’t know how it would ‘fit’ with my practice of unfolding. I explore rootedness through stillness, in my day, in my life. And, I recognize that while I might externally move physical places, I am rooted in love and gratitude, always..

      May I share this is my journey *now* specifically within the last 6 years. Before that I was so rooted, my roots (and my spirit) were pinched–I hadn’t been taught how to cultivate so I existed in what I knew. Again, though, those experiences allowed me to become this being that I currently am, so I hold it all in reverence and gratitude.

      I absolutely understand and love your way of growing. As I raise my children, it is my heart whisper to provide for them the richness that you speak of here. They have had family friends from day one that are still in their life now. They have attended the same schools, played at the same parks and outdoor areas, and lived within the same county their entire life. I love that stability and security for them…it allows them to explore and experience within the ‘comfort of knowing’. While I love the idea of movement for me, I honor the idea of roots for them.

      And, I just posted on Twitter: sunshine invites us to shed layers…because I love the feeling of elements on my skin (and transparency in connections)…so nude modeling seems as though it fits:) *grin* good for you…standing in front of a group, minus layers and barriers, completely vulnerable to their interpretation of you…how exciting for you! (I belly dance, and that is about as close to literally naked as I will get in front of a group…on second thought, I live in bikinis in the summer, so I guess that is pretty close to naked *grin*). I’m more about baring and sharing my soul…

      When I visit, you and I are going to have a blast, I can Feel it!

  7. rosemary said:

    Joy, I am filled with Joy for you. After Living in the city by the bay for 40 years and then up to the Texas hill country for 5 I am currently in a comunity of many things..The water and the oak trees. farmers & fisherman. Tourism and small hometown businesses. Young and the real elderly that still contribute to the town just to mention a few. Just as you learned both sides of the ocean- calmness and the storms, and a way of living that can be one of solidtude. I hope in your new place… you will witness the the strengh and the sorrow of the community pulling together for the other one. No one is a stranger in the community… they want to get to know you and your kidos and encourage you to be a part of the family…. How incrediable your journey has and is going to be… I for one so look forward to hearing about it.
    Love, Light & Laughter ~ Rosemary

    • Rosemary,

      I am thrilled to see you here…thank you for your presence!

      I recognize that when I felt “broken” and “small” I needed the solitude and refreshment to grow, but to now enter community is a wonderful feeling! One of my favorite movies is “Under the Tuscan Sun”…I love when she fills her table with many people and delicious food…and I vision that for myself. Last night, there were tons of children playing outdoors, and I think in time how fun it will be to host huge block parties or community dinners…and one family has a tree swing that is just calling my name:)

      I was wondering how my ‘energy work’ would be received, but in sharing with a new neighbor yesterday, he said “energy is what it is all about, won’t you be fun to know!” a warm welcome that I receive graciously. As you know, I recently built this Facets community based upon diversity and full creative expression, so I think it naturally led to this move.

      I love your reflection that “no one is a stranger”…may this be so in all realms of life:)

      • rosemary said:

        Along with Under the Tuscan Sun is another one of my favorites…Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts. I do not think the general audiances embraced the movie but those of us that are healing~ the affrimations & lessons were endless at least to my soul… My husband got a bit teary eyed at it just watching me be a cry baby watching it. He knew I related to the movie on so many levels.

        • Hi Rosemary,

          I loved the book “Eat, Pray, Love” so I chose not to see the movie. After seeing Elizabeth Gilbert speak, and knowing Julia Roberts is a wonderful actress, I didn’t want anything to taint the insights I had already received each time I read the book.

          In general, I learn so much from each story that is shared..which is why I cultivate the conversations and connections that I do :)

  8. Hi Joy,

    Congrats on your move! I love the way you write from the heart & nice analogies of moving home/ externally to match your movement/ growth internally.

    I want both safety and community. I’m learning how to reach out to life more myself and giving myself plenty of inner time in my home, garden & heart. And I’m learning that I can be centered regardless of circumstances.

    blessings, Brad

    • Hi Brad,

      It’s lovely to see you here:) Thank you for your presence!

      I do believe that anything is possible in life…so to have safety and community is completely do-able. I would love to hear of how this looks in your life, so that I may consider how to apply it within my own. I love the feel of giving yourself inner time and you continue to expand externally…much like any plant in the garden that you tend (internal and external) blossoms fully when rooted firmly.

      • My heart is full of gratitude…this wonderful discussion of movement and rooted-ness and exploration and creation is such a joy to experience within this space on my site…

        Thank you *all* for your presence…so much to reflect upon and to celebrate!

  9. Your biggest strength is that you view everything in a positive spirit, as a seed that will grow into a fresh and beautifully enriching quality. I admire that about you, Joy.

    This post was so touching. I especially love your allusion to “container gardens” – there is so much truth in it and a lesson for all of us to be conscious of our evolving beings.

    Thank you so much for a wonderful and refreshing read, as always.

    Love, Vidya

    • Hi Vidya,

      Thank you for your kind words:)

      My vision is naturally set to positive, inherent, and a delight to share with World :) Anything may grow when we invest love and gratitude into it–not “pollyanna words” but my life experience.

      Many people find containers to be restrictive, yet I find such freedom to expand within a container (whether that is a bond, a connection, an energetic something). Because I honor peace in my life, when I have outgrown a container, I do not wish to sever/smash/demolish it in any way…I wish to bless the space for the person who follows me into it…and to allow all that I have received to add buoyancy to my steps to allow me to soar if I wish.

  10. Hi Joy! I am looking forward to visiting you again soon! Love, Melis

  11. I delight in your delight and the green beauty of your new view. I especially appreciated what you’ve said about sacred containers. We don’t need to break…just release…

    Congratulations on making the move in such a leisurely way. I’m inspired by how you let go of everything that is no longer in alignment. I feel a need to clear space. All my love to you.

    • Hi Sandra,

      *grin* Having just taken a batch of photos during a walk, I know notice that all of my photos are *green*. New color scheme, new foliage, new experiences :)

      I used to resist growth because I was reluctant to outgrow a container, now I find it a delight-filled surprise; a wonderful honor of natural cycles and unfolding to bless the space as I leave and revel in the space I am entering. For me, release is easier now that I live fully present–my belief is that we are all energy, so I haven’t “lost” or “gained” anything, just experienced energy in this form, and then a different form…if that makes sense.

      What I can say is the same stars are overhead here in our new space as in our old space, and when I touch a tree, I feel the same as when I walked at water’s edge.

      Thank you for the gift of your friendship…and your support :)

  12. Hi Joy,

    A wonderful congratulations on moving to your new home, and thank you for sharing the experience with all here! It inspires me in thinking of and planning for my next big move, as I also have been a nomadic sort for much of my life and am familiar with “harried” moves, I look to your inspiration here to celebrate the time and space I have in making my next move into my new first real “home of my own” one of a more leisurely and conscious pace and experience. As I move toward creating a space in my life for myself and to share with ones I love who inspire and encourage and support me in being, “just me,” I welcome *your spirit* to be with me in this move and in this space I create.
    Much love,

    • Hi Molly,

      Thank you:) While I might be a nomad at heart, in physical movement nothing I do is “harried”; it is with awareness of space and time and abundance within both. The reflection I provided with this story was that I choose to move in my “own way” and when we honor our individual creative styles, we give ourselves wonderful freedom and expanse, ease instead of struggle. It is when we try to conform to another’s way that we invite in drama and chaos.

      I know that you have begun to celebrate spaciousness as you practice living within alignment–empowering and potent combination. I look forward to the unfolding of your move, and the feelings that rise as you enjoy your new home :)

  13. I have such a beautiful feeling of Peace reading this post Joy. Thank you so much for sharing. Maybe one day i will find peace too. It is starting now. I am making peace with myself. Much love

  14. Had to join in after I saw your comment to Rosemary re Eat Love Pray. I loved the book, and I loved the movie too. I went to see it with Des and yes it is different to the book, and I gained from the movie in a different way. When I was in Hospital last November I had borrowed the movie from our local library and I watched it then and another 3 or 4 times- Like Rosemary I felt that there were endless messages for me and my soul. I will watch it again and have reread since then too. :)

    • Hi Suzie,

      Thank you for sharing:) Universe speaks to me in many ways…and, like you and Rosemary, each time that I honor stillness and presence, I receive the answers in ways that I may best receive. I do believe that these external sources affirm my internal “answers”. I am glad that you had such a wonderful resource as you were recuperating and recovering!

  15. Joy, this was so beautifully written! I love using metaphors as well – your choice here is precious!

    At 65, as I turn the pages of my life back in reflection, I can see enormous changes, growth that I fought, growth that I loved, but in all cases, moving on. I feel so blessed to have experience it all now, even the “ickies”, because sometimes it is in the very contrast that we grow the most.

    I enjoyed this post immensely and seriously want to be more regular in posting comments.

    • Hi suZen,

      Your energy is such a blessing, I love when you stop in (and no “pressure” to comment, please allow it to be organic and fun…always a pleasant surprise for me!)

      Thank you for sharing your reflection. As I review the past few years of my life, as I embrace awareness and presence, I find the common theme is “change”. I am consistently in a state of change, which in these moments make sense because I have been in “flow”…fluid, movement, natural cycles…but I didn’t see that until reading your words, so thank you. I thought something was ‘wrong’ with me, but now I see how judgmental that is…something is so so “right” as I continue to embrace this way of life :)

      I was in the store with a friend, and he motioned me to step in front of him, but I was reluctant…I see how symbolic that is. In life I don’t want to be ‘ahead’ of anyone, so I tend to hold myself back. (See what happens when you comment, you opened the door!). Thus, moving on is symbolically huge for me. “Ickies and all”. Lovely. Thank you:)

  16. I wanted to let you know that I have nominated your Blog for the Sunshine Award

    • Hi Nikky,

      Thank you for thinking of me…when I come back online, I will look at it:) To be a conduit of sunshine is wonderful :)

  17. Beautiful, brings peace to the heart :)

    • Hi Samar,

      Thank you:) My vision is for this space to be a refreshing place of peace, so if this is what you feel, I am very glad:)

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