The World That I Belong To

I belong to the sun, moon, and stars.  Sun kisses illuminate my heart whispers.  Basking in the moonbeams fills my fingertips with magic. Stars are each being I have been privileged to love and connect with (and so many more to meet!); they dazzle me with their brilliance. Sun, moon, and stars share their radiance, naturally and unconditionally.

I belong to the ocean, the hills, the forest, the gardens, the mountains, the beach, the desert.  Mine is the path next to the ones worn by frequent travel.  My heart is my compass, and my navigational tools are love and gratitude. Exploring my backyard is a celebration of the magnificent beauty presented to me.

I belong to the sunrise and sunset and shooting stars, to the crescent moon and half moon and full moon.  I belong to the flowers and the fields and the swamps and the bogs.

I belong to the dragonflies, hummingbirds, fireflies, butterflies–all flitting about from one blossom to the next.

I belong to the delicate drops of morning dew, to the energetic winds of change sweeping through the land, to the power within the lightning bolts, to the bass of thunder, to the fiery eruptions of volcanoes, to the delicate blanket of freshly fallen snow.

I belong to fresh berries and succulent peaches and juicy plums and tart cherries–all delightful as flavor explodes in my mouth and travels through my being igniting all of my senses.

I belong to my son and daughter in a way that I belong to no other; having chosen them and grown them and been grown by them.

I belong to tender kisses and fingertips that gently glide down my spine and a folding into infinite possibility.  Breath is essential, however holding my breath in anticipation is exhilarating.

I belong to all that enlivens, refreshes, invigorates, comforts, ignites, accepts, nourishes, encourages, enriches, illuminates.

I belong to gratitude, joy, peace, love beauty, passion, delight, bliss, creative expression, truth, trust, simplicity, excellence, transparency, vulnerability, integrity, faith, commitment, surrender, spirit, energy.

I belong to laughter and fireworks and celebration and union and communion and harmony and congruency and alignment and balance and gently stretching beyond all of this that I know so well to experience all that  I do not know.

I belong to this moment and to infinity.

I allow Sun to kiss me, Wind to caress me, and World to titillate me.

Thank you for taking a few moments out of your day to explore the world that I belong to.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.


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  1. This is your FIRST vid Joy!? Holy wow!
    What a coooool note to Self, to the planet, to the All! What Joy! LOVE this! So VERY you! And so VERY true for each of us! Stopped me for a moment–when I think of what or who I ‘belong to’–and if I (even) do–how I’d finish that thought! MUCH of what you say here–is the exploration I think we should all be mandated to move through! BLISS! BLESS! LIGHT! Burn ever so bright!

    • Hi Steve,

      Yes, this is my first video ever–I was so excited to experiment and create, I went for completely new and different :)

      Thank you for the wonderful affirmation in your words. The last few months have been ones of such change I found it imperative to take one week to allow my heart nourishment and refreshment and to re-center into my truth. This video is my celebration of life and my renewed love affair with World!

      It is not about a specific whom I choose to love or a detailed list of what I choose to love, but that I choose to love. Thus, the question of what do I belong to? World. Energetic World.

      Such freedom. Room for expansion. And time to soar:)

  2. I am quite enjoying the tears n my eyes. What a beautiful video (loved the welcome video too!)

    Wonderfully self-affirming post. So positive. Thank you – makes me feel so very good.

    Love you and glad you’re back with such beauty!

    • Hi Vidya,

      I listened to Celine Dion’s “Have You Ever Been In Love” on replay one million times while creating this video so perhaps that love is tugging at your heart and gently allowing tears…

      Thank you for celebrating with me! All that you reflect: beauty, peace, joy, delight, wonder, awe, love encourages and inspires me and is part of the foundation that allows me to share from such a vulnerable place.

      And, the welcome video is the world’s most quiet launch *grin*

      I love being “back”…what *magic* shall we create now?

  3. jean sampson said:

    Oh, Joy! What a beautiful surprise on a Sunday morning! Thank you for this gift! I love how you love, because this was such a love poem to the world in words and pictures—-and I know there is so much more that you belong to because of your open heart. I will have a different day because of this lovely gift. You always remind me to stay open to whatever is near and to know that whatever situation I find myself in, it is really all about love and joy and welcoming everything into the infinity that is me. I feel that big heart of yours reaching out to everyone who is reading and watching——–you are connecting us to yourself and to your world—-and to one another. Thank you, dear Joy! Hugs to you!

    • Hi Jean,

      Wow. Thank you! You said what I feel:) As I shared with Vidya, I listening to Celine Dion’s “Have You Ever Been in Love” on replay while creating this video. My feeling is in general we are so afraid of love, and I wish World to know there is no need to fear, because love is everything we hear and wish and desire it to be…beautiful, magical, wonderful, peaceful, expansive, spacious, tender, gentle, strong, confident, delicious….Even if we are temporarily caught off guard, it is so so worth it to open our hearts to the experience…


      It is absolutely wonderful to “be back”!

      Thank you for all that you reflect to me, your energy warms my heart in so many ways :)

  4. That is really beautiful!
    we belong to this world and everything and everyone in it, the bad and the good in it.

    • Hi Nikkyy44,

      Thank you:) My message is quite simply that I belong to love and to create and share from such a space is a joy:)

      May you feel that abundant love, joy, peace, and beauty wrap around you as you create:)

  5. Thank you Joy for such a beautiful Easter message. Your voice is so wonderfully soothing. All you belong to is so much better for having you.

    Much peace and love…

    • Hi Rand,

      Thank you:) I am finding it quite fun to allow my heart whispers to roam free and to experiment with creative expression:)

  6. Video star on the first take- I am impressed. It is beautiful and I can feel your soul speaking to me I was awakened to the gratitude that surrounds me everyday in so many ways.
    Listening to Celine Dion’s “Have You Ever Been In Love” right now which rekindles so many loving moments I have shared with my soulmate Des and reminded of why I love sound and light shows
    thank you for who you be you touch my soul and open my heart into love :)

    • Hi Suzie,

      Wow. Thank you:)

      Celine’s “Have You Ever Been in Love” reminds me of the power of magic…not just within romance, but within all that I choose to open my heart my case: World. May we allow World to present us with magic each day–may we cultivate the element of joy-filled surprise and allow that wonder, awe, joy, *magic* to color all that we create.

      With gratitude for all that I have experienced as my “filter”, my Being is in this video, so if you felt my heart whispers, it was pure intent. To create from such a transparent, vulnerable space is a wonderful dance with flow:)

  7. Love it and love you!

  8. Joy, I am almost envies of this beautiful world you envision and belong to. Thank you for letting us all peek in it and sharing the images you created :)

    • Hi Metod,

      Thank *you* for your presence and your kind words:)

      I live an intentional life, choosing to allow all around me to be life enriching and spirit enlivening. When I release expectation, I release limits, allowing me to fully embrace the experience of *now* and enjoy the gift of life.

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