Video Series: Each Moment is a Miracle

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It is an honor to be here on Earth; when we allow that reverence to guide us, each moment is a miracle.

When we wake in the morning, may we greet the day with gratitude.  Thank you for this beautiful morning.  Thank you for warm sheets, refreshing sleep, a fresh canvas to create upon.

In such a way, we are centered in gratitude and open to love, before we leave the comforts of our bed.

Sometimes we are reluctant to leave that comfort.  Why?  Because we have allowed our moments to be full of obligations, rushing around, busyness.  When we allow gratitude to guide us, we re-member that this moment is a gift.  We treat our gifts with care, with joy, with love.  For a gift reminds us that we matter, to someone, we are loved.

Might you consider that World loves you?  The beauty and majesty of earth is presented to us each day, if only we are willing to see it.  I invite you to take the time to see the magic in the space around you.

What do we do to receive this gift?  We exist, and it is presented to us.

When we allow this moment to be a gift, we allow our hearts to effortlessly connect to infinite possibility.

Within infinite possibility lies faith, hope, dreams, peace…for we know we are enough, we have enough…and this “enoughness” allows us to trust, to stretch, to grow…to be bold in loving, in creating, in receiving.

As we center in gratitude, our vision is lit by appreciation and love: reverence.  When we move from the comforts of our bed, to the joys of the day, may we thank our bodies for being the vehicle that carries us, regardless of external.  We thank our bodies not with mere words (although words matter, when is the last time you told self, thank you for being you?  Powerful.  Transformative).  We thank our bodies by holding them in reverence.

When we hold our bodies in reverence, we treat them well.  We nourish our physical, spiritual, mental, emotional in myriad ways.  Effortlessly.  With joy.  Because we wish to—a very light feeling.  Can you feel the internal shift already?  Try it: thank you for being you.  Beautiful.

As we move through day, may we consider the practice of sending a silent Namaste to All in our vision.  Namaste: the Divine in me sees/celebrates the Divine in you.  When we are able to see the Divine, we realize we are connecting with Divine and this moment is now a wonderful treat to explore, experience.

Gone is doubt and fear replaced with faith and joy and love and gratitude.  Without changing external at all, we have accessed inner peace, and the willingness to allow for full creative expression.  Because we recognize the fullness of the moment as it is and allow that abundance to flow through us.  We share generously and we receive graciously.

Practicing reverence, concepts that previously might have felt foreign to us: presence, awareness, organic growth, unfolding, abundance naturally rise.  Our internal shift naturally extends to our external circumstances.  We honor simplicity, cleanliness, nourishment, movement, creative expression not as a chore, but as a pleasure.  We are not “doing” something to check it off of a list, or because we were told to, we are being it because it feels absolutely right.

In such a way, when we end our day, back in our beds cocooned in warmth and comfort, it is with the same gratitude for waking as we consider now gently going to sleep.  We feel peace as we look back upon our day, and in such a state we fall into a restful sleep.

Nothing to resist, or struggle with, an entire day to embrace and love.

What we love, we treat with care.

Might I repeat: It is an honor to be here on Earth; when we allow that reverence to guide us, each moment is a miracle.

{This article is dedicated to my grandmother.  This past Sunday morning, she was admitted to a hospital –in NY–for a complicated emergency surgery.  Her life holds valuable lessons for me.  A woman of great faith and a huge heart I learned from her the principles of love, joy in service, and music and dancing—the core of who I am.  However, when my grandfather passed away twenty years ago, I watched as her vibrancy faded and she allowed her memories to shadow her ability to wish to live fully.  I never understood it, it wasn’t for me to heal it; however, it became my purpose to affirm Love to World.  We teach what we wish to learn.  It has been an honor to learn this wonderful lesson.  Love has enlivened me and allowed me to be who I am.  I haven’t “lost” love, each precious nugget is integrated into all that I experience and create.  The gifts of clarity and insight that I share allow those who wish, to experience peace in the moment they are in.  My life is a tribute to those whom have chosen to love me.  I live in gratitude}.

Love doesn’t hurt, and this moment is a gift.  When you know that, when you can feel that…freedom is yours.  It is my wish for you to experience that freedom.

Thank you for your presence.

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. This is a beautiful affirmation. Thank you for being so honest and sharing your heart with the world. The only response I have to this is love and gratitude. May you and your grandmother be at peace wherever you are. Namaste.

    • Hi Lynn,

      Thank you for your kind words:) I felt a bit vulnerable opening and sharing from my heart space at this time, but it was a wonderful process, and I am glad to have done so.

      Thank you for your reflection of love and kindness!

  2. Just beautiful, I am going to put it on my phone, good reminder on so many levels.

    May your grandmother be at peace- your love will be empowering for her.

    Thank you for being you.

    with love

    • Hi Suzie,

      Thank you for your kind words. Thank you for the reflection of empowering love…when we open our hearts *everything* truly is possible!

  3. jean sampson said:

    Hi Joy. I just love the videos that you create! They are beautiful on SO MANY levels—– the visual, the auditory, spiritual, sensual levels. I send love and peace to your precious grandmother and to you. Thank you for being love and peace in your life. I am so grateful to have you in MY life!
    Love and huge hugs to you!

  4. Lovely as usual. I feel so much love and warmth here. I hope your Grandmother gets well soon. She is precious and so are you. Sending you hugs and love, Vidya

    • Hi Vidya,

      Thank you for your kind words…May this space continue to radiate love and joy and warmth :)

      Your presence is very much appreciated!

      • Thank you to all of my wonderful readers who chose to share prayers, encouragement, love, and monetary donations. Every ounce of kindness has been received graciously and felt deeply and allowed me to process all of the lessons and reflections present at this time.

        My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude…for this truly is a community…and it is an honor to connect and share with you.

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