An Immersion Into Flow

What I wish to share is from a vulnerable space.

In the span of the last seven days, a huge wave of “something” crashed into my little life. Already in an adjustment phase of settling into this move, in the throes of doubt spurred by a relationship that began to slowly unwind to this last thread of almost non-existence, this wave full of “new stuff” knocked me over and nearly knocked me out.

I love the power of the ocean, her surges and her currents and the thrill of navigating it all. In the midst of external and quite frankly concentrating on the importance of breathing (because in crisis mode, I tend to ‘hold it in’ instead of allow full breath to tap into flow), I temporarily forgot *love* of anything. Blinded by doubt, I forgot who I was and what I was capable of…and only when I went to the ocean last night to celebrate Full Moon, did I fully remember.

(Note to self: when in “crisis”, remember the importance of celebrating the magnificence of the moment…Full Moon rose, and I wished to accept the invitation to dream!).

This is not about external and how it can be overwhelming. It is about experiencing peace in the midst of that external. Today I reflect to you that *we are* that peace. When I allow external to derail me, it is only because I have forgotten that I am not of external at all….I am of energy and flow and full breaths and expansive space. I am of butterflies and glitter and blossoms and fragrance so sweet it invites others into my realm. I am those “others”. I am nothing and everything simultaneously.

A wave can knock me over only when I am off-balance. It is not for me to be upset with the wave, nor is it for me to be upset with my self. It is for me to stand back up, allow sunshine to dry me off, wind to carry my heart whispers, and beauty to fill my vision. It is for me to thank the ocean for the reminder of power and beauty and the thrill of being alive and the ability to Feel all that I am capable of feeling.  It is for me to look into my life and re-align… lovingly, joyfully.

Some people choose to numb their hearts. I understand this coping mechanism. I have used it in the past. It ultimately doesn’t work for me to close my heart to a situation, because in essence that is closing my heart to flow and flow is my essence. When I find I am “unable to breathe” I do not close my airways, I do what I can to open them to breathe fully. Same with heart wounds…

We think we cannot change external, but we can.  While my grandmother’s health is precarious, and my children require a chaperone and cook (*grin*) and my career offers daily opportunities to learn; disengaging my mind allows my heart full access to faith, gratitude, and love.  External no longer seems an obligation to deal with, but an experience to invest in fully.

So, I found myself at the beach last night, to celebrate the full moon with my children. “The full flower moon—a time when buds have transformed into blooms, reminding us is it time to do the same”-Jamie Ridler (check out her full moon dreamboards—a wonderful practice that I highly recommend). I brought my drum, my barefeet, my hula hoop, and my spirit. And, ironically, as I walked at water’s edge in my sundress in the moonlight, a wave came right up and soaked me from midway down. And I could only laugh…thank you for the affirmation…and keep on walking…

(I love when my clothes are soaked with saltwater–to me it is a symbol of immersion into flow).

It is my goal to invite you to open your heart fully, for this moment truly is a gift, and we can only delight in the full glory of it if we are fully present to it.

How may you best honor this season of abundant blossoming?  What creative expression is bursting inside, just waiting for the opportunity to bloom?

Thank you for your presence.  May you experience the joy of allowing your heart whispers to roam and return a reality.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.


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  1. I am constantly amazed at how almost everything stems from within. We are our own best friends, aren’t we? I am glad you met the ocean again.

    Love, Vidya

    • Hi Vidya,

      Thank you for allowing your self to be constantly amazed…how incredibly beautiful and inspiring to know that you release expectations as you experience :)

      In general, we tend to look to external for answers and rail against external that doesn’t fit our expectations; instead of sharing gratitude for external and allowing the gratitude to carry us along as we tap into flow. This is my current learning experience..the joy of allowing gratitude to carry me.

      And the ocean is my love…it is where I experience divine in all realms..honoring that truth allows for much freedom as I continue to create. May I recognize and honor the Divine in everything, and allow for expansion as I explore :)

  2. Joy…I know this to be true also: “When I allow external to derail me, it is only because I have forgotten that I am not of external at all – I am of energy and flow and full breaths and expansive space.”

    Beautifully put. Thank you.

    Encourage one another.

    • Hi Elle,

      Thank you for your lovely affirmation. That one sentence allowed me to experience great vulnerability as it is my very essence, and I wondered how it would be received. Talk about putting your heart on a page *grin*.

      Living my truth is a joy, sharing my truth is an exercise of faith.

  3. Oddly, or not so oddly, enough, I had a similar experience last night. Weeks of depressive symptoms were getting me down. I decided to make a shift and engage in finding joy again. Then I too remember that I am energy and flow and expansive space. It was after that I went outside to photograph the night sky and connected with what is so much bigger than me.

    • Loran,

      Your photo from last night was mystical and magical and inviting of heart whispers…thank you for sharing :)

      What you shared here is such a beautiful reflection…a metaphor if you will…when ‘inside’ (our box, our shell) there is potential to feel small…when we step ‘outside’ (that which is familiar and comfortable) we are quickly reminded of magnificence, expansion, flow. Wonderful! Thank you!

      May I also add, that in general, there was a collective lull in energy as the full moon of Saturday was the most powerful of 2012…collective energy lulled before, and is spiking now…a natural cycle of ebb and flow that we sometimes resist because we are unaware or do not understand…

  4. Ah…Cara Mia…You are the moon, sun, earth, planets, and stars bathed by the oceans of the universe.

    I love being hit by a strong wave venturing out to cast my fishing line at waist to chest high!

    Yes…”The Color of Freedom” is ‘elusive’.

    It is…”The people is a poloychrome, a spectrum and a prism held in a moving monolith a cosmic organ of changing themes, a clavilux of color poems wherein the sea offers fog and the fog moves off in rain and the Labrador sunset shortens to a nocturn of clear stars serene over the shot spray of northern lights.” ~ Carl Sandburg ‘From The People Yes’

    Your *spectrum* reflects love…

    • Ah, a “fishing story”…

      I like the reflection that as one is concentrating fully on something, if one is grounded, one would feel the strength of the wave, yet not topple over. Thank you :)

      • …yes but if one is in fact toppled never the less by the wave…allowing the wave and self to flow without fight and fear brings it’s own freedom and in it’s own time happiness. :)

        I don’t have a tattoo either…just a few scars picked up along the way and the usual small cuts on my hands from stagehand work (no black finger nails at the moment). :)

        Thank you Joy

        • Yes, I understand as I *love* body of my favorite activities to do with my children..I don’t mind being toppled when I *know* it’s going to happen, and I delight in feeling the power all around me. It’s the “not knowing” when I initially resist then remember, I ‘got this’, my entire essence is made for this…and I allow it to be exhilarating instead of exhausting. My journey is in releasing resistance and ‘allowing for’.

  5. Joy,

    again, thank you for this. There was so much here that I needed to see/hear, on so very many levels. You really are a gift.

    and … wasn’t that moon fantastic? Did you know too that it was a “super moon”? (Closest to the earth …). I’m sure you knew that, though. xo

    • Hi Jess,

      The moon was ultra-fantastic! And, yes I knew it was a “super moon”–I love the cycles and follow them closely because they reflect to me my own natural cycles.

      I felt most vulnerable sharing my essence in this article, odd for me because I share so often and most transparently…so if my words spoke to you, that makes my heart very happy. I think the vulnerability is on the heels of my grandmother’s precarious health I am most aware of the importance of life sharing and living Truth, no holds barred…so here it comes, the no holds barred thing *grin*….

      You know I’m one of your biggest fans, Jess…anything you see in me is a direct reflection of you…*and* my source is flow, so tap in anytime you’d like..I’m energetically standing with you!

      • All so lovely … except I am sorry about your grandmother being in poor health. But thank you for your kind words to me here. And for all your words everywhere.

        • You are so precious, Jess…when I read this I “thought” my words are everywhere, oh my I prefer not to add to noise. Love how “mind” works…so I brought it to heart space and I say to you, thank you for your beautiful affirmation.

          My grandmother has been in poor health for most of my life, it is a by-product of her decision to withdraw from life when my grandfather died twenty years ago—a poignant reminder to me of many things, most of all to be fully present in this moment…*and* this now that she is in, is another reminder to me of the importance of listening to my heart and creating *now*. I do believe that Universe speaks to us in ways we may best understand and receive so if I may mirror those lessons in any way, I shall.

          And, may I not only mirror them, may I live them….

  6. Oh how beautifully expressed! I’ve been doing morning journal writing for nearly 40 years now – yes, I’m a junkie! – and it has made all the difference in the world to have “my space with me”. Even if I need to really dump something (an external worry or something) it gets gone and I’m more at peace.

    • suZen,

      I love when you visit, thank you! I have been writing morning journals for years, (does that make me a junkie, too *grin*..what does that mean, do I ‘want’ to aspire to this?). The key for me to is shred the paper when I am done, a symbol of releasing the “gunk” and affirming full presence in this moment now.

      I love this “my space with me”..and there is peace when we release the ‘gunk’ from our space…thank you for the affirmation!

  7. thanks for your clarity & vulnerability Joy,

    I’m practicing the process of remembering that I’m not my circumstances. Sometimes I can let go of mind, sometimes I can’t. You describe the process very well. Maybe this will help point the way next time I get lost in mind & stories about my circumstances.

    blessings, Brad

    • Hi Brad,

      I *love* this: “practicing the process”…so important as we realize this is a practice (requiring presence, commitment, consistency) and a process (adjustment, ebb and flow, experiment and explore)…Mind is a wonderful navigational tool, and heart is a wonderful guide..we are “both”–our stories and our circumstances, even as we are neither…

      Beautiful reflection to ponder, thank you!

  8. jean sampson said:

    I love that you knew exactly where to go to watch the moon and to reconnect with yourself and your balance! The ocean is an interesting metaphore for many people. A friend of mine is going through a period in his healing business (and he IS a wonderful healer!) in which people who he counted on are either leaving the practice or taking a break, or just can’t afford to see him anymore. I have been his “helper” long enough to know that people do return, new people show up. But, he is scared and is having trouble knowing that this is just part of how life is. So, the whole time he was working on me, I had the image in my mind of an ocean and being in the middle of the waves. The analogy was so clear to me and a lesson for my life as well—–sometimes you are riding the crest of the wave and you can see all around, feel like you are not drowning—-and sometimes you are down in the bottom of a wave trough where it is dark and it seems that drowning is inevitable. But then, you get lifted up onto the crest again and so on, over and over. When I left, I told him I had been given an image for him to think about. I also told him to save it and give it back to me :) whenever I need some perspective in my life.
    I love that you link the flow in your life to your breath. You are so right that we hold our breath when we are scared! Just remembering to breathe brings us back into the benign present reality. And gratitude is always important! I am being grateful for whatever I am holding in my hand, for example,… my comfortable pillow. Just really mundane things that I don’t want to take for granted!
    Lots of love and hugs to you and your children, Joy!

    • Jean, I soak in the essence of your words…this message that touches my heart..thank you:)

      In business and in life, when we honor flow, the point is the overall experience, not the specifics of people, places, material possessions which are always in flux (thus “flow”)…yet we often doubt the presence of specifics instead of allow gratitude for the experience. This is the point of transformation..not only accepting the ‘flux” but plugging into it and allowing self the experience.

      When my brother came to CA to heal, I brought him to the ocean every day…I find myself going to the ocean again every day. I briefly wondered if I had made a ‘mistake’ with this move…but the truth is my world has expanded in two weeks..and it was my fear that initially allowed me to resist this expansion. Funny little tidbit, I court expansion, yet I sometimes resist it.

      Yes, I do link flow to breath, both are essential to life, yet in moments of fear, we hold back instead of fully engaging. It is my journey to breathe into the flow of life…a wonderful experience when I allow it.

      Your reflection affirms this and more for me. Thank you for choosing to share as you do :)

  9. …and actually there was no metaphor intended regards to my ‘fish story’ :)

    I did go surf fishing the other evening (I think by now you know this is one of my passions)…got hit square by a good shore break, but did not topple over…maybe next time :)

  10. Your description of being knocked down by the waves and comparing it to life is beautiful Joy. But I’m so sorry if you are going through difficult times. I’ll be thinking of you!

    PS Is that your full moon picture off to the right?

    • Hi Betsy,

      Thank you. I am ‘adjusting’ as I learn to release resistance and allow for. I tend to court expansion, then initially resist it; and I thrive in change, but am a bit timid when stepping into the complete unknown..which is where I am literally in all realms.

      Yes, it is my full moon picture, a little hazy because it is with my phone camera. It was gorgeous to see the pinkish glow reflecting off the ocean water!

  11. I have had a similar immersion, literal/spiritual in matilija canyon, the place that speaks to me as you describe the ocean for yourself (not that I am not in awe of the oceans’ majesty and grateful that I am in such close proximity to it to spend long summer days there!)…clothes half soaked, I kept going, then laid them on a rock to go swimming and experience full immersion. Thank you for bringing that to mind. On my way to check the water temp :-)

    • When I read your comment I think, thank you for your presence here, it means a lot to me, because I never “think” my offline friends support my online work.

      And, one of my favorite hikes of all-time was a few years back in Matilija on a hot summer day…’the boy’ himself convinced me to walk across the top of the dam (yep, I admitted it–can you believe I did it..I did, too afraid to tremble because I could fall to my physical death!)…and on the other side was heaven on springs and huge rocks to lay out and sun on and delight times one million. Had I not overcome my fear I would never have experienced divine. And isn’t that the crux of it all..

  12. I just read the newsletter from this morning & realized that I didn’t actually answer your question in the comments here. OK, I already realized it. You are right–it’s so hard to give our heart whispers (I love how you write about heart whispers) room to breathe by sharing them.

    My big creative undertaking that I need to do next is to start really working on my book … which is sometimes a novel and sometimes a memoir & I’m never sure I should combine the two. I just know I’ve had a lot of 80’s and 90’s nostalgia continue to pop up lately & it reminds me of all the things I mean to write in a memoir. So … yes, I want to start writing more seriously, things besides blog posts or articles.

    • Well, Jess…that newsletter was a new door opening for me..the first since I began Facets. So, thank you for reading it and absorbing the message, then taking the time to connect. *That* means a lot to me!

      Do you know what *my dream* is? That when we all connect, we share heart whispers…how beautiful to encourage, inspire, motivate each other in living our truth and purpose, instead of some other things that happen in connection. So, thank you for the courage to share here. I love you for that!

      And, now that you have whispered, I know that book is taking shape…and I would love to read it..your talent is amazing, and your words move me to explore in my own life.

      Thank you, Jess, for being you :)

  13. I love this: “It is not for me to be upset with the wave, nor is it for me to be upset with my self.” We all get knocked over by the waves sometimes! Still, we can flow.

    • Sandra, thank you for the beautiful affirmation! I find that my truth is my essence is flow; when I resist flow, I am resisting me, when I embrace flow, I am embracing me. So, in my life, it was crucial for me to learn self-love and essential that I continue practicing self-love and allowing for expansion within my journey :)

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