Do It Now!

Do It Now!


Let go.

Release the weight that renders you motionless.

Loose the ties that bind.

Remove the clutter from your space.

gently stretch. (mmm…divine…can you feel that?).

Look to the sky.  (Yes, right now, where you are).

Accept the invitation.

Decline the drama.

Unfurl your heart whispers.

Let silence answer your questions.


Embrace expansion.

Appreciate the moment, as it is.  And all in it.

Fall in love.  Yes, Fall. in. Love.

Forget balance, gravity, the laws of earth and send your spirit soaring! (How high can you go?  I triple dog dare you!).

Establish boundaries and honor them.

Say “I Love You”.  When you mean it.  Simple, direct, genuine.

Make a meal of fresh produce and celebrate the harvest, the bounty, the nourishment as you eat.

Drop the excuses.

Connect. to life enriching, spirit enlivening.

And disconnect. from all else.

Dance.  (You know how).

Share.  Generously.

Recycle. Everything.

Believe.  because it is always possible. (if you tell me it’s not, I can’t hear you).

Tell your story.  not the one in your mind, but the one your heart.

Respect.  Revere.

Laugh.  until your abs speak to you.

Allow World to delight you.  and it will.

What might you add to this list?

For added inspiration, here is list of positive quotes by JD Meier. 

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.








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  1. I would add “Touch” to this beautiful post. And “Hug” Some gestures convey so much more than words, and convey feelings that words cannot.

    Loved this, Joy.

    • Vidya,

      The power of touch is transformative! One may touch another with a smile, a light brush on the skin, a kiss, and yes, a wonderful hug!
      As one who loves to share hugs..energetic and physical…I am so glad you added them to this list

      Allow your self to be touched.. I am an amazing giver of touch, it is my purpose and career; learning to receive touch in all realms has been quite a journey for me.

      Thank you for your them!

  2. jean sampson said:

    This is outstanding, Joy! Wow! YES!
    As to what I might add—-learn to really listen. Listen to your own heart whispers, listen to all the sounds in nature that are ALWAYS near-by. Listen to your intuition, to angels, to whatever is good and loving. Listen to your friends and your family—–try to hear what it is they are saying underneath their words. Listen to the music that is always just beneath the surface of sound. Listen to poetry! Listen to the poetry that is waiting for you to bring it into the world. Listen to your animals—–they are always telling you something if you take the time to hear. Know that you can listen with your BIG EARS, the ones that do not let words hurt you because they are constantly hearing the truth about you. Listen to the silence as often as you can. Let it bring you peace. Listen for whatever is beautiful and sweet and kind and loving! Listen!

    Love and hugs!

    • Ah, *outstanding yes*! to life and love and dreams and flow..thank you for your affirmation!

      Listen. Powerful. And trust what you hear.

      I love this invitation for discernment in listening “to whatever is good and loving”. May we invest in good and loving in all areas of life and allow that to color our creations and strengthen our faith.

  3. Joy,
    I love this. Reading it reminds me to slow down and feel the peace all around me.
    “Allow the world to delight you – and it will.” Beautiful.

    • Angela,

      Slow down and feel the peace is such a beautiful reflection of tap into flow. Feel the peace, be the peace..and see where that will lead you.

      And yes, when we allow World to delight us, the experience is beyond anything we could ask for or imagine!

      Thank you for joining this refreshing and empowering conversation :)

  4. Joy,

    You delight me! Everyone here, sharing this space, sharing their love and light and beauty with the world, supporting one another in investing in beauty and truth and love, reminding one another when doubt surfaces, as it can, over and over again…that we are all in it together, that Love is all we really need, that breathing creates space to dream, and dreams create beauty, and beauty touches the core of who we are, and the core of who we are is this space: to dream, to dance, to listen, to be, to love… all of this delights me!

    “Fall in love. Yes, Fall. in. Love.”

    Yes. Fall in love, over and over and over again… right now. And when you think you cannot possibly fall in love again, when you want to hide from love, open up to your heart and listen. And you will fall in love all over again.

    Thank you for the beauty.
    Thank you for sharing your truth.
    Thank you for the joy.

    Thank you for all that you reflect here.
    Thank you for being you.

    Thank you for the reminder.

    Love is enough.



    • Molly,

      Thank you for sharing your delight…you know that delights me..a beautiful cycle :)

      The truth is…this space is a mirror of my heart space, and I have recently opened my heart through vulnerability to experience Divine…so here we go *grin*…I want to be part of a conversation, so I started one…I want to be inspired, so I create and share…I want to learn, so I listen..I want to be surrounded by people who dream and create and love and explore and experience, and so I am.

      Love is enough. And gratitude transforms the moment. Powerful combination. Thank you for sharing both!

  5. What a wonderful post Joy! Like a poem. I would add Be Grateful (although many point of your list reflect gratefulness). Sending you much happiness for your Mother’s Day this year!

    • Hi Betsy,

      Thank you for adding gratitude; gratitude transforms the moment and invites us to connect with Divine.

      To be my children’s mother is truly the greatest blessing in my life…what I learn from them is priceless, and watching them grow and explore and experience inspires me. Happy Mother’s Day to you, this Sunday, and every day:)

  6. This post is like having a glass of cold water thrown onto my face!

    …gotta add

    Take a journey to water for “affirmation and praise”.

    Feel the *sacredness* and *spiritual* cleansing of water.

    As the Ganges flows so does life.

    Om shanti shanti shanti…

    • Oh dear, Rand, I much prefer to usher in a gentle awakening accompanied by birdsong and the warmth of sunshine, but cold water seems to work, too :)

      Yes, take a journey to the water; as I consider that, the request of my self today is refreshment…Allow yourself to be refreshed. Fresh water to drink, to gaze upon, to bathe in, to wade in, to reflect life. With such an intent, this morning I was aware of the morning dew, fascinated by the delicate drops and allowing them to be my visual for the remainder of the day.

      • …your first response gave me a good laugh… the remaining words are delightfully washing over.

        Thank you…

  7. Such a gentle invitation to be “touched by our hearts and the moment”. the funny part is I almost didn’t open the post due to the hard “Do it Now” title!

    glad I did. May you be touched by surprises when we stay open.

    Blessings from the flower sniffers! which could be another invitation, to allow the beauty of aroma to nourish your soul as it does mine.

    To Mother’s, flowers & gardens, Brad

    • Beautiful Gravatar image, Brad!

      Thank you for trusting me and opening through the different tone to connect and converse. I appreciate that. When I coach clients, this is my tone, and it came through in my writing.

      May we be touched by surprises when we stay open“…what a beautiful affirmation:)

      And yes!…may we be aware of beauty and aroma and allow both to be nourishing. To recognize what nourishes your soul, then to allow for it, is the experience of freedom and utter bliss:)

  8. Love this!!!! LOVE. It. :)

    • Jess,

      I wrote it as a nudge to myself..kind of a triple dog dare to me. I am excited to see what we all create with the nudge :)

  9. Sometimes i feel the need to just let go and trust in the process of life and that what i need will be the for me,but i also have some part of me that wants to control.That part just sucks the life out of me.

    • Farida,

      Thank you for sharing..what you have described is very common among many, the surrender to flow, the resistance of fluidity. It “helps” if when we trust we experience life enriching and soul enlivening so that it affirms our trust; however, sometimes when we feel we are trusting we are swept away leaving us reluctant to tap back in. Understandable.

      In my life, the key is to fill the moment with faith, so that fear has no room; to tap into flow, so that external has no bearing. An organic process of allowing for, a continuous journey of bringing self to full presence in this moment…

      We are all experiencing together, so thank you for adding your voice…if you feel the life getting “sucked” out of you, may I ask you to look to the sky, allow all reflected there to remind you to breathe back in the essentials :)

      A warm energetic hug to you:)

  10. I So love everything you write Joy. I love all your posts, the inspiration, the lessons I learn. Every time i read something, I think:that’s the best one!

    • Nikky44,

      Thank you! I will share that my personal journey is a heart opening, and this past week I leaned directly into resistance and something internal shifted and opened in a huge way…so if that is reflected in my writing that is awesome :) And, as I have shared with others in the previous comments, this article was a nudge to me as well as to anyone else who wishes to walk a few steps together…may we allow our heart whispers to soar!

  11. Be in the moment!

    I love: decline the drama, draw boundaries and honor them, clear the clutter, and do it now!

    • Hi Sandra,

      Yes! to “Be in the moment”. Thank you for the affirmation! Full presence allows us to experience infinite possibility.

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