Making Love in the Moonlight

Love is a bridge to infinity

So much is written about connecting through vulnerability. The fear that stops many from experiencing vulnerability is the fear of “not enough”.  We think: how will you possibly accept me and love me for who I am if I don’t even fully know who I am or have the ability to love the facets I don’t quite understand.

Yet, we know that connecting through vulnerability is powerful and moving; perhaps the underlying fear is that we will be moved to a place that is unfamiliar with variables that we will be unable to “control”.  To be vulnerable is to trust fully in the moment and allow flow to bring us to “that place” of orgasmic amplitude.  The place where passion resides and anything can (and does) happen.

I have been online this week, quietly absorbing messages and insights and reflections.  The volume of work available felt comforting to me, a wonderful affirmation of the joy of learning and gently stretching into the expanse of World.  I felt the desire to participate as a student, mind and heart open to absorbing and filtering and processing.

In a week full of work with clients, balanced by hours with Ocean, one might say I have been immersed in clarity and flow.  An invitation from Universe to gently stretch into new space.  I graciously accepted this invitation—allowing curiosity to open doors previously bolted shut.

Each session with a client is also my own journey within.  Each client asked in their own way: how do you even allow yourself to dream, let alone allow those dreams to become your reality.  This questioning inspires me to re-visit the truth of living within alignment and to embrace the reality of infinite possibility within each moment.

The answer in words:  trust, faith, and the ability to open your heart to the moment as it is presented to you.  Allow fear to inspire, love to guide, and Source to surprise.

The answer in example: my story of making love in the moonlight.

Every night I fell asleep in my v-berth on the boat, moonbeams cascading down the mast through the hatch above my head, onto my bed.  Every night I slept bathed in moonlight.

For perspective, as a young girl I would look to the stars, pick out constellations, and wonder about space travel.  As a woman, I used the cycles of the moon in my energy work and taught my children about constellations and the importance of allowing the sky to reflect to you.  I even sent my children to space camp so they could have the opportunities to explore and experience World in ways that had not been available to me at their age.

My favorite evenings were full moon celebrations and new moon rituals and shooting star sightings.  So, to sleep bathed in moonlight every night was like being wrapped in ethereal love—a sign from Universe that this was absolutely right.   Having just stepped out of a life of chaos, abandonment, and abuse, and onto the dream of this boat, I didn’t understand earthly world much, but as moon wrapped me nightly, I did know I was loved fully and my presence mattered.

After many nights of being wrapped in moonlight, I began to wonder what it would feel like to be wrapped so comfortably in a lover’s arms.  I wondered what it would feel like to make love in the moonlight…what type of person would I need to be, and would this lover who would resonate with that person even exist.  So far out of my realm of possibility, I could only wonder.

Still broken and bruised in all realms, my mind said that would be most impossible and quite unlikely because I am not about to allow it past fear, doubt, and barriers.  Don’t even try.  End of story.

But moon continued to hold me in the highest possible light.

Living on a project boat alone with my two children was a dream come true that increased in depth as I did the internal work to release resistance and to heal and grow and learn.  Years passed—five to be exact–during which I discovered the power of magic and how to move energy internally to magnify the magic.  I learned how to tap fully into flow, and to allow the current of life to guide me.  My resistance was strong, and it took a while to learn to align with truth and become confident enough to create from and share it.  A gentle process of opening my heart to the moment as it was presented to me.  Gradually, my life truly became as magical as I allowed it to be.  I lived magic.  Every moment.

Making love in the moonlight was no longer in my mind and time was no longer relevant as a space holder.  There was no reason to hold space, because life was beyond delightful and every moment contained something to feel gratitude for.

So, when love entered my life, it was very unexpected because it wasn’t in my mind, and I hadn’t “asked for it”, although I had invited it in.  With great ease and joy, I received love into my space.  And when moon shone, our hearts lept in gratitude, together.  There was overflowing abundance in each moment, I felt such gratitude. That gratitude opened my heart to the moment as it was presented, beyond fear, past self-limiting anything, to the glorious experience of now.

I didn’t share my heart whisper with him, because it wasn’t at surface, so, on the night he opened the hatch and moonlight poured in as he bundled me into his arms as he kissed me, all I could feel was that moment.  Making love in the moonlight was the most beautiful experience because in those moments I felt my past colliding with my present, collaborating with my future.  Gone are expectations and limitations and fear; replaced with the knowledge that everything truly is possible, when we allow it to be.

Living infinite possibility is a journey of gratitude and trust.  We may read and study…but only when we apply full presence to living, will we experience.

If you are ready to experience magic, may you allow me to guide you.

When you whisper, it is answered.  When you allow Universe to delight you, it will.

This article was inspired by: Sandi Amorim: 14 Quotes to Fire Up Your Genius, Julie Daley: Awaken the Wild, Pema Teeter: Writing and the Safety to Heal: How do you Know When a Story Matters.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.









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Comments on: "Making Love in the Moonlight" (18)

  1. Joy,
    Beautiful and magical. I’m glad Awaken the Wild inspired you and I’m so happy to know you were with me along the way. It’s amazing how we are all inspiring each other with our discoveries, explorations and newfound wisdom.
    Lovely to know you!

    • Julie,

      Your “Awaken the Wild” immersion re-ignited a spark that must have been buried under a few layers of “stuff”. I found myself dancing, writing poetry, celebrating sunshine and moonlight and all in between. Coinciding with peach and plum season at the farmer’s market, each day has been full of delectable sensations…So, *thank you*..a door has been opened, and I am delightfully dancing through it.

      This story is a more than a memory, it is the complete understanding of a moment, of the purpose of a connection, and of the freedom that is possible when instead of clinging to a connection we allow it to enrich and enliven as it may…and continue to create with the energy, long after distance between the people…

  2. So wonderful. Yes, unless the soul opens up and invites, nothing can enter. I loved Sandi’s post too!

    That photograph makes me yearn to be there -it looks so soothing and peaceful – something I need right now.

    Thanks for such a beautiful post,Joy. Peace be with you, dear friend.

    Love, Vidya

    • Vidya,

      The photo was taken at the Peace Labyrinth; I love it in black and white because it looks dreamy. And, I love dreamy!

      Even as I re-visited this memory to write these words, I didn’t know my soul had opened up, until your comment…I wanted to know the purpose for this connection, expansion and exploration were quite accessible, and it changed my entire life. But, soul opening is exactly what happened…

      And, in this *now* I am using this new-found understanding, along with the freedom within expansion, to experience living infinite possibility.

      The story is not about *that moment* which was pivotal, yes…it is about the fact that once I became moonlight, magic, and love, it was amplified and perfectly placed to guide me. It was for me to receive and to later (now) apply clarity and gratitude.

      And, my sole intent in sharing is to inspire us all to become that which we “desire”.

      Abundant love, peace, and joy to you :)

  3. What a magical post Joy! I’m so glad you have what you need in your life!! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Betsy,

      Thank you :) It is lovely to share a memory with you, because within this memory is the beginning of this growth now.

      My ‘take away’ is when I allow full presence in this moment, I am living infinite possibility..and within such a space, nothing ‘else’ is needed except love and gratitude…not for ‘specifics’, but for the abundance that exists in such presence. In such a sense, then, we all have “everything we need”…and it is with great joy that I continue to explore this within my life.

  4. Joy,
    This was beautiful. How wonderful to experience love under the moonlight. I’m so happy for you!

    • Hi Angela,

      Thank you :) It is wonderful to re-visit and share a beautiful memory…

      My journey is to continue to embody full presence in this moment and to allow learning to be as fun :) Living in alignment sounds like such a chore, but it can be a pleasure when we allow it to be.

  5. “Love is the passionate and abiding desire on the part of two or more people to produce together conditions under which each can be and spontaneously express, his real self; to produce together an intellectual soil and an emotional climate in which each can flourish, far superior to what either could achieve alone.”

    ~Author unknown

    “We “think” a heart may be broken, so we are often afraid to love. Our heart remains whole while our expectations shatter.”

    ~Joy Holland

    Thank you for the enriching paths brilliantly lit by facets of love…

    • Yes, I did say, that, didn’t I? Thank you for the reminder, Rand.

      In re-visiting this memory I wanted to share my understanding to perhaps inspire others to embody full presence. Life (and learning) is only a struggle when we allow it to may be wonderful and delightful and pleasurable…it is a choice that we make.

      When I made the commitment to allow only life enriching and enlivening in my external, my entire life changed..this was the point when infinite possibility became real and is now my way of life.

  6. Your message was as ethereally beautiful as your love under moonlight must have been Joy. As always, you are a true joy to read. :-)

    Encourage one another.

    • Elle,

      The name of my boat was “Ethereal Joy” so the back story would be that this was the point at which I embodied that name fully and knew it was okay to move on; eventually releasing the boat with ease. I grew into, then outgrew, my sacred container. Thank you for the words that prompted that reflection!

      Love under the moonlight was unexpected, as was everything about relating with him, because each of my heart whispers were answered, even if they had just been a passing thought…I learned the power of thought, and the value of full presence in the moment, in ways that books and studies couldn’t teach became my reality.

      Almost one year later, it is with joy that I continue to apply full presence and awareness to this moment…my external has changed dramatically…and I have no idea what tomorrow holds, which now excites me instead of scares me :)

  7. Thanks Joy,

    A vulnerable & touching story. I like the clues you leave for us still learning to let go of resistance & mind, and wanting to live more by heart & intuition.

    thanks for the signposts as I like to call them. brad

    • Brad,

      Thank you for understanding me! Your words make my heart smile..for my sole purpose in sharing this story was the signposts..I wanted to gently ease those who would be interested into learning with me…the lesson of releasing resistance and embracing the moment as it is…

      It delights me that you are aware in such a way! Thank you for sharing your presence and awareness :)

  8. jean sampson said:

    This was so beautiful, Joy. What a continually opening blossom you are!
    I just spent a few days with a friend who is in the process of letting go of her marriage ( both super-wonderful people who want different things from life), so I am feeling sad for them and also for me! I am also admiring her for holding onto her dream, no matter what the cost! So, I am very open to my love for them and also sad for them, I am holding tightly to my gratitude fo our times together and for our deep connections. It is so good to be reminded by you to keep my heart open, even when it hurts. My old way would be to shut down—although I have never been very good at that! I really do think we have to stay vulnerable to really be alive! Every moment is a rich eternity if we allow it to be!
    Love and hugs, precious friend!

    • Jean,

      I am finding because I am firmly rooted in love and gratitude, blossoming is extremely enjoyable and exciting :)

      I understand your emotion toward your friend’s reflection of divorce. What does one do with a reflection of disconnection? As you did, apply gratitude for external and bring it internal and allow it to grow us.

      I do feel the energy from every connection is woven into our life’s tapestry…so we never ‘lose’ is what we choose to do with that energy–allow it to be a nutrient that enriches and enlivens…or bury it until it becomes toxic and eats away at our foundation…it is our choice that determines the effect the energy has on us.

      I love that you are choosing to keep your heart open through vulnerability…I wonder what wonderful delight will be perfectly placed as you experience this open-ness.

      And, I *love* this affirmation: “Every moment is a rich eternity if we allow it to be”…yes!

      Thank you for your presence, and the depth you have chosen to share.

  9. That is very beautiful Joy.
    what you said here is wonderful : “I felt my past colliding with my present, collaborating with my future. “

    • Thank you Nikky44,

      That precious moment was the beginning of the internal paradigm that has ushered in this wonderful chapter of embracing full presence and expansion and commitment to alignment and flow. I used to say I learned in difficult ways, once I began to use the affirmation: Learning is a wonder filled, joy filled experience, it was (and is).

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