Move Slow and Savor


If we know the divine art of concentration,

if we know the divine art of meditation,

if we know the divine art of contemplation,

easily and consciously we can unite the inner world and the outer world. – Sri Chinmoy

We live in a world in which we are consistently bombarded with nudges to search, seek, create, be, do, move.

Some of us are afraid if we sit too long, we will become complacent and “forget to live” so we are constantly on the go.

Some of us feel scarcity in all realms and think the way to abundance is to labor extensively, intensively.

We are left feeling exhausted: our physical and mental space cluttered with layers, our connections draining, our creative expressions stale, yet we cannot figure out why. We are listening to World and giving it our all, only to feel that something is missing.

As Alex Blackwell cautions in his article The Art of Losing YourselfThe busyness of our lives can lure us into thinking that activity equals progress.

We wish for the experience of inner peace, in this moment, as we are.

Lori Deschene sums it up well in this passage from her article: “This Moment is Worth Savoring”: “So much of our language about the things we enjoy in life revolves around getting ahead. We wonder where our relationships are going. We plan to move forward in our careers. We talk about maintaining momentum with new projects. None of these things are necessarily bad. We naturally crave growth to feel a sense of purpose and progress.”

May I present you with another way to consider?  As a single mother of two children, at the beginning of living my dream of being a location independent solopreneur –my days are full.  Children’s activities, solitude in nature, clients, writing, household duties, and connecting with loved ones could potentially take my entire day and if I add to that movement in all realms, wow, scarcity could set it in and peace could remain elusive.

I choose to honor organic growth as I create from abundance.  Organic growth is honoring natural cycles, patiently cultivating and nurturing and gently stretching.  Organic growth allows us to release our urge to hover, and to invest our energy into celebration of the process.  We are able to access an abundance of time, energy, full creative expression, and resources because we allow our beings the necessary period to Feel it all.

And, let us remember our purpose.  While mothering my children is a blessing and all else allows me to experience extraordinary on a daily basis, none of that is my purpose.  My purpose is to be love.  Not: love on the go, love when I have time, love if it fits onto my to-do list.

We live our purpose when we invest full presence in this moment.  We are able to invest full presence when we are aware.  We are most aware when we allow our senses to absorb the stimulus around us.  We are able to absorb the  stimulus when we are moving slow, savoring all that is presented to us, and allowing gratitude for all that we are presented with.  This is an organic, full of ease practice.  A gentle heart opening.

When we honor this practice,  we are still creating, doing, being, moving; our beings are exploring, our world is expanding.  However we are feeling enriched and enlivened because we are not reacting to life, we are investing into living.

In such a way, we are able to experience inner peace in this moment, regardless of external circumstances, and that inner peace allows us to live infinite possibility.  We are able to fully enjoy the experience because we are fully vested in the experience. 

Move slow and savor; allow World to delight you and it will.

What is one practice that you may begin today, to allow your senses the delight of absorbing the moment?

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.


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  1. Hi Joy,

    Your clarity at describing inner processes is wonderful. Even though I do & love this savoring practice, I could feel it and practice with you as I read the post.

    I posted a similar blog called Savor the Day. If you read it, please let me know what you think.

    thanks, Brad

    • Hi Brad,

      Savoring is a wonderful practice; once I learned presence, savoring became a delightful way of life. Sometimes people feel impatient around me, and I allow them to as I continue to honor my pace and practice.

      It is lovely to know that you embrace presence in a similar way—thank you for the affirmation!

  2. jean sampson said:

    Hi Joy! I LOVE that photo of the ocean and FEET! Makes me wish they were MY feet :)
    I seem to find the moments to savor interspersed thoughout my day. For example, there is a little garden area next to an office building that is very friendly to folks who want to slow down and look at the new things that are growing. They have surrounded the entire garden area with low walls that are just perfect for sitting and looking at the garden and they have even provided shade for us while the garden gets the sun it needs! I remember earlier this spring looking at the beautiful panseys that were filling this space and being awestruck at the color of one pansey in particular that just glowed! I saw others that were very similar, the same variety even—-but they were not glowing like this one little guy was! I just kept looking and enjoying ALL of the flowers, being very thankful for each and every one and for the person who so lovingly planted, and probably maintains the garden. Also, my friend and I have these moments when we are walking and see something beautiful blooming——she runs over and sticks her nose down in roses and other flowers and even kisses them! I have some allergies so I sniff more cautiously—-but I DO sniff them. We also steal a few berries and whatever—-but that is another story! My life is full of these moments and I love that every moment that is savored is a moment that I am aware of how grateful I am for that which is enjoyed and savored!
    Love and hugs!

    • Hi Jean,

      My children said I cannot believe you posted your feet on your site..why not? *grin* shows you I walk my talk :)

      Thank you for the wonderful reminder that gratitude allows us the ability to be comfortable in the process of savoring. When we are fully enjoying the moment, gone is the urge to rush, replaced with the joy of “being”.

      The other night, as I was walking the pups around the neighborhood, I literally stopped to smell the flowers…this man riding by on a bicycle practically stopped when I did, straining to see what caught my attention…I bet he was ultra-surprised to find the allure of a single stem drew me in :)

      I can almost smell the flowers and taste the berries on your walk…and I can definitely feel the love and gratitude…I love it!

  3. To live in ease in each moment is certainly an art in this fast-paced day and age. This post resonates with me so strongly! I’m ready for a breather to help me to remember to breath.

    • Sandra,

      As I shared with Brad, some people feel most impatient when I savor and relish..and I allow them too…it is learning to honor and appreciate our individual pace that allows the freedom to connect through vulnerability. Why rush to the next moment when this one is absolutely delightful?

      And breath, so refreshing and lovely..may you breathe in all that is delightful and wonderful to your senses, may you breathe out tension and residual toxins…

      Love to you :)

  4. Joy,

    I sure have been A.S.A.P. busy lately…so much that at some moments I was no longer in a peaceful flow…which leads to mistakes within an environment of work where little mistakes are magnified.

    Today in between sessions this post by you really brought me back to center.

    Thank you :)

    These quotes are from Uzma’s last post:

    ‘The Beauty of Slowing Down and Enjoying the Moment’s Work.’

    “In my painting class in college, I wanted to hurry and paint the best painting NOW. Only I couldn’t so I quit”

    But it isn’t always. A rushed painting doesn’t have layers of colour that make the sun more real and the water appear deep.

    “Read super fast and we miss the beauty of the verse, or that timeless eternal line. And the book itself will soon be forgotten.”

    …so much can be accomplished by going slow.

    …so many wonders go missed by going fast.

    Thank you Joy for being with me today :)

    • Your awareness of how the lack of presence might lead to “mistakes” is quite profound, thank you, Rand.

      The importance of re-centering, and knowing we are able to center this moment as we are, is a wonderful transformative tool.

      Thank you for sharing :)

  5. Love this, Joy! Especially the reminder of the connection between presence and abundance! Sends me into the weekend anticipating oneness, wonder, joy! Thanks.

    • Jeffrey,

      Thank you for you affirmation of being present to abundance. I find it fascinating that something as “do-able” as allowing full presence, allows us to experience abundance yet mainstream tends to keep searching for the ‘latest and greatest’ external tool to build abundance. Abundance waits patiently while we learn :)

      May you feel oneness, wonder, joy, each and every day :)

  6. Joy,
    Monday I was at my niece’s graduation and the speaker reminded us to slow down and savor our life – especially our achievements. I guess I needed to hear the message twice in one week in order to take it to heart. Slow down and savor each moment and what you have accomplished.
    Thank you dear Joy!

    • Hi Angela,

      In my life, sometimes I receive the same theme in different forms so I may consider it from different angles, and best receive it.

      The reflection of your niece’s graduation reminds me of the importance of celebrating each step, taking the time to transition from one “chapter” to the next, and to allow gratitude and abundance to move me between chapters…which is the current space I am in–thank you!

  7. “My purpose is to be love. Not: love on the go, love when I have time, love if it fits onto my to-do list.”
    That is my purpose too. That’s what I want, what I have always tried to be, to show, to feel, But is what I am doing is right? am I serving my purpose in the correct way? I always ask myself those questions.

    • Nikky44,

      When we are in the process of being love there is no “right/wrong”..only love. (I do believe there is living in alignment/and more in alignment…if something doesn’t feel right as I create, that is a sign it is not in alignment for me…and if I continue creating in the same way even though awareness tells me it is out of alignment, I am going to continue to feel unease and draw to me compromise until I return to alignment).

      Are you asking does love make a difference? Absolutely, yes. Love always touches those around us, even if we are unable to ‘see’ or ‘know’ the results, the seeds have been planted and love will blossom in exactly the right way at exactly the right time.

      What I feel essential to remember is that the process of being love is to share it; meaning not only to give it, but to graciously receive it as well.

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