The Experience of Truth

Truth is experienced in silence and expressed through creation.

You know the truth.

It is your choice to acknowledge it, stand strongly in it, and create from it (or not).

If you feel: comfortable in silence; able to be fully present in this moment as it is; abundant wonder, awe, joy, peace, and love this is an indication that you are living your truth.

If you allow: your space to be clean and orderly, one moment to gently unfold to the next as it may, experiences to be perfectly placed; transparency in relations this is an indication that you are standing strongly in your truth.

If what you invest in makes you feel: excited, fulfilled, *alive* this is an indication that you are creating from your truth.

(and if this resonates, but isn’t quite “where you are at”, you may change that).

Allow World to delight you and it will.

What is one step that you may take today to allow your truth to rise?

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.



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Comments on: "The Experience of Truth" (12)

  1. Joy,

    So eloquently put!

    I’ve found that the best way for me to allow my truth to rise is to be myself no matter what.


    • Hi Heather,

      Thank you for sharing such a beautiful affirmation: “to be myself no matter what”. After many years of being told to dim my light to “fit in”, it is a joy to celebrate the freedom of “being myself”…which enables me to connect transparently, and has expanded my entire world beyond what I could have imagined (in wonderful ways!).

      A lesson that many in mainstream seem to resist; yet, when we create from the center of self, we are honoring Divine.

      Beautiful reflection, Heather, thank you!

  2. To take the step into *Now*.

    Thank you Joy!

    Have a wonderful day…

  3. jean sampson said:

    This is so simple and so beautiful and so true. I have asked to be able to see where I am not standing in my truth and just observe those places. I ask myself what kept me from believing that it was ok (in the past) to stand in my truth in a similar situation. I tell my young self that I am safe now, that I am in charge and it is good to stand in my truth, be exactly who I am. I am healing those places as I notice and then decide to be my full self. Very freeing! And it is a gentle, loving process.

    • Jean, you describe such a beautiful process of self-knowledge and “becoming”. Thank you!

      I love this reflection: ‘just observe’. So often we have become so comfortable within our external circumstances (even if they seem to mirror pain or suffering to us) that we think the truth will be ‘scary’ or cause us to ‘change’. I love the sacred-ness of observing, no judgment, no manipulation, just a gentle allowing space for truth to rise. How empowering to “hold space for self”!

  4. I will often ask during meditation and journal writing in the morning “What would you like me to share today?” and I will sometimes get direction. Just LOVE that!

    • Hi suZen,

      It is always such a joy to see you here:) I love that during a period of specific awareness to self (holding space) you ask self for intention. I teach (and practice) a similar invitation to self by asking a question: how may I best serve you? The answer sometimes surprises me, but also gives wonderful insight to live and create from.

  5. This definitely is a helpful reminder to me to get back into my habit of seeking out a quiet place and experiencing what comes up there as opposed to avoiding it with frenetic activity. Sometimes, despair can come up for me when things are quiet, but that feeling is there to be experienced. At least, I know that on a rational level. :)

    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for illuminating such a wonderful point—sometimes what rises in silence does not “feel good”, at least as first. Sometimes what rises are the feelings we have buried, ignored, or avoided with our frenetic activity. It is my experience that once I give these feelings breathing room, there is a sense of relief and lightness–even if I don’t have “the answer”, the freedom of having “released” a layer is refreshing. (At that point, some cry, which can be nourishing if we allow it to be).

      If we can remember not to label our feelings, but to simply allow them to rise and to be…that process is applying unconditional love to self. (I know, that is rational as well).

      Thank you for your presence, I love learning as I receive all of the different perspectives :)

  6. Recently, and it’s taken 46 years, I realize I’m entitled to LET my truth rise, and it’s ok to say what I’m feeling, speak the truth and having it be ok instead of letting it bottle up and dwell within me, causing a literal body/mind illness. So, to attain and maintain wellness, I will speak it, and let it rise.

    • Hi Gina,

      Thank you for your reflection; the gift of presence to self is the first step in cultivating full awareness in the moment. When we are fully present to self, we create from a centered space of peace regardless of external circumstances. From such a space, allowing truth to rise allows us to experience utter freedom and expansiveness in the moment, as it is. Truth to self is essential to experience inner peace and establish transparent connections. When we know, and create from, that truth, expressing to World is with ease and joy.

      As you share, when we ignore or stifle our truth, that internal discomfort often manifests in physical discomfort….in some instances, discomfort becomes the “norm”. It is wonderful for you to explore overall “wellness” by allowing your truth to rise. May you experience wonder and delight as you experiment with different forms of creative expressions, perhaps drawing to you more “play” in all realms.

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