A Roll Down the Hill Prompts: 10 Insights to Invite You to Experience Nature’s Kaleidoscope

When I look at each experience

through the lens of natures kaleidoscope,

I see the beauty of perfect symmetry.

In all of my years of living, I had yet to purposely, with intent, roll down a hill.

So, I was sitting on the side of the hill, watching my children play down below, when it hit me that this was a perfectly wonderful time to roll down the hill.

(And, yes, this was yesterday!).

First, I went by myself–a bee flew in my ear, and I got pricky things in my shorts…but…it was fun :)

Then, we took turns going solo, all together, and in different sets of pairs.  Each roll was completely different, yet all of them ended with lots of laughter!

When we were done, we stayed at the bottom of the hill, flat on our backs, looking at the park from this perspective.  In a heap, just laughing.

If I apply this to life, I can turn any experience around (roll it) in my head, feel it in my heart and see with great clarity how it was meant to be exactly as it was in that moment.  The pain turns to joy, the joy turns to gratitude, the gratitude invites exploration. Symmetry in life.

My “rollin’ down the hill” prompted me to share: 10 Insights to Invite You to Experience Nature’s Kaleidoscope.

1.  It’s never “too late” for an experience.  Once you hear the whisper, honor it by allowing it to become your reality.

2.  Even if it’s not “in the plan”, it is absolutely do-able.  When you release the plan and allow for unfolding, you are giving Universe the permission to delight you in unexpected ways.

3. Allow ample time and space for “nothing” so that *everything* may be experienced.

4.  Sometimes when we open to an experience, we feel discomfort and even pain.  If we open through those feelings, there is often abundant wonder and joy to be experienced.

5.  Solitude is essential *and* community connections amplify the magic.

6.  Laughter is the sound of the happiness of your heart, the inner peace of your soul.  The most beautiful sound in the world.

7.  Every experience may be a reflection to contemplate, if we allow the lesson to rise.

8.  Learning may be delightful. Nature models for us the ease of honoring cycles.  When we resist these cycles, we invite frustration, exhaustion, and discontent.

9. When we allow ourselves to “roll”; turn the day upside down, look at something from a different perspective, release our inhibitions and tap into flow…answers effortlessly rise.

10.  Gratitude grows everything.

May you share a time “you rolled” and what is one “takeaway” that we might learn from your experience?

Much peace and abundant love,

Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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  1. > community connections amplify the magic.
    Very well put.

    Tony Robbins once said that the reason we communicate is that it amplifies the feelings. It’s true.

    • Thank you for the affirmation within your reflection, J.D. :)

      Silence speaks to me, and solitude gives me ample space to gently stretch and allow my heart whispers to roam; yet, community invites exploration and offers a wonderful opportunity for connection. In my life, it is essential that I honor my practice of investing in enriching and enlivening when participating withing community, so that what I share and receive is beneficial for growth :)

  2. Hi Joy,

    I love the flow of pain to joy, to gratitude, to exploration, to perfection.

    I’m getting practice rolling with my neighbors booming base right now. Hum?! Hope I roll this into joy & gratitude!

    Meanwhile I’m amusing myself with the idea of playing in the hay cause I love the smell of hay.

    roll on, brad

    • Nice, Brad, booming base…what might you add to allow that to be enriching instead of ‘potentially annoying’?

      When we move through pain, it expands into something “bigger”…such as joy, and joy allows gratitude, which allows more exploration, very cyclical when we allow it to be…

      And hay: there is a field nearby where each evening there are neatly stacked bales of hay throughout the field…It makes me think of “tucked away” and the potential for the next day. The reflection of routine and order and presence is wonderful for me :)

  3. I read this as I am going to bed and childhood me bamories flood back. Rolling down green grass hills squealing with delight, then rolling down sand hills ending up covered in sand. Thanks for bringing bsck joyful memories, I will now dream of rolling down hills.

    • Thank you for sharing your childhood memories, Suzie! Laughter, lush growth, sandy areas…you continue to cultivate that in life now (which one can tell from the photos you share)…you *live* your dreams, and I find that very encouraging! Thank you for all that you share :)

  4. Hi Joy,
    This is just what I needed today! I’m going on to look for my hill!

    • Hi Suzen,

      When you find your hill, may you roll with *joy* :)

      Here is a hug for you full of wonder, delight, and gratitude

  5. Hi Joy,
    #3 “Allow ample time and space for “nothing” so that *everything* may be experienced” seems to be the lesson I need today! And of course #10 – “gratitude!”
    Thanks for your great tips, Joy!!

    • Thank you, Betsy, for your presence :)

      When my mind tells me I have “not enough time”…my heart says, yes please…and the affirmation that I use is: I have more than enough time to create and experience all that is meaningful and enriching to me. It’s a wonderful practice of re-training my thoughts and allowing my heart whispers to become my reality…That roll down the hill prompted a lovely surge of creative expression :)

      Thank you for affirming gratitude…it is the essential ingredient in my life :)

  6. Very beautiful post, Joy. “Nothing” is just what I practiced over the last few days when we went on a trip to the mountains. Nothing went as planned, because of the rains and yet we just decided to go with the flow – and had a gorgeous time. Connections, yes. Togetherness with nature and with each other, yes. And as I enjoyed each sight, I thought of all my friends, online and in real life and felt very happy, fantasizing about meeting up and the closeness we enjoy through our blog posts.

    I am grateful I am here to read your post today.

    Love and hugs. Vidya

    • Vidya, your “nothing” looks so lovely and radiant in the photos you have shared..and feels so lovely in the words you have shared here, thank you :)

      Rains may be refreshing, and I believe a symbol of flow and organic growth..when we honor fluidity we are given the experiences such as you have shared here.

      Love and to you, too :)

    Wild Geese
    You do not have to be good.
    You do not have to walk on your knees
    For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
    You only have to let the soft animal of your body
    love what it loves.
    Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.
    Meanwhile the world goes on.
    Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain
    are moving across the landscapes,
    over the prairies and the deep trees,
    the mountains and the rivers.
    Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air,
    are heading home again.
    Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
    the world offers itself to your imagination,
    calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting —
    over and over announcing your place
    in the family of things.

    ~ Mary Oliver ~


    Your family *Roll Down the Hill* just melts my heart.


    Just like… { Wild Geese }

    • Yes, Rand, since my little family has had quite a “roll” in the last few months, it is quite centering to *roll* in fun ways :)

      Thank you for sharing the poem, and your reflection :)

  8. Joy,
    I loved this list!
    I especially loved this one:
    Laughter is the sound of the happiness of your heart, the inner peace of your soul. The most beautiful sound in the world

    • Thank you, Angela, for your wonderful affirmation :) We tend to “search for our voice” when it is right here, waiting patiently to be heard and experimented with…in ways we sometimes don’t *think* of: laughter and whispers and praise. I feel laughter is an affirmation of life :)

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