Angela Artemis: The Intuition Principle

Today I am delighted–thrilled beyond words–to share energetic space with Angela Artemis.

When I created this site a few months ago, I took a bold step and chose to share my skills as a clarity and energy facilitator.   Sometimes people fear energy work, so it is a joy to share my message and reflections to hopefully dilute any fears and inspire those who wish to learn, explore, and experiment with these tools.  Angela’s message is similar to my own and her new book “The Intuition Principle” is so comprehensive, thorough, and just overall wonderful that it is my pleasure to share a review of it here with you.  And, Angela has gifted this site with a complimentary PDF version of her book as a giveaway.

I asked Angela to share a few words with us about her book.

J: The name of your book is “The Intuition Principle”. Please share with us a little about the meaning of these words and your vision for your book.

A: Joy, the title of the book comes from the main point upon which I based the entire book: The Intuition Principle.

The Intuition Principle is the concept that within you exists an innate technology, your intuition, capable of both guiding you to and attracting to you the life and happiness you’ve always dreamed of. p. 11

The vision for the book is to let people know that they possess this innate technology and to teach them to use it so that they will be guided to receive solutions to their problems, achieve their highest potential, discover their life purpose, and share their gifts and talents in loving service to help mankind.

The way that I view intuition is that it is a natural “sensing mechanism” within each of us that we use to pick up information about our environment. It is there to steer each of us to the right path in our lives. I believe its sole purpose is guidance for our own lives.

J: The material that you cover within this book is extremely thorough and empowering. Can you speak a little about this book..the message and the process of incorporating these concepts into our lives?

A: The book is laid out in a sequence that builds your knowledge and understanding of what intuition is and how it can be applied in your life to help you learn who you are and who you were meant to be in this life. When you use your intuition to unearth the authentic you and then begin to lead a life that truly resonates with who you are at your core – miracles and fortunate coincidences will commence.

The message of the book is that we must attune to our intuition to discover our own authenticity, to live meaningful and fulfilling lives and to become aware of our “oneness” with all life. When we become aware of our oneness we will treat each other with empathy and compassion and be able to save our planet from environmental catastrophe.

Often, recognizing that we are intuitive is the first sign of our own spiritual awakening. As we awaken spiritually we also begin to attune to the “oneness” of all life. When we are attuned to this “oneness” or pulse of life we are led to be in the right place at the right time and that is how we become the recipient of fortunate coincidences. Fortunate coincidences such as synchronicity and serendipity elegantly provide the directions, solutions and the door opening opportunities we seek to co-create the joyous lives we dream of.

And, the more intuitive you become the more you are able to actually “feel” this connection to all of life. It goes beyond merely an intellectual understanding to becoming an empathetic connection with the pulse of life in all things.

If more of us were attuned to the pulse of life we, as a civilization, would see a dramatic drop in violence and we would no longer be able to plunder and pollute the Earth as we have been doing for the last 200 years. The pain and suffering we would cause if we committed violent acts against any living creature or toward the living eco-system that sustains us would be felt within each of us because of our “oneness.” So, the message is that developing our intuition is vital to our personal growth, spiritual evolution, preservation as a species and for sustaining our planet.

J: And, how do you vision that readers best use this book?

A: The best way to use the book is to read it and do each exercise as it comes up in the book. The exercises are placed in an order that allows you to build upon the information you got from doing the previous exercise.

J: Can you share with us a little about allowing intuition to be the guide to what we create (energetically and literally)? If one is hesitant about embracing their truth, what encouragement would you share with them?

A: Each of us has chosen to be here in this life at this time for a purpose. So, if we have a purpose for our lives there must be a set of instructions for actualizing this purpose. I believe that the instructions are within each of us and that our intuition is the way that this information is communicated to us.

If we listen to our intuition it will guide us on the journey we were meant to be on that will help us to acquire the life lessons and abilities we chose in this incarnation. When you embrace this journey by being open to your intuition you encounter your authentic self – which is your truth.

When we ignore your intuition we are not allowing this wisdom to guide us in our lives nor are we living authentically. This is why we encounter pain, problems and struggles. We are lost – although we may not be aware of it and on the wrong road because we are presenting a false self to the world. The result is that we never find lasting happiness as the happiness we do encounter doesn’t touch our soul – our true self.

The point is, we are creating our lives no matter what path we take; it’s simply a matter of aligning with our intuition to find our authenticity so that we create more expansive, joyous lives or following a path where we feel as if we are pushing a boulder uphill each day.

If you are hesitant about trusting your intuition and embracing this journey I encourage you to start small. You needn’t jump into something if you don’t feel comfortable. Begin by going within every day and just “listening.” Take note of any prompts you get to do something and jot them down. If any of these intuitive urges feel right – take the next step and follow this guidance. If there is anything you’re not yet ready to do – don’t do it.

When you start small you’ll slowly build more confidence in your intuitive guidance. Each time you do something and it turns out positively you’ll become much more trusting of following your intuition. Over time you’ll progress from baby steps to taking bigger steps to large strides. And, then eventually, following your inner wisdom will become second nature to you – just as it was meant to be.

J: It has been an honor to share energy with you in this space, thank you for sharing your presence and your book. In closing, is there anything you would like us to know about you, your vision, your voice?

A: Joy, thank you for allowing me to spread the message of The Intuition Principle with your readers.

The thought I’d like to leave with readers is that we have all the answers within us. When we stop looking outside of ourselves or to others for the answers and look within everything that we desire to attain in life will come to us. Rather than chasing after our dreams the experiences we wish to manifest will be brought to us as we walk the path we were meant to follow when we apply the Intuition Principle.

I do hope that you enjoyed Angela’s message.  I am going to give a short review of the book, because I truly believe it is that wonderful.

The “Intuition Principle” is organized in this manner:


Chapter 1: Meet Your Intuition

Chapter 2: Live an Intuitively Inspired Life

Chapter 3: Getting to Know Your Intuition

Chapter 4: Developing Your Intuition

Chapter 5: Cracking the Intuition Code

Chapter 6: Overcoming the Roadblocks to Intuition

Chapter 7: Finding Your Passion, Purpose, and Authenticity

Chapter 8: Putting it All Together to Shape a Meaningful and Fulfilling Life

Epilogue: Healing Ourselves and Our Planet

The PDF version of the book is 194 pages.  Each chapter is broken down into manageable sections.  While each section is chock full of information, the style is easy to read and to process.  In each chapter there are quotes, definitions, reflections, and personal stories–a very dynamic and engrossing structure.

Why develop your intuition? Intuition is the only way to connect to your authentic self and your true calling, your reason for being here at this time.” pg 27

The truth is that developing your intuition has many benefits to help you succeed in all areas of your life, such as:
• Stress Reduction
• Peace of mind
• Better focus
• Improved memory
• Decision-making
• Improved relationships
• Increased capacity for empathy and compassion
• Better health
• Increased luck
• Increased abundance
• More joy
• Body awareness
• Empowerment
• Ability to say ‚no? more easily
• Heightened creativity
• Problem solving skills
• Teaches you to think like a genius
• Discovery of your true purpose” pg 39

Finding our purpose and carrying out our mission doesn’t mean we won’t face challenges and difficult times in our lives at all. We will, however, be more equipped to deal with them when we are able to get guidance from Greater Intelligence through our intuition. We will also benefit from the synchronicity of meaningful coincidences when we are in touch with our intuition, so that even if we hit rough waters we are sure to be guided to safety and our highest good.” pg 144

The information in this book offers opportunity for empowerment, growth, and the exploration of awareness and expansion. Because it is written in such an easy to read manner, the information feels very light and easy to process and to integrate if one wishes.

Angela generously offers complimentary companion materials to the book.  If you would like to receive them, please click this link: download complimentary companion materials.

Angela has generously donated a complimentary PDF copy of “The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life You Dream Of” to this site.

Each reader who leaves a comment addressing the question below will be entered into a drawing.  The winner will be randomly chosen Thursday, June 14, 2012 at 9pm (PST) and contacted through email.

What do you think is holding you back from trusting your intuition and what do you feel you could achieve in your life if you began following your intuition?

Thank you, Angela! Thank you, dear reader! *Excellent* indeed:)

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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  1. I like what Angela says about intuition being tied to living authentically — in my own experience, I need to be in touch with the physical sensations I’m feeling to get a clear sense of what I want, where my boundaries are in a situation, and so on, and that’s needed to really show up as who I am.

    • Thank you for your presence, Chris :)

      When I wish for clarity in a situation, I bring it internally; yet when I experience life, it is through my senses. So, I love that you have combined that to find clarity through your senses…something for me to explore within my own creative process!

      That you are engaging full presence as you explore is a wonderful affirmation of the power of presence!

      Thank you for sharing a very empowering reflection!

  2. jean sampson said:

    Hi Joy and Angela, what a wonderful and timely post! I was thinking all the way through that our old fears get in the way of following our intuition, as well as our ways of reacting to situations from old habits/patterns. I think, in order to completely listen to and follow my intuition, I would have to let go of whatever fear was in my way, and I would also have to be willing to see myself as bigger than I think I am. I do work on releasing fear, and I am willing to look at who I am from new perspectives—–the embodiment, as you said, though, might be a one-step-at-a-time process! It is totally worth it! :)

    • Hi Jean, thank you for your presence :)

      I think many people would completely identify with your reflection. Fear, conditioning, doubt might all be barriers to being able to hear intuitive voice or to processing what is heard. But, they also might be triggers/motivation as to ‘why’ one might wish to hear intuitive voice for direction, because intuitive voice may be heard through those layers, when we are willing to query and listen.

      I understand how you might feel you would need to be bigger, but it is possible to query and listen in this moment, as we are…we are absolutely ‘perfect’ to receive whatever it is that we wish…whether that is affirmation, clarity, insight, direction.

      As you know, I love to leap in life…however I recommend one step at a time because it allows for organic growth and is “do-able” without changing external…and we may celebrate each step of the way :)

  3. Lovely. Two of my favorite people, Angela and Joy :-) Delightful post! Thank you. Hugs to both!

  4. Holding me back? Trusting that I “know” it is intuition speaking and not just delusion, self-indulgent whimsical or “wishful” thinking, or reactionary to external. As I practice tuning in to my own heart and distinguishing the different voices in my head (and heart), it does become clearer and clearer and as I practice taking small steps in my life to live in alignment with my inner voice of “knowing”, and have synchronicities or positive experiences result and find joy and gratitude in where these moments lead, My self trust grows, and as I make room in my days and life to stop or slow down and tune in and really listen to my own internal compass, I get better at hearing it. How do I do this? Well, many ways: when I am presented with a choice or decision, I ask myself what would love do or sometimes I consider what I would do if I had unlimited resources or if I’d been given a “prognosis” of limited time left to live (which, really, we all have)… And this helps get to the root or core of my feeling about the decision or choice. Then, when doubt creeps in regarding implementing that decision or making that choice in “my life as it is now”, I focus on what I can do, I ask a trusted friend for guidance, or I just change up my activity and try to go do something that connects me directly into doing something I really love. If and when I can reconnect with the feeling of love and joy in my life, the answer to “how” happens quite naturally. If and when I struggle to connect to this feeling, I reach out to someone (like you) who can help me reconnect to it or I do something that reenergizes me. Which is to say, I leave the question open and do something concrete to recenter myself, whether that be yoga class, socializing with a friend, writing, singing, walk in the woods, a swim, a creative project, or “just” resting and daydreaming my way to a better mood. I’m still very much practicing this way of moving through the world and connecting within myself and developing my “listening” skills, but it’s been a wonderful experience thus far and has opened up entirely new realms to me. I know opening up to this more will allow me to follow my dreams and see them all come true and hopefully help lead other people to getting in touch with and following their hearts as well. That is my wish for today. To allow my opening, expansion, and growth to inspire others to following their hearts’ wishes, make their “impossible” dreams that they barely dare to dream really come true, and to find and connect with my greatest love and share my deepest passions in the process.

    • Thank you for your presence, Molly…I appreciate all that you share in your reflection :)

      Trust in what you hear and creating from center instead of reacting to external are also factors that many others would identify with. Thank you for sharing the wonderful ways that you continue to embrace the moment with love and gratitude and to allow for expansion and magic and inspiration.

      It is a joy to watch you blossom and experience flow as consistently as you have been. Your “story’ is quite an inspiration, so I am glad you are sharing it as readily as you are :)

  5. Brilliant interview and review Joy and yes I think it is a wonderful book Angela has written. It was for me such a joy to interview Angela a few weeks ago and for the world to see her in person :)

    • Thank you for your presence, Suzie, and for the kind words :) I *love* that we have all supported Angela and her message in our own unique ways! It is a wonder to live and a pleasure to share :)

  6. I have read Angela’s book and highly recommend it! Great interview, too!

    • Thank you for your presence, Betsy, and for the kind words :) As I shared with Suzie, it is a wonderful pleasure to share Angela’s message, and I *love* that she has received such support!

  7. “What do you think is holding you back from trusting your intuition and what do you feel you could achieve in your life if you began following your intuition?”

    I trust my intuition with each stride up the hill…

    ‘there will be no problems’…

    If God would let you be me there would be no holding back.

    If God would let me be you I would follow you up the hill…

    • Thank you for your presence, Rand. Trusting your intuition allows for the experience of infinite possibility in the now–how exciting for you!

  8. Wonderful interview! Thanks for the great questions and insights! xoxo

    • Thank you for your presence, Lynn, and for the kind words :) Synchronicity is wonderful (that you and I both reviewed Angela’s book on the same day) and that we both live it in such wonderful ways :)

  9. Dear Joy,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful interview and book review about, “The Intuition Principle.”. I so appreciate your allowing me to share my message about the importance of using our intuition hear with your readers
    All my best to you,

  10. Angela’s book is a marvelous read. I learned so much from it. Great interview. Thanks to both of you!

    • Thank you for your presence, Galen…I *love* when you visit :) and thank you for supporting Angela’s work and message!

  11. I notice that I choose not to follow my intuition when I feel pressure from deadlines or perceived, “outside sources”. In fact, in those moments, it doesn’t always feel like I have a choice, even though I know I do. I’m beginning to ask myself why I am choosing against my intuition. Why is their expectation of me (or what I perceive they expect of me) more important than my guidance in the moment? This inquiry is bringing up some interesting stuff.

    If I followed my intuition 100% I believe I’d be pretty darn unstoppable! I’d anger some people, inspire others and be a lot more at peace within myself. I’m getting there… Thanks for the great question!

    • Thank you for your presence, Paula :)

      *Unstoppable*. Love it!

      It is a wonderful practice of presence to learn to create from a centered place of peace rather than react to external circumstances…As you share, we are completely empowered when we create, and dis-empowered when we react. I can imagine your exploration of “why”, cultivation of clarity regarding your choices would allow much to surface. As you continue to explore and question, may you celebrate each answer :)

  12. Thanks Joy & Angela,

    Boy, do I need more clarity & intuition in my life! Below is a little taste of my mind gone wild on too much info & questioning, which is fairly typical for me.

    I seem to be in great need of more intuition in my life. Making any decision is challenging and frustrating, especially when I get lost in mind, comparing myself to others or some idea of where I’m supposed to be.

    I still would love to win the book, develop my intuition, and gain more trust & clarity about decisions. I’ve been working on these questions for @ 25 years & still not yet clear about my purpose or passionate work.

    Please help!
    Thanks, Brad

    • Thank you for your presence, Brad:) I appreciate the candor with which you share! I think many feel as you do, that their purpose and passion is something “unknown”….

      The practice of presence and awareness is a continuous daily practice for me (and Angela and many of my peers would agree). Although clarity is quite direct for me, there are still some moments when something from past will step in as a barrier, so it is with intent that I cultivate enriching and enlivening to deepen my clarity and trust.

      When mind questions, give it something wonderful to “chew on”/contemplate as heart continues to create…collaboration is essential to inner peace and fulfillment…

      Also, purpose/truth/passion is as fluid as the flow we are tapping into…evolving as we evolve…so it is my belief that the only place we are “supposed to be” is *here*…what magic shall you create in this moment?

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