Using Clarity to Explore Intuition

When I set the intention to explore a concept, I first turn it inward to see how do I personally feel about it?  Not what I think, but how do I feel..what resonates within and allows me to remain in alignment as I practice and create?  What are my beliefs and are these beliefs enriching and enlivening or limiting in some way?  Is there any internal work for me to complete to bring this concept into better alignment before querying external sources?

The practice of bringing it inward first, allows me to connect with my self from a centered space.  As my being evolves, so, too, my beliefs and awareness evolves when I apply presence to it. When I am fully present to ‘self’ I may then be fully present to world. While I believe that the Answer is always within, I also feel that external allows me to explore beyond my own ‘borders’ and community is essential to the inspiration and motivation that ignites me to ‘move’ in all realms.

When I create, I listen to my internal voice.  It is as clear to me as any other sound that I hear.  I hear my voice best in silence, so I make time each day for silence.  I hear my voice best in simple, clean, light-filled space, so it is imperative that my space be optimal to this.  I hear my voice best in nature; so I spend lots of time in nature.

Because I wish to hear my voice clearly, I allow for ample space, time, and energy to invest in this process of querying and listening.  If in a day I feel rushed or overwhelmed, that is my personal clue that there is a truth that I wish not to hear.  To re-center into truth simply requires awareness and presence.

When I first began listening to my voice, I was unsure if what I heard was truth, or wishful thinking.  I know many of you have the same question.
When one has set the intent to query and listen, how does one differentiate between an authentic, intuitive voice and any other voice that is heard?  How does one know it is ‘truth’, not just “wishful thinking”?

I asked a few of my peers who specialize in energy work for their perspective:

Jenny Mannion: Empowering Inner Healing

“Wishful thinking” in my experience comes with “buts” and “conditions”. If you feel tied to an expectation of a relationship, an event, circumstance or an intention when you think of this “item” you can FEEL a REAL attachment and it FEELS like wishful thinking. Are you aware of those seeds of self doubt creeping in? Almost a “who am I to wish for this?” or a “well, okay I am going to wish for this but not THAT because THAT would be asking for too much?” THIS is wishful thinking.

The intuitive voice knows no limits.. it fills you with a state of joy. You feel creative, inspired and have your next step handed to you in a flash when you least expect it. You may be driving, showering, even doing laundry and suddenly inspiration hits and you “KNOW” what to do next. In a true intuitive moment – you just KNOW and are okay with HOWEVER it turns out. You TRUST, You feel GOOD and you have released the attachment to the HOW.  You FEEL like the powerful creator you are and are also deeply relaxed and you KNOW – however it turns out – it IS in Divine timing. We are all entitled to unlimited abundance and joy and our intuition has a way of making us KNOW this from the inner reaches of our soul. Our intuition IS the TRUTH of who we ARE.

Angela Artemis: Powered by Intuition

Your intuition arises spontaneously when you least expect it. It isn’t part of your conscious thinking process. Wishful thinking is just that – thinking – you think one thought which leads to another and then another.

When you ask for guidance and later an “answer” appears pay attention to how you “feel.” Intuitive guidance arrives with a feeling of “relief” or a feeling as if the matter has been “settled.” There should also be a “knowing feeling” that comes over you. You should have no more questions and there should be no nagging little voice at the back of your mind questioning your decision if it is truly your intuition. If there is – it’s not your intuition but, wishful thinking. Only your intuition can make you “feel” the answer – wishful thinking can’t do this because it’s purely intellectual.

Lisa Wechtenhiser: Practically Intuitive

What your Higher Self and your team of Guides are going to give you are options and suggestions, especially if that’s what you asked for. When you do ask, you’ll get very teeny, concise blips of information. Intuitive information is very succinct. I don’t get a whole lot of detail—it just pops in. It pops in so easily that you may think, “What was that? Oh, that was nothing.” It’s very easy to disregard it.

If you’re getting guidance that is very long and drawn out, with eighty–seven reasons why you should be doing this, that’s your ego! Your mind, (oh, good Lord), has an agenda. It wants  you to do something now, now, NOW! It compels you with eleven hundred reasons why, or eleven hundred bad things that will happen to you if you don’t do it now. It always tries to reason with you.

Julie Barrett: A Clear Sign

Genuine intuitive hits come in the quiet between thoughts.  They often come in the unexpected moment, after you have asked the question and turned your attention to other things. They are positive, moral, kind, and may feel exhilarating or bring a sense of wonder because they suggest things that our ego doubts.

If it sounds like the usual self-talk that goes on the mind and it is negative, drones on, casts doubt, or makes you FEEL badly in any way, it is not your intuition. Pay close attention to how you feel after receiving the information.  Does it excite you in a healthy, joyful, “can this be possible?” way?  That’s your intuition.  It is brief, brilliant, and gone.

Patti Foy: Lightspirited Being

Great question! In my experience, asking it is like looking out through a filmy, dirty window and wanting to know how to distinguish one fuzzy thing from another. The first task — and most effective — is to clean your window! This is done best by realizing who & what you essentially are, or at least by cleaning off the story-related gunk that has built up over the years. After that, the pane is crystal clear and you’ll see that it’s obvious what is what.

Of course, keeping your windows clean is an ongoing process. Discover and then constantly remind yourself of your natural power and magnificence, and be sure to stay on top of those niggly doubts, fears, resentments, etc. that would otherwise build up. Not only will you be more clearly intuitive, but your light will shine out more brilliantly too — for all the world to see.

Melody Fletcher: Deliberate Receiving

As you practice listening to your intuition or inner being, the feeling between it and what your fears might be telling you will become very distinctive; but in the beginning it can be more difficult to tell the difference. Your inner being wants you to be happy and knows that your happiness never has to come at the expense of others.

Your inner being will never tell you that you can’t have something, that you’d be better off giving up on your dream, or that you should honor other’s wishes above your own. Your inner being will never be negative, will never judge you or anyone else. Your inner being will never join you in hateful, vengeful or limiting thoughts. When the voice you’re hearing tells you to be free and happy, that you’re perfect just the way you are, and when listening to it feels life relief, THAT’s your inner being. Everything else is just your fear talking. 

Jodi Chapman: Soul Speak

Your intuitive voice always comes from love. Your ego voice usually comes from fear.

Your intuitive voice comes out in a loving whisper. Your ego voice comes out in a terrified shout.

Your intuitive voice urges you to follow your dreams. Your ego voice reminds you of why you should remain in your comfort zone.

Your intuitive voice is the voice of the soul, which is tapped into the magical universe. Your ego voice is the voice of our mind, which wants to keep our human body safe at all times.

Your intuitive voice knows why you are here and wants to make sure you’re living on purpose. Your ego voice has forgotten why you are here and wants to make sure you don’t deviate from the known.

Your intuitive voice speaks the truth and will continue until it is heard. Your ego voice speaks from fear and will continue until we learn to break free.

When we hear our intuitive voice, we feel empowered and alive and excited to leap into our dreams. When we hear our ego voice, we feel afraid and small and want to remain in the safety of what’s comfortable.

Paying more attention to our intuitive voice leads us to our true path. It helps us remember why we are here – why we are alive. We can thank our ego voice for wanting to protect us, and then ask it to be silent. We have so much living to do, and we want our intuitive voice to lead the way!

And, here is my answer:

If you are unable to view the video on this page, please view it on my YouTube channel through this link: Clarity.

This video answer was filmed in my backyard.  I apologize for the sound quality (ear buds are recommended), but the essence and the answer are a joy to share in this new way.  Thank you for allowing me to experiment :)

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore.  Experience.

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Comments on: "Using Clarity to Explore Intuition" (24)

  1. Joy,
    This is fabulous. I love all the talent you’re showcasing here. Thank you so much for including me.
    I’m truly honored to be among such great company!

    • Hi Angela,

      I *love* bringing people together to share knowledge and reflections! I host this space very much like my kitchen table…gather around and let’s share :)

      I do see hosting a summit series somewhere in my future:) For now, though, thank you for joining in the conversation and adding your wonderful insights!

  2. Hi Joy,
    Thank you so much for posing this important question. I loved reading (and hearing) everyone’s answers. Listening to our intuition and acting on it can truly keep our life in flow – and for me – there’s not too much better than that! ;-)
    Lots of Love, xo

    • Hi Jenny,

      I absolutely agree–for me too, there is nothing better than a life in flow–magical beyond anything I could fathom :)

      As you share, essential to me is to *listen* to the voice; hearing it has always been ‘effortless’ for me…Earlier in life I used to layer clutter and barriers around my voice so I wouldn’t be compelled to listen—too afraid of where it would bring me. Now it is with great joy that I listen and with wonder and gratitude follow it to expansive experiences :)

      Thank you for your reflection and your presence :)

  3. Wonderful Joy,
    Having just interviewed Angela on Intuition what a delight to come her and find both friends and new ones to connect with.
    Yes Jenny “The intuitive voice knows no limits.. it fills you with a state of joy” I recognise that
    Jodi’s words speak to my heart:)

    I love your simple direct answer and your video. I like this delivery style for you!

    • Hi Suzie,

      It is fun to bring friends together to share…thank you for your presence and your reflection :)

      While this article was being created, I would receive an email from one of the participants, which would be “perfect timing” for that day. I *love* the affirmations within each reflection!

  4. Hi Joy,

    Thanks so much for including me here, I feel honored. Learning to listen to our inner voice and even more importantly, learning to fully trust that voice is one of the biggest shifts in perspective we can make. But when we make it, that’s when we really start feeling how powerful we really are. We are never alone. We always have perfect guidance. How wonderful is that? :)

    Huge hugs!!


    • Hi Melody,

      As I shared in my reply to Jenny, I was initially resistant to trust–a combination of my conditioning and also the knowledge that I truly would be living infinite possibility and the new-ness of that territory frightened me. I baby-stepped my way into *now*…and as you share it is completely wonderful!

      To be one to guide others as they step into *now* is a blessing and a pleasure.

      Thank you for your participation and your presence…your energy is amazing, and inspires me as I continue to explore and experiment!

  5. This was fabulous! I loved hearing all the “takes” on this subject. I am soooo into thinking – I blame Monkey Mind – and I will admit that I struggle to shut monkey up so I hear the heart whispers. It doesn’t happen often enough to suit me, but I will re-read all of the above and give it another go! :)

    • suZen,

      Thank you for your presence…I *love* when you visit :)

      Monkey Mind exists, so my practice is to train Monkey Mind to inspire me…Monkey Mind is such a powerful tool, if we can train it to assist us, there really is no limit.

      I feel your energy as a heart whisper, so perhaps you truly do not need to ‘do anything’, just continue to open to the abundance around you. Your voice is crystal clear to me :)

  6. Hi Joy,

    Great job putting this all together! Thank you for including me. Imagine what we could do if we were all together in one room…wow. There is no greater blessing than to be able to share this with others and have them start the process of learning to listen to their intuitive mind. It never steers us wrong, but it does take a big leap of faith. Maybe your audience will be more apt to give it a try after hearing someone’s perspective that is “it” for them.

    • Hi Julie,

      “Imagine what we could do if we were all together in one room” so much to *love* about this…In my reflection to subscribers I shared that my own voice is strong, but together as a group our message reflects the ability to consider different perspectives amplifying the depth and reach of the message of this article. When we allow individual empowerment within collaboration, we are inviting infinite possibility into this moment. Awesome!

      Thank you for your participation…I very much appreciate your presence and your reflection!

  7. Thank you so much, Joy, for such a beautiful article! I am honored to be a part of it!
    I love how we each came together to share a piece of our soul, and we all have a different way of wording it and explaining it.
    I love being in the company of many wonderful friends, and I’m grateful for our new connection. ?

    • Hi Jodi,

      Thank you for your presence and your reflection.

      Your comment touches my heart, because I promise my self transparency in connections…and you reflected that we all shared a piece of our soul…what greater gift is that? For me it is not about “numbers”, it is about learning and sharing from such a wonderful space. *That* is my intent and purpose through this site and in life. Thank you for affirming it :)

  8. Hi Joy,

    What a great post. So packed full of great thoughts and ideas. Clearly, there’s more than one good answer to the question!

    I love how you talk about going to that quiet place to listen. And I noticed that when you take your first step of questioning how you feel about the topic and you describe finding beliefs that are limiting, for example — that’s another way of clearing/cleaning “the window” that I talked about in my segment. (And thanks again for including me with these other shining lights!)

    As I read this and all the great answers (along with your video where you talk about feeling the difference between wishful thinking and heart guidance), I also realized that wishful thinking specifically — even though it sounds like a positive thing — has an element of “need” and even subtle desperation to it. Again, getting clear on our own essence, and the fact that we already have everything we need, helps eliminate some of that and our intuitive voice can be heard more clearly.

    So fun to see you on video! Keep ’em coming!

    • Hi Patti,

      I love your vibrancy, thank you! And, thank you for your presence and your reflection :)

      You touch on such a wonderful point: I am able to create in the midst of anything, however in my life I create best from a feeling of abundance. When I feel scarcity, it is accompanied by doubt and fear which act as barriers to my potential to receive or to manifest. When I Feel abundance, and gratitude for that abundance, that spirit empowers me to receive graciously and to create fully, regardless of external circumstances.

      When I am unable to hear my own voice, or to trust in it’s direction, it is wonderful to allow it to be reflected to me from external sources that are enriching and enlivening. Thank you for prompting that reflection :)

  9. jean sampson said:

    Joy, thank you for this stellar post! What a wonderful presentation from people who are seeing the same thing from slightly different perspectives. How rich, to have all this brilliance together here in one post. I agree that whatever comes from the spirit and not the ego has no fear connected to it, And, listening takes commitment and practice to be able to tell the difference. One of my favorite no-nonsence spiritual teachers, Caroline Myss, says that we are ALL so intuitive we can hardly stand it. She also says something a little different from anything I have heard before—–that the intuitive guidance is that thing you keep feeling but the ego doesn’t want you to hear and act on. So the intuition from your true self just might be disguised by the fearful ego. It might take some determination and discernment to separate the two. I don’t know if I expressed that very well, but it rang a bell of truth for me. The thing you don’t want to look at might just be your truth and the ego just might not like what it sees because it will have to live in that truth if it is seen. Which is a good thing! :)

    I always love your videos, Joy, your sweet gentleness comes through so beautifully. Also your commitment to your true self!

    • Hi Jean,

      Thank you for your presence…I *love* when you visit :)

      And, *stellar*, well you know I love the reflections of the sky, so stellar is about as good as it gets, thank you :)

      I respect Caroline Myss’ work and use her book “Anatomy of the Spirit” to enrich my own understanding of chakra work and the mind/body connection. I was able to heal from stage 3 cervical cancer with minimal surgery by integrating her wisdom into my life practice.

      You touch on a wonderful point…fear of knowing. We wish for inner peace, yet sometimes when faced with “knowing” we would rather not…we would rather sacrifice our inner peace because we fear some perceived future possibility of pain or struggle. Truth equals freedom, and expansion, and peace beyond what we can fathom…which is why is it my pleasure to present articles such as this (and to host clarity sessions) to encourage us to gently stretch together into this wide open field of infinite possibility.

  10. I like what you say about community being essential, Joy — being part of groups that get together, face to face, just for the sake of authentic expression has been such an important part of my life for the past few years. It’s more uncomfortable than blogging, certainly, but that’s generally a good thing for me. :)

    • Hi Chris,

      While I love and cherish my time in solitude, I also thrive within the connections of community; my world expands from the insights and wisdom I receive from the reflection of others.

      I would find community draining until I learned to honor my essence and my commitment to enriching and enlivening. When I stopped compromising “for the sake of connecting” and began investing in full presence, I found abundant joy and gratitude within community.

      Thank you for sharing..I love this “authentic expression”…feels wonderful to me, and an affirmation of my own heart truth :)

  11. Hi Joy,

    My favorite part in the article was your advice on taking time to ask and list and the environments that are most conducive for you for this purpose. I also loved the video. You have a beautiful voice.

    • Hi Sandra,

      Thank you for your presence, I *love* when you visit!

      It is interesting that you mention my voice, since this week has been one in which I have been contemplating the quality of my voice as far as tone, depth, harmony with others…so, thank you for the wonderful reflection and affirmation :)

      When we take the time to ask, listen, and allow for, we are in essence allowing for organic growth…mainstream tends to believe that growth “hurts”, while I like to reflect that growth may be a gentle stretch if we allow it to be.

  12. I have been searching for this answer how to differentiate my intution to all the wishful thoughts and positive hopeing. I got my answer here. Thanks for sharing this subtle abstraction so precisely. Much peace and love to all. :)

    • Wow, Priya, thank you – your comment brought me to this ‘powerhouse’ of an archived article (from 2012!).

      Is listening to your intuition comfortable and familiar to you? I invite you to share how listening to your intuition differs in feel from wishful thoughts and positive hoping (when you share, you inspire).

      Much peace and love to *you*, too!

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