The Application of Love and Gratitude

To celebrate the launch of my “Sharing the Gift of Presence” e-course series, my friend and colleague Melissa Reyes treated my little family to an evening at one of my favorite local events: the Citrus Classic Hot Air Balloon Festival.

As a clarity and energy facilitator, there is much to reflect upon in that one sentence.  Let’s break it down together.

My vision for this site is to share my heart space on the web…to connect transparently through vulnerability.

If you have been a reader since the beginning, you will notice that I have experienced a huge shift in alignment.  As I continued with my own inner work, courting expansion in all realms,  teaching my self to release my fear of heights (physically and energetically), my mind engaged in the fascinating process of learning new skills while my heart opened ever farther to living the reality of infinite possibility.

(If this sounds slightly “woo-woo”. it feels it, but I am using words to describe this energetic shift to inspire you to continue to open your heart as you create. I can now assure you, it doesn’t hurt, it feels absolutely wonderful!).

As I shared with you in my last article “Allow Your Heart Smile to Light the World“, I celebrated my birthday, then came home and created my new e-course series and retreat invitation. In essence, I created my heart whispers and have posted them publicly for all to see (and share).

The process of making ample time and space to dedicate to allowing full creative expression was (and is) the heart opening.  All else–aesthetics, the number of students, praise and criticism–is extraneous, out of my control, not what I am vested in.  I am immersed in the message and the creative process; with full trust that the truth within will resonate with others who will be drawn to share the experience with me.

My wish to celebrate was not of the actual product launch (although that was wonderful!), but the sharing of heart truth.

As my heart continues to soar, I want my being to experience the same feeling, within the joy of connection with love. The hot air balloon festival (surrounded by my children and loved ones) was the most symbolically appropriate place to be.  And, to be given this experience as a gift was a bonus I couldn’t have expected, or even asked for!

With a heart full of gratitude for each step that led me to this festival, my eyes filled with tears as the first balloon rose and was lit.  I didn’t have words to express my feelings, so I let the tears fall as my smile widened and I hugged my friends.

And, that is how I feel about this “Gift of Presence” series and retreat information.

When I look at my website, the structure of which was given to me as a gift by a loved one, my heart swells with love and gratitude.  My photos show my external changes, my new header shows my internal changes, and the comments and emails show the range of diversity within this community that supports my message and inspires me to keep embracing the experience of creating from my heart whispers.  When I am afraid or in doubt, this love and gratitude motivates me to open my heart even when it is tender.  When I am confident and in flow, this love and gratitude enriches and enlivens the moment beyond what I could imagine.

Love and gratitude are my tools of navigation; it is my pleasure to share through my work, my classes, and my retreats.

May I ask, is there an area in your life that is asking for the application of love and gratitude?  What does it feel like if you ignore that and how might you transform that energy by simply vesting presence  in it?

Much peace,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore. Experience.

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Comments on: "The Application of Love and Gratitude" (4)

  1. jean sampson said:

    Hi Joy—-how thrilling that all the aspects of your life are reflecting all of your inner growth! I am so glad you got to experience the beauty of the balloon festival. Congratulations on this huge expansion. It will be exciting to see who and what else will be attracted to you and your wide open heart space here. What an example you are of someone following her heart!

    • Hi Jean,

      Thank you for your presence to this process! I very much appreciate your love and support and all that you reflect inspires me to keep opening my heart, even through doubt/fear…

      My new affirmation is: Change is exhilarating, thrills my being!

  2. jean sampson said:

    You go, girl!! :)

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