Happy *Birth*day: Love, Passion, and Presence

Sometimes when we are *stuck*, it is because our mind cannot fathom any other options than that which we are in.  If our mind cannot fathom something, it renders any other option temporarily impossible for us.

At such a point, even if our heart whispers are screaming, the depth of heart space we are able to access is dependent upon our ability to trust the process; in other words, the mind’s ability to “surrender” the illusion of control.

We often feel that being stuck is permanent; yet, I used the word temporarily because the situation changes once we open our mind through it.

Notice, I did not ask you to access your heart space.  When one feels stuck, the process of movement begins with mind, then heart, then World.

Feeling quite “stuck” in general, in life, I wrote the article “Let It Go“.  I then chose to live it, am still living it right now; releasing inhibitions, barriers, anything that is not in resonance with my desire to live in alignment, a life full of passion, creative expression, presence, love, and gratitude.

The immediate result was this surge of *love* as expressed in this video: “I Love You Out Loud“.  Having received an invitation to participate months ago, my “block” was this “perfectionist” streak regarding my “lack of” high quality video equipment.  On this day, while in between appointments, I chose to go the beach to center my being.  With ‘only’ thirty minutes, I lifted my face to the sun for a meditation, I walked at water’s edge letting ocean kiss my legs…and I turned to my son who had his I-phone and said let’s make this video, one take, as is.  And so I did.

(What else is possible when we release mind, and open our hearts to the process?).

I then went camping for my *birth*day.  My intent for the day was to celebrate infinite possibility.

A few of the photos from this day are on Instagram (handle: @joyholland) and Facebook.

On the morning of my *birth*day, while the others were still sleeping, I sat on a huge rock in the middle of this creek and watched a hummingbird flit to and fro for at least twenty minutes.  After a sun meditation, again with a heart full of love and gratitude, the idea for my first ever Facets retreat was born (details will be released this week).

Back at camp, enjoying the campfire (yes, I hike and relax barefoot), I created a manifesto which will be released this week.

Back at home, I was gifted with this sunset…magnificent beyond words…and this passion list was created: Living Infinite Possibility: My Passion List.  Please check it out and then come back and share something from your passion list in the comments below.  Yep, publishing it allowed me the experience of vulnerability, but the feeling is absolutely amazing!

And, finally, my “present” to myself is the creation of an e-course: The Gift of Presence (details will be released this week).

When I chose to “let go” and to open my heart, all of *this* was perfectly placed, with ease, as I celebrated the day.  As I continue to honor my essence and my purpose through my creative expressions, I know that this is just the beginning.

Where there was once fear, there is only faith and trust; it is with great joy that I share the fruits with you here in this space.  It is wonderful in all ways to share my heart whispers here and to receive yours in return.

Thank you for being you; your presence in this community allows me to live my dream; your encouragement and support strengthens my ‘adventure muscles’.

(So, check out the love video and my passion list, and come back and share with us, in the comments below, something from your list.  How exciting to celebrate passion together!).

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment.  Explore.  Experience.

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Comments on: "Happy *Birth*day: Love, Passion, and Presence" (6)

  1. Joy,
    Nice perspective of starting to move/ get unstuck with mind, then heart, then world.

    I like your passion list, how do you hold intent with so many items on your list? Maybe my mind & heart are “thinking” small?

    My passion list would include much more world travel; like 1 month in Thailand & 1 mo in Hawaii.

    • Hi Brad,

      I *love* the idea of world travel…and Thailand and Hawaii are wonderful places :)

      My list isn’t all-inclusive…it is a ‘door opening’ if you will. As I honor the practice of unfolding, my moments are *magical* right here…surrounded by love, delight, beauty…so I hold the overall intent to cultivate passion but I allow unfolding to guide my creations and connections to ‘wherever’ they lead…And they tend to lead to some pretty amazing experiences!

      Because exploring each ‘facet’ of self is important to me, this list is a reminder to touch base with some facets that might otherwise remain ‘dusty’. For instance, I have wanted to learn the art of aerial silks, yet have been ultra focused on my health and business. So, something like that is a reminder to my self and Universe…my heart is open, my being is “ready”… :)

  2. jean sampson said:

    Wow, Joy, your list is awesome! I also love the emphasis on creating and inviting the feeling that going somewhere on the list and doing something on the list will bring you, because that does seem to open the door to creating what you are passionate about. This is so weird, but I don’t really have a list—–I just let the Universe surprise me, which it is doing, big time, right now! Mostly, I want to continue to love my life as it is right now (I do!) and love myself as I am right now (I do!) and love the people in my life and help them all I can to see how wonderful they are just by being themselves (I do!).I love my jasmine tea, I love my little house, I love my hubby and my kitty and my best friend who lives next door and walks with me every other day. I love my studio and the art center, I love to paint and draw and write poems and share all of that with others. I am grateful for my health (that i work so hard to maintain) and for all the wonderful things that keep,me healthy. I guess I am sort of living my passion list every day—–and it WAS NOT always this way. Yes, there are things I am not happy about, but I am convinced that everything in my life is as it should be and good enough as it is. Right now, I am loving the sound of the summer cicadas and the beautiful sunset. And a cup of jasmine tea while I talk to my friend, Joy, and all the friends I have met by knowing and loving her!

    I guess what it really is —-I trust life now and I trust myself! I love life now and I love myself! Doesn’t get any better than that for me :)

    Love and hugs to you, Joy!

    • Hi Jean,

      Your comment thrills me, especially this powerful affirmation: “I trust and love life now and I trust and love myself!” Just wow.

      I don’t think it’s ‘weird’ to not have a list…as I honor unfolding I didn’t have a list either…I *love* when Universe surprises me! However, I tend to vision “small” and become so comfortable with that vision that I lose my desire to explore and experiment…or even to open to exploration/experimentation…so this list reminds me of the limitless opportunities available beyond what I can see.

      I am thankful for everything that you love, because your radiant light brightens my own…and I also love jasmine green tea, so look forward to sharing some day!

  3. Love the Passion list and I am going to take time in the sun to make my passion list. I had started a new Everything I desire if money was no option the idea of passion is appealing and as I write this I am getting a nudge that maybe mine will be an abundance list. I will see what arises as i meditate on this and listen to my body. I love I am on your passion list and Hawaii is somewhere i want to go to swim with the dolphins and experience the energy there.

    This morning after drawing the cards let “go of the past” followed by “Clear The Clutter” I thought back to your post Let It Go- something i am doing today and know that as you say by being present I will be opening my heart to what my next path truly is.

    Joy thank you for sharing your presence and your present I am loving sharing your unfolding with you. I feel in some ways you are providing me with a mirror :)

    Namaste ???

    • Hi Suzie,

      The visual of you soaking up the sunshine while visioning a passion list is so heart-warming…thank you for sharing!

      Some people fear the unpredictability of passion, so it is with gratitude that I am cultivating it…in essence tapping into a new depth of flow.

      “Clear the Clutter” is exactly where I am at literally and energetically today, as I continue to create in life I find my creative space a bit messy with old thoughts and patterns, but literally with books and writing instruments and music apparatus. Thank you for the affirmation to clean :) I find as I physically clear my space, I feel centered internally as well.

      Thank you for all that you reflect to me…your spirit is so generous and curious and lively!

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