Learning to Use the Lens of Love

Using the lens of love will allow beauty and gratitude

to be visible in all circumstances.

Quite simply, one of my ‘superpowers‘ is the ability to see beyond the surface of external circumstances, allowing the gift of full presence to expand my vision to find the nugget of beauty and reflect that to others.

As I practice internal energy movement with my self, I explore in different ways.  This exploration means that I often find myself on a new path, metaphysically, and sometimes what rises is not trust, but fear of the unknown and doubt of my ability to navigate my being on this path.  Because I choose to move through fear and doubt as I traverse this path,  I experiment with different ways to amplify trust.  The combination of full presence and absolute trust equals a magnitude of empowerment that is potent (and delightful) to create with.

One may see, then, that as I continue to honor this cycle, I continue to find my self on new paths.

To alleviate the fear of new paths in all realms (for example in business and connections), I choose to physically explore new paths in the world around me.  An example of this is that when I find myself too comfortable with my running path, I add distance (thus, new terrain), or I change the entire path altogether.  I take the skills that I have (for instance in this example I know how to run and to honor my pace) and I use those skills to amplify my trust in the process, regardless of external.

When I practice this in a physical sense, it allows me to feel comfortable in a metaphysical sense.  I often find that after physical exploration, I feel comfortable exploring in all realms, and that comfort enables me to court and embrace expansion.  While others stories inspire me to stretch, personal exploration allows me to experience the concept of infinite possibility not just in reflection and words, but as my reality.

Yesterday, I chose to run a completely new path.  At first, my mind told me the distance would be too great and, because a portion of the path was alongside a busy road, there was a new danger of tripping over the cracks in the sidewalk or being hit by a car.  (I am used to running paths by the ocean so this is very different for me!).  As I listened, I kept honoring my pace; opening my eyes to all that was presented to me.

The sense of accomplishment at actually completing this set distance, on this new path, filled my heart with overwhelming gratitude.

From such a space, I began my cool-down walk home, alongside this busy road.  My mind began to complain about the fumes from the cars, the overall noise, and the litter lining the path.  My heart was still overflowing with gratitude, which began to transform my thoughts from complaints to praise.

I was imagining a story for each person driving by, and thinking how “busy” world can be, yet how beautiful that reflection of busyness is when I allow it to reflect to me the appreciation for my own life that is full of ample time and space to stretch and create and be.  And, then, I saw the above flower, just peeking through a fence.  I stopped and breathed it in.  I thought to photograph it to share with others.  As I experimented with angles, I bet those passing by wondered why I was stopped, and what I was doing.  I decided not to care what they “thought” and to take the time to capture the beauty that I saw.

I posted the photo on Facebook and a friend commented that it is called a “passion flower”.  Of course it is, for I live from my heart, allowing my passion to infuse my creations and to delight me as I move through WorldWorld responds with resonance to that vibration.

I share this reflection here because the number one question I receive consistently is how have I learned to view the world as I do. There are many layers to this reflection.  Thank you for receiving the layers as they feel comfortable to you.  I wonder, which layer speaks loudest to you and what might you create with this insight?

Much peace,

Reminder: Experiment.  Explore.  Experience.

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Comments on: "Learning to Use the Lens of Love" (12)

  1. Yes Joy…I know how you ‘run’ when you want to get somewhere, and I know how you can stop and take something in :)

    The traffic you described reminded me of the Tecate to Ensenada 5 person team race I use to do. There would be a caravan of about 250 support vehicles strewn throughout the 75 mile course. The exhaust was not that bad being out in the country side of Mexico. But once we decended the last mountain towards the coast and got a wiff of the fish processing factory we knew the finish line was within 5 miles or so. Can’t tell you how many hand slaps I got from kids along the road :)

    Love the passion flower!

    I like how you explore. How you blend and enjoy the paths you go on. What you discover as you stay tuned into the positive…that the often un-noticed can catch your eye.

    Happy trails, beaches, roads, meadows, and roads to you Joy…

    • Hi Rand,

      To find a reflection of passion and beauty, even alongside a busy road, is a wonderful affirmation of the power of presence. I share this because when we are able to be fully present, and to see the beauty around us in all circumstances, we are able to access inner peace in each moment….true freedom and joy exists in such a space.

      Thank you for sharing your own personal example through the story of the race :)

  2. Joy this so made me :-) this morning. Of course it was a passion flower – it totally is a reflection of who you are. There are no secrets in the universe!

    • Thank you for sharing that Smile, Elle, which then brightened my own smile *this* morning :) A reminder that when we share what we “have”, what we “need” is perfectly placed.

      And of course it was a passion flower…I am learning the magnificence of practicing flow within alignment :) Thank you for the affirmation and kind words!

  3. Hi Joy,

    I love the way you describe your process so those of us who are learning to live energetically may follow and learn.

    What resonated for me was to be fully present and trust as the way through fear. Maybe a deep breath & relaxing will help!

    wonderful, thanks

    • Thank you, Brad, for the reminder of the power of full breath and relaxation…may we remember not to “reserve” these resources for our “days off/weekend” but to allow ample space and time each day.

  4. “The lens of love” – I fell in love with that phrase the moment I read your letter. I usually see positive but there are times when I cant help getting mad – I drive a scooter in peak traffic hours. I am now going to consciously turn all that into happies.

    I just loved this. Hugs!

    • Thank you, Vidya, for the visual of you zipping around on your scooter…I have only seen video of traffic there, and I could not imagine the trust and courage it takes to travel in such a way!

      I surround my self with people who capture and share beauty in myriad ways…and I was thinking how so many of my close friends share photos that are absolutely gorgeous and touch my heart…they must be looking through the “lens of love”…And this is what I do through my work..use my lens of love to show how “ordinary” is really absolutely extraordinary.

      A loving to you :)

  5. That photo looks so unreal and perfect. But then, only Nature has the ability to do that! Thank you for sharing through your lens!

    • Vidya,

      I stood there a while and tried different angles to capture the radiance, color, and texture. I didn’t know “why” I was drawn to this flower, only that I was drawn and I followed my prompt to capture the beauty. The following day, the article just flowed. It was an all around wonderful experience, and yet another example of how flow works in all areas of my life when I am present to it.

  6. jean sampson said:

    Hi Joy, loved this post! And I love that Passion Flower! What a glorious picture! As an artist and poet who writes a lot of her poems inspired by Nature, I am always looking, looking, looking for whatever will inspire the next poem. And there is ALWAYS something worthy of seeing! I am so glad this gift presented itself to you along the busy highway where you were not as comfortable as usual. You are so right—-there is always some sort of gift everywhere we look. Sometimes we have to look at the tiny things (I recommend watching one ant carrying something many times bigger than itself for a long while) and sometimes we have to look at the more vast things, such as the clouds or the night sky. And we can always look within our own hearts to find something lovely and worthy of note! Hugs to you!

    • As I receive your reflection, Jean, I feel a prompt to add may we see the Beauty within..beyond the “layers and barriers and clutter” to the precious nugget of *essence* that is something to acknowledge, appreciate, and celebrate :)

      As you share, *everything* can be a source of inspiration…when we allow it to be. This requires full presence, rather than auto-pilot, and the examples of the ant and the clouds are wonderful because we are the ant taking one step at a time to accomplish a goal, and we are the clouds stretching to full expanse and all in between.

      What you capture in your art and your poetry is your celebration of life; you are able to capture it so well, because you live *fully*.

      An energetic to you, too :)

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