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 I want to share a story with you…

My family has always wanted to be a circus family.  We each have individual talents that, when practiced, would allow us strength as circus performers.

I have reasons (excuses, really) why I have not followed this path.

My son, however, has a strong, clear heart whisper that he would like to perform with Cirque du Soleil.  While this troupe is international, they do have a local production site less than an hour away.

About seven months ago, my son began researching the qualifications to audition for this troupe.  He has been practicing hand-balancing and aerial skills consistently since then. One might have said that seven months ago, his body was quite inflexible, to see him now (as he does full splits on the aerial silks or reaches through his legs to grab the trapeze bar…but that is jumping ahead..sorry!), one would have no idea that he has been anything but ultra-flexible his entire life!

While I fully support the creation of heart whispers into reality, we are surrounded by many people who do not think that circus life is a “fitting lifestyle”.   To fully center into supporting my son’s dream, I have to access my own faith and encourage him from such a spot.

My son, undaunted, practiced hours almost daily, changing his body shape and flexibility and also showing complete dedication to his trust in the process by being present to his dream, regardless of external circumstances.  By vesting physical presence, he was also affirming energetic presence; in essence telling Universe “here I am, let’s do this *impossible thing*”.

He took his first aerial class yesterday, in a studio run by Cirque performers.

As he swung backwards into his first trapeze “trick”, how do you think he felt? He is living the reality of his heart whispers.  As he hung between two aerial silks, can you imagine the sheer joy?

While I did support him in his presence to this dream, his own faith in his abilities and his utter trust in flow,  is what led him to the reality of his *now* which includes aerial school.

One might say he quickly realized his dream…or one might acknowledge the dedication, the hours, the willingness to transform his entire body to this flexibility that he now has. He didn’t say: I am inflexible, I quit…he said let me gently stretch into flexibility..and here he is, living this dream.

So, I turn that inward, and I say to myself, is there any area in which *I* have that presence, that dedication, that willingness to transform my entire self to align with my dream.

This coincides with my own “launch” (decision to fly) of my Facets retreats.  This article is not a sales pitch, it is about heart whispers and dreams…but I mention the retreat because it is the integration of my passions in life with a concrete, tangible “real” “product.  As my son physically flies, I energetically fly…and the synchronicity leaves me in wonder and awe.

My son’s faith bolsters my own.  He often reminds me of the principles I have taught him and keeps me clear when I manifest and allow for unfolding.  He has no doubt. Really.

So, I look into his life, and compare it with my own, and I see clearly that he only vests in that which encourages and supports his heart whispers; while I sometimes compromise, and that compromise is the difference between us.

My ultimate vision is to take Facets on the road (really the ocean, I would like to sail around the world)…and there are many, many people who tell me why it cannot be done…

So the question remains then…ditch the dream?….or re-align the circumstances…

And, really, doesn’t that apply to every situation in which we choose to vest energy that distracts from our ultimate purpose?

Time to re-align the circumstances.

photo credit: Raam Dev, quote: FacetsofJoy

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Much peace,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore. Experience.


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  1. “So the question remains then…ditch the dream?….or re-align the circumstances…
    And, really, doesn’t that apply to every situation in which we choose to vest energy that distracts from our ultimate purpose?”
    One who is present with self, centered, or whatever descriptiveness one chooses, “knows” (the heart whisper). And it would seem that circumstances will realign themselves upon our realization to naturally follow. One’s “realignment” then, would seem more an effortless following than conscious effort (though one may certainly “realign” daily schedules, physical locations/efforts to accommodate). And bravo to your son! That’s awesome!

    • Ricky, I am thrilled to see you here…thank you for joining me in this discussion :)

      I fully understand your reflection, thank you! When I am fully present, my heart whispers roam, alignment is effortless, and each step is through flow with ease and grace. However, in my life, if I am not focused, “clutter” (in all realms) builds…so it is essential for me, then, to remove that clutter (re-align the circumstances). You are absolutely correct, as I have just experienced in these past seven days taken to re-center, circumstances naturally re-align to my heart whispers, once I am open and aware and allowing for them to. Quite an extraordinary experience..and I *love* that you understand and affirm this practice, thank you!

      I would love to hear an example from your own life in which you chose to allow circumstances to re-align…I know you have much to teach me :)

  2. jean sampson said:

    Your good teaching and example is coming to fruition in that amazing son of yours! Now it is time for you to listen to your own heart whispers and do what your heart calls you to do—take your retreats wherever you are called to go! You are known in lots of places (and loved and trusted)—-so, yes, follow your wonderful heart! It will amaze you how the way is, even now, being prepared before you! I have lived long enough to see uncanny, outrageous (in a good way) things happen that NOBODY could ever have imagined or predicted! It has been a process of just keeping on doing what I was doing and not giving up —and then,, when the time was right, things began to unfold in front of me. My job now is to keep up with the pace that life is setting for me, and keeping the faith that I WILL get everything done and done well!

    Stay faithful to your passion, Joy, and get your running shoes laced up tight! :)

    • *grin* Jean, as you will read in my next article, I took my running shoes off…oh, yea :)

      Thank you for your kind words and affirmation! When I watched my son, I couldn’t help but see the symbolism and wonder how he was able to soar so effortlessly with what I have taught him, yet I still had fear…so I took these past seven days to address and release that…

      I am standing smack dab in the midst of vulnerability, and I had to remember that is the place that my essence thrives, exactly where I want to be! And, I love that you and so many other beautiful spirits, are standing with me…thank you for that!

  3. Go for the Joy, Joy! You teach others so well! Dreams are gifts. I pity the poor souls who never ever have one. What a sad life that would be! I’ve had many dreams, some realized, some not. I still allow them to come though. Can’t imagine what life would be like without a dream, seriously, can you?

    I researched my blood line (I’m adopted) and my ancestors had the LaPearl Circus and were bought out by P.T. Barnum – of Barnum and Bailey fame. Saw a pic of my great-grandmother hanging by her teeth in a tutu – quite something. I giggled for weeks.

    In my own youth, I wanted to be a dancer. Always danced from toddler on, it’s all I ever wanted to do. At 16, when my dad realized how serious I was, he totally forbade it. Then it was art school. He told me I had no talent so squashed that too. Took me decades – like probably four – to forgive him. I took up painting at age 50 and haven’t stopped.

    Parents really need to encourage, not squash those dreams. Of course you know that :) Bless you!


    • Oh, SuZen, I love you for so many reasons…and here is heart smiles at the thought of your grandmother hanging by her teeth in a tutu–my grandmother would have faint, then have lots to say about that! I have to release the disapproval and embrace the love and joy emanating from my children as they live their dreams. My birth family humors my work…it is my energetic family that supports and encourages…and I thank you for being a part of that!

  4. I love this! How wonderful that your son has a dream and works so hard for it. How terrific that you support him. And how glorious that you have your own dream. Best of luck to your son. Cirque du Soleil is an amazing organization. If he makes the team, let us all know when he will be performing so we can watch him!!

    • Galen, thank you for your presence to this piece! When my son has his first show, I will surely announce it :) and, I am creating a Facets retreat at the aerial studio…a unique opportunity to physically (and safely) symbolize heart whispers soaring as participants gently swing through the air on hoops and silks! I am learning to honor my unique essence by allowing extreme vulnerability as I share from this depth of inner core :)

  5. I admire you and your son for the beautiful synchronicity. I would be thrilled to see him perform with Cirque du Soleil! I’ve read about them and one of my dreams is to see them perform live. Who knows, it could be when your son performs.

    God bless you both – and I wish him all the very very best. :-) It is so exciting when our eyes open a little wider as we learn from our children. Blessed is the feeling.

    Love you, Joy

    P.S.: Wondered if you received my email to you?


    • Vidya, Thank you for your presence to this piece…for I know you understand how our children’s reflections and experiences may bolster our own faith and trust. The joy on his face reminded me of the joy of living my own dreams, and prompted this seven day journey of re-centering into my heart truth. Blessed is the feeling, indeed :)

      And, I did receive your beautiful email…I have been offline, and am now “catching up”…lovin’ every moment of it…so very blessed to be me! Love to you ;)

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