The Permission to Be You

The indelible truth of you lies within your heart.  Is this truth fully expressed in your life, coloring your creations and connections?  Is this truth dormant, buried under layers of doubt, fear, and perceived limitations?

In life, I have been taught manners. I see now, that for years I was waiting for the permission to be *me*. Among the rules, conditions, and regulations placed upon me by my family, my religion, my society where was the permission to fully shine my radiant spirit and create from such a place?  I heard all of the reasons why I should dim my light, but I didn’t hear the affirmation to shine it.

I couldn’t hear the affirmation for many reasons.  The biggest reason is that I wasn’t surrounded by people who were capable of affirming such a thing.

I believe that what I see strongly in others is a reflection of me.  So, if I am surrounded by people unable to affirm my own truth to me…that means that I am unable to affirm my own truth.

I spent years studying and applying practices of awareness, presence, and alignment.  I felt inner peace, joy, and spirit; sharing readily with others from this wonderful space.  Yet, there seemed to be this block to abundance.  One could share space with me and feel spirit, yet my external resources were consistently minimal.  I would often wonder if I could create as I do from minimal (inherent from my childhood) what would be possible if I could create from abundance?

Outsiders looking in would remind me of the importance of alignment within connectionsTo surround myself with positive, inspiring, enriching, enlivening people.  As a practice, I resisted; becoming quite ill in the process.  Last Fall, I found myself on bed rest–a serious wake-up call (I share the experience in this just published article “A Gentle Stretch in Place”, please click the title to read it).

At my edge, I found my power. I gave myself the permission to be me. 

Then, I looked at my external and found that I no longer fit.  So, I moved (in all realms).

I have a friend who says he fears stagnation, and I could never understand that. I understand it fully now.  One might stagnate in different ways…not just physically, but emotionally, spiritually, intellectually.  Practicing whole body wellness allows us to consider the idea of movement as a practice…moving nourishment through our bodies, minds, souls.

To know what best nourishes me in this moment, I must first be fully me.  When I choose to live my heart truth, I am supported, inspired, enriched by those who also choose to live their heart truth.  (When I compromise that, I am in essence compromising me).

As an example of how this feels in life, after publishing the article about Dave Ursillo’s new book “God Whispers on the Wind”, Dave and I connected through Skype. He asked me how could he best serve me?  And I explained he already didWhen he chose to create and share his heart whispers through this book –and the message in all of his work–it affirmed my own (and many others). Merely by giving full presence to his truth, he allows us the space to comfortably give full presence to our own.

And, I want to say this…with my whole entire being…when one chooses to live their truth while surrounded by such beings, infinite possibility is no longer a concept to read about, it is an experience to live.

So, just in case you have been waiting for someone to give you permission to “enter the room” of full presence…let me extend this warm invitation: I invite you to join myself and the countless others who choose to live heart truth through transparency, vulnerability, and authenticity, into the wonderful space of full presence.

I give you the permission to be you: to experiment with your talents, explore your edges, and experience the moment as you are meant to.

Thank you for being you, I very much appreciate your presence!

Much peace,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore. Experience.





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  1. Yes, I can relate to the sense of being unable to affirm my own truth, as you put it. Early on I developed the sense that it was not okay for me to be as loving as I actually am, and I started condemning myself as weak sometimes for simply feeling love. Becoming aware of this has been a quietly incredible experience.

    • Thank you, Chris, for sharing == each word speaks strongly to me.

      Because I *knew* my truth quite clearly, not affirming it caused me illness. Knowing and affirming are separate “issues” for me.

      Like you, my journey has been to learn and accept that loving is a gentle power, a strength that many yearn for. Opening my heart to *me* as graciously as I open to world has been indescribable.

      What a powerful affirmation you share with this phrase: “Becoming aware of this has been a quietly incredibly experience”.

      I share my experience in this space, through photos, and through silence…and I love that you are a kindred spirit! Thank you for your presence :)

  2. The power behind and within your post is not only inspiring it is truly empowering – no small feat. Beautiful and full of action. Another inspiring post that causes me to think and most importantly act, stretch, renew and create. I am moving mountains with your help!

    • Thank you, Anne for the affirmation in your reflection. My vision through sharing these particular words is empowerment…throughout my life, I have heard similar stories and words, but the ability to hear them only came when I opened to my truth. As I create new and different, it is others stories that inspire me…the ones that share the “challenge” and the resulting experience.

      I *love* that you are moving mountains…I bring your choice of words inward and ask my self how may I best use my own story, and the affirmation of your reflection, to create today? What mountains shall I move (and together we can move a whole range!).

      Thank you for your presence :)

  3. jean sampson said:

    Yep, I have spent a lifetime digging through all of the fear, the taboos, the injunctions, all of the ways that I was supposed to fit myself into everyone else’s lives and agendas. I am, as a result of that, very able to be with and relate to a lot of different people, and I am grateful for that. Being a Southern Lady (HA!) makes for way too much graciousness at the expense of really being who I am sometimes—-even now. The difference is that I have awareness when I am NOT speaking my truth (and I can work through why I was scared to say what I thought—-I do have the tools for that)! I do find that I cannot just let it ride when I defer to something that is not me—-I do have to explore it and figure out WHY. I am always amazed at how younger people are gaining the desire, the awareness and the tools to cut through all the gunk and figure out what is really important and then just go for it. I took baby steps because it was way too scary if I went too fast. I also took a lot of people who wanted freedom with me! I am an extremely safe person for most folks to be around, non-judgmental, kind—–because I know how hard it is to just get up every morning and figure out how to live each minute with the least amount of pain, the most joy that you can. I always assume that everyone is on their own path and that they are struggling with SOMETHING and that they are doing the very best they can given what they understand at this point in their lives.I am grateful that I was raised with a lot of love and a lot of fear (from Mom) and both of those energies have made me who I am today—working through the fear, reaching for more love! When the fear is not there, I am simply love! So is everyone else, I think. Wow, this got a little long—-but this is how I am thinking about your post, Joy! Love and hugs!

    • Thank you for your presence and reflection, Jean :)

      You touch upon so many variables in this reflection…each one speaks strongly to me. And, this affirmation: “When the fear is not there, I am simply love”. This is who *I* am and it is wonderful when it is reflected back to me!

      That you honor your individual creative style (baby steps), and included others in your experience of freedom, and were (are still) able to release conditioning and self-limiting is inspirational to me, touches me deep in inner core. Thank you :)

  4. Joy,

    This whole body health is so critical to our experience of remaining balanced and integrated. I am so delighted you mentioned that. I believe it becomes very easy to start over-investing in some parts of our lives, while neglecting others. I appreciate very much that you brought awareness back to this, and as always I found your reflections beautiful and inspiring.

    Peace, love and presence,


    • Thank you, Lindsay for your presence!

      It has been my experience that full presence is invigorating and enlivening (and feels very comfortable) when I am aware of whole body health. There is much talk about “balance” in life, and in my practice, that balance is internal centered-ness instead of external juggling; only possible when I celebrate whole body health. From such a space, answers rise effortlessly and gratitude overflows.

      Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your radiant energy :)

  5. thanks Joy,
    a touching post & story today. I can feel the truth in your message for me. I’ve been feeling a little stagnant. Great gentle wake up & invitation to be more alive. I gladly accept your welcome to open more to me, authenticity, and aliveness. I just felt tingles again.


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