Freedom: A State of Mind and Being


As I work on “The Pearls of Peace” ebook, launching on International Peace Day (this week, September 21st!), I am immersed in the concept and flow of peace.  I balance writing and creating with time with my children, and lots of time at the beach.

I notice that my vision has softened and my heart has opened; World looks and feels richer in so many ways.

I fully understand that this is a temporary state; as I work on the book, energetically as I am immersed in peace, I exude peace and draw to me peace.  As I cultivate peace to share, I am very aware of where I am placing my energy during this time.  When doubts surface (within the creative process), I gently acknowledge them and they pass.  When my children bring their energy into the mix, I find myself laughing (internally) at their sibling squabbles and watching the tension simply dissolve as they move onto connecting in a positive way.  When I don’t have “the answer”, I feel excitement at the array of possibilities that could be placed.

This affirms to me that what I focus on grows.  The gift of opening through vulnerability to allow full creative expression, is in this *now*, not necessarily the results of the finished product of the ebook (or whatever it is we have chosen to open to).

September 11th could have potentially been a heavy day energetically.  My “takeaway” this year is the reminder to celebrate the freedom that I do have in my life, right now, as I am, in this spot.  If ties and constraints exist, it is because we allow them to; it is for us to stretch through, release, and even embrace them.  Freedom is all that we allow it to be in our life; a state of mind as much as a state of being.

When we choose to create and connect transparently, we are honoring freedom by living our truth; in essence living the experience of inner peace.

My friend, Sandra, published this poem on her site For Our World – A 9/11 Poem By Mattie.  Mattie’s essence, and the words he chose to share, affirms my own heart truth.  Perhaps it will touch you in some way as well.

(Is there an area in your life in which you might set aside expectations, judgment, regret, doubt, and allow peace to swoop in and transform the feel of the variables?).

Thank you for being you!  I very much appreciate your presence.

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. So amazing, Joy. I love that poster (yes, I love you, the poster too!) Many times, I go through this – feeling pressurized by stuff, and then, I suddenly let go of the tension and – lo and behold, when I let peace in, everything looks different.

    Right now I am writing a post on this, and how interesting it was to see your email alert and come here and read this! Always a pleasure. I have a very soul-matish feeling right now. I remember that poem at Sandra’s.Beautiful.

    Big hugs. Very much looking forward to your book. :-) Your creations are always magical.

    Love, Vidya

    • Thank you, Vidya, for sharing such a wonderful affirmation of peace!

      I took the photo during my evening stroll…instead of walking the few steps to the stretch of beach I am accustomed to, I walked barefoot about one mile..and this lovely view was waiting for me. Does love show through a photo?

      What I didn’t take with my on my walk were my earthly concerns, I chose to open my heart to what was presented in that moment…so, this stands out to me “when I let peace in, everything looks different”.

      Soul-matish is a wonderful feeling :)

      Thank you for the kind words, the book is absolutely *magical*, because of the collaborative effort, the different perspectives bring such depth and beauty!

  2. jean sampson said:

    I second what Vidya said—yes, the love does show!
    It shows that you left the worldly concerns and went out to photograph beauty, peace and love and you did it. it is all energy, after all, and that is what we see and feel. I loved the poem, Joy. I believe this is the little boy that Oprah had on her show and I was in awe of him then. It was clear that she loved him and that he was so special. You couldn’t help falling in love with him if you ever saw and heard him!

    Peace, yes, and love.

    • Thank you, Jean, for affirming the *love* :0

      I, too, remember Mattie from Oprah, and I couldn’t imagine being in the presence of such purity and peace…such an inspiration!

      With all of the complaints about social media and how it can pull us away from “real life”, my experience is completely different. I find my connections, and the information I am “plugged into” to be so enriching, and the connections to be so enriching. Life changing in wonderful ways, because I allow it to be. Thank you for being a part of that :)

  3. jean sampson said:

    I feel the same way, Joy! I have met, learned from, been inspired by and fallen in love with many of my on-line friends. They have made me a better, more loving person, because of how loving and wonderful they are! You are one of the people who are in this category, big time :)

  4. Hi Joy, I like what you say about enjoying the creative process as opposed to being fixated on the product or how others are going to react to the final product. When I’m working on a song, the moments when I’m jumping around the room with excitement occur during the writing process, not while it’s being played to others (unless the jumping is part of the performance).

    • Thank you, Chris, for sharing a wonderful affirmation of enjoyment of the creative process! There tends to be this “story” that as artists we produce our “best work” when we are suffering (or we *must* suffer for our art). I produce my “best work” when I celebrate life and am enlivened in all ways.

      I love that you jump around as you are working on a song…your song absorbs that energy…sounds amazing! I love that you are so excited that you allow your entire being to celebrate…wonderful!!!

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