Fresh. Free. Light. (A Celestial Celebration).

Love will change your life when you open your heart to it.

The depth and magnitude is dependent upon your willingness to allow vulnerability.

In my life, any illness, struggle, tension, discomfort has been a direct result of my resistance to, or deflection of, love.  Thus, if I wish to alleviate that pain, I simply open my heart to love.

I have been relatively quiet the last couple of weeks.  It tends to happen when I fall in love.  I am left speechless; in wonder, awe, and gratitude. Indescribable.

In my last article, The Permission to Be You, I wrote: “the indelible truth of you lies within your heart.”

Once I have identified my truth of the moment, I then do the inner work to align to it.

I am temporarily back at the beach.  Mere steps away from the beach, directly across the harbor from where my boat was docked.  One might say I have “come home”.

With this homecoming, I have once again fallen in love with world (anew/still).

I know that leaving the area (a few months ago) was a reaction to external pain; I had lived chapters of my life (nine years worth) that were integrated but no longer felt like me. There were remnants of recent shadows in my favorite places, and I felt extremely vulnerable centering into them, so I left.  Reactionary.

My truth is, I am a creator (not a reactor) and my base is love.

When I centered into that truth, I could clearly appreciate the beauty of– and the lessons within–the mountains and farmland, but I knew that healing and growth would only be prolonged for the duration of time I chose to remove my presence from my beach.

Disheartened.  Yet, I continued to spin magic, genuinely so, just not as potent, nor as magnetic to me.

I literally felt like a “fish out of water”.  On the very day it became intolerable (so much around me was “breaking” and “disconnected”) I told Universe I would open my heart through vulnerability, and I began to pack (not knowing to where) and this temporary space opened up so we moved. Literally, that quickly and efficiently.

I set the intent to anchor into light; literally meaning I would view the sunrise over the mountains and the sunset from the beach, each day.  This is where and how I meet Divine…the beauty, the presence, the grace, the love…

One might say, then, I chose to center fully into love. 

While it surprises me, I bet you are not surprised to discover that I then fell in love.  With world.  Buoyancy in my steps, passion coursing through my cells, living my truth boldly.

I see the beauty, I feel the presence, I breathe in grace and I become love. 

I stopped writing because I had no words.  I began taking photographs, with my Droid phone, playing with light and waiting patiently for just the right moment.  This is how World teaches me and speaks to me…far more potent than an essay or a video, are my steps on the beach, opening to Divine, as I am.

When I anchor in light, in the morning and the evening, the flow of the day is effortless.  What I accomplish in a day is mind-boggling to those who know me but it feels “easy” because I am honoring my essence as I move through day.

I wish to share with you one day of magic that I see and experience, so that you, too, might feel the beauty, presence, grace, and love.

(Please know that each photo symbolizes hours on the beach, and this is a conscious choice before and after the “meaty work” of my day.  This choice has expanded my life far beyond what I know into the realm of infinite possibility.  As you read my words and view the photos, may you consider what would you like to anchor your presence into, and how might that change your life).


Morning Sun illuminates Earth’s beauty.

This photo is at 6 am while many are scurrying around readying for their day.  What magnificence happens while we are still sleeping or when we layer the moment with clutter and filler that it is almost impossible to feel the essence.

When we invest full presence, we are rewarded with magnificence.

(May you recognize that, as you experience them, you may allow these moments to light your heart…to keep this precious treasure for your self.  So many times, we are quick to give away the very light that is meant for us.  May you allow the sparks within to be fire starters for others).


Infinite possibility is real when you choose to open your heart to it.

To understand that I took this photo with a Droid phone, and it turned out as nicely as it did made me realize that so often I say I don’t have adequate resources and allow that to be an excuse not to create something.   And, this sunset moved me to tears, so I stood there feeling most vulnerable (with inadequate resources) and I breathed in all that was presented to me.  I stood in vulnerability and opened through it.

I checked with my body to see if the discomfort was pain.  It wasn’t.  It was purely the sensation of my heart being open to a depth that is new to me.  In a way I didn’t feel possible.

This meant, that after the sunset, I was still standing there.  Long after most people had turned away or left, I was standing in my truth, patiently waiting. And I knew to wait for the pink moment.  I knew to be patient.

Everything is possible when I allow ample space and time for full expression.

And, then, I turned around and saw:

Full Moon Rising

Give your heart whispers to the moon, allow them to roam free and return a reality.

If I walked north/west I saw sunset.  If I walked south/east I saw moon rise.

It seems to me I am sometimes so concerned with direction (am I going the “right way”), that it becomes paralyzing rather than inspiring.  I know Source well (I am anchored in light), and I practice unfolding within presence, so how could there possibly be a “wrong way”?

For you, too.

There isn’t a “right” or “wrong”, there just is way.

Do I prefer the sunset or the moon rise? I couldn’t choose if you asked me to.  So symbolic.

Just enjoy the journey as you allow transformational magic (love and gratitude) to guide you.

Thank you for allowing me to share.  If you have any reflections or comments, I would love to receive them.

Much peace,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore. Experience.

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Comments on: "Fresh. Free. Light. (A Celestial Celebration)." (15)

  1. Joy, this is simply beautiful! Thank you for sharing from this space of love. Thank you for being all that you are.

  2. Now, instead of worrying about what “I don’t know” or fretting what “I don’t have”, I am celebrating what is: I am free, I have freed myself to be anything and everything possible, and I have everything I need in this moment to be whole, full of light and love, and shine that light and love into the world…

    • Thank you, Molly, for your presence and your radiant affirmation. So beautiful to read and to feel the love that you share in so many ways…I am excited to see how this manifest in your life, and what you choose to create with it!

      So many people ask me “how” do I create, so I chose to share this snippet from the transition of the last two weeks…the “how” evolves as we evolve, the key is to honor the creative expression of the moment and allow the changing current to guide us, instead of resisting and deflecting, plug into the power.

      A huge energetic hug to you!

  3. Joy:
    I am inspired by your words: ‘there is no right or wrong, there is just way’. I have stumbled across this realization just this week – planning a trip that took time, effort, but was based in someone else’s desires not my own…I did not take the trip. Staying home was grounding, necessary. I was able to bask in the light of a blue moon and watch a lightning storm… Allowing me to see past pleasing someone else and letting my heart be in the moment when the sun sets and the moon rises. The most heart felt moment.
    I think your odyssey clarifies your message beautifully and that to come back to that space was captured best with your pictures. Words are hard to find in that moment of contentment and bliss!
    Happy returns to your old/new home space.

    • Thank you, Anne, for your presence through your reflection :)

      In the example that you share, I can feel the refreshment of your choice to allow your heart to lead by staying home and enjoying all that was presented to you. Thank you for having the courage and faith to follow your heart, especially when you “risked” the perceived potential pain of possibly disappointing another. The inspiration I receive from your example is just but one way of amplifying the essence of your special moment.

      Yes, I think my photos capture well the invitation for a heart opening that I am receiving daily. Honoring unfolding through this process has been literally *enlightening* :)

      A huge energetic hug to you :)

  4. To be one with nature is the ultimate bliss, pleasure. I too love to be up before everyone and enjoy the solitude and peace before the day catches up with me. And it is the same in the evening, watching the skies, the rays of the sun retreating gently, making way for moonlight to shine, cooling our minds and soothing us, as if to tell us “Go. Rest. And arise. A brand new day awaits”.

    Am watching the same skies as you, Joy. Much love and hugs!

    • Thank you, Vidya, for your presence through your reflection.

      As you mention, we are watching the same skies…and I feel that energetic connection with you and others while I am absorbing the beauty and basking in the light. That sense of community (even though I am physically “alone”) gives me the encouragement to offer my consistent presence to this practice, as well as the inspiration to open my heart to a new depth and to plug into this power as I create.

      Feeling that love, while in the light, *is* the ultimate “reward”.

      Thank you for sharing your wonderful affirmation…I *love* this: “Go. Rest. And arise. A brand new day awaits.”

      A huge energetic hug to you :)

  5. jean sampson said:

    Well, Joy, now you done gone and done it! :) You have made me want a camera for the first time since I stopped taking photos long ago! I want to show others (and myself!) the beauty that is always right there in front of us every moment. Everything in nature is beautiful and perfect, no matter where you point the camera or your life! I teach this in my painting classes—-there are infinite possibilities for a painting, for the next stroke, and NOTHING is ever a mistake. Some of the times when I thought I had “ruined” a painting were, in the end, the times when the most beauty was created. It is so mysterious, this life and our connections with ourselves and one another, all bound together in the natural world around and WITHIN us. Fear of making a mistake(which I don’t think is even possible!!) keeps us small and closed up. It gives us tunnel vision so that we cannot see what is above or behind or even slightly to the side. Therefore, we think there is only one way (the right way) and everything else is wrong. This will zap the energy and enthusiasm right out of us and we will not feel like doing anything….plus we will feel so badly about ourselves! One of my big commitments in life is to help folks remove whatever is in the way of them feeling GOOD about themselves. It has been my life’s work, therefore I feel pretty qualified to do this work. If someone is beating themselves up verbally, and I hear it, I will work with them to help them see how wonderful they really are and how all that other stuff really comes from false standards and values and has NOTHING to do with them, A lot of times, when I leave them, they are laughing and smiling, because I do like to keep things light (that wonderful word again). Oops! Got long-winded! But I just felt like I wanted to share these things that are so important to me. Hugs and love to you! Keep that camera handy! :)

    • Thank you, Jean, for your presence through this heart smile is radiant as I can feel the love and joy emanating from your being!

      In my life, words come easy, so to use a phone camera (and a droid in this age when Iphonography is popular and has so many more features) was a stretch through vulnerability. The process of learning these new skills is one of opening my heart to feeling new and different (which is how *I* tend to learn, through feelings). The actual being present to, and creating from, this newness has left me speechless, yet again. And, of course, draws many other new opportunities…allowing World to delight me in myriad ways has once again become a pleasure (instead of more to fear).

      I love when you share your painting techniques. So often, my mind will scream “mistake”…while my being says simply…”way”…yet those “mistakes” have been portals to abundance I would not have otherwise known. When I physically create, I don’t “beat myself up”, if I am writing I just delete and continue to write; if I am sailing, I just correct with trim or direction; so, too, I am finally learning this about life’s steps. Thank you for the consistent reminders :)

      Thank you for sharing your life’s work in all of the ways that you do. Opening your heart and sharing your talents in such ways enriches and enlivens and offers others refreshment and nourishment.

      A huge energetic hug to you :)

  6. I had to laugh when I got to the end and saw your right or wrong observation. Right/wrong is what I just wrote about today myself! Talk about the universe trying to speak to me. Hello, Galen, are you there??!!

    Gorgeous photos of light. Shining brightly, shining softly. My word of the year is shine.

    • Thank you, Galen, for your presence and affirmation of *shine*. Wow, I love the synchronicity…my word is “excellence” which I am learning through radiance :) And, I love that you share examples of degrees and depth with “brightly” and “softly”. This evening, I noticed that sunset was quietly spectacular, with delicate, wispy tendrils instead of bold intensity.

      Universe speaks (and affirms) in ways we can best receive, so it delights me that we have just done so for each other through our reflections! *That* is the reason I thoroughly enjoy connecting; solitude is absolutely wonderful, yet genuine sharing is just as enlivening :)

  7. Absolutely beautiful, Joy! I enjoyed every moment that unfolded in this article, especially the humor of choosing between the sun and the moon!

    I want to anchor into love. It’s so easy to forget, but my wish is to remember to remember to remember!

    • Thank you, Sandra, for your presence and affirmation. Your wish is “perfect”: remember to remember to love :) Some people take supplements, I bask in the sun ray’s and moonbeams and find them both as nourishing in completely different, yet essential ways. I wonder, if thinking of love in such a way might help you to “remember”.

  8. I love this post and how the photos carry it along, Joy!

    Best of all, I love that I have seen that very same beach a couple of weeks ago when I visited with you and Leslie… so I can see and feel all this very intimately in my own mind’s eye and understand a bit of what you are experiencing and what is making your heart so full.

    I, too, try to anchor myself into falling in love with the world on a daily basis, though I forget at times. Perhaps that’s the beauty of being human…

    • Thank you, Maia, for your presence to this piece..energetically and physically having shared a few steps together. What I enjoyed about you is that you took the time to breathe it all in, and to remove your shoes and walk barefoot along water’s edge. Having seen the beauty and experienced the energy, it is a delight that you understand my experience in such a way.

      To fall in love with world daily requires a degree of vulnerability and trust that many find daunting. I love that you mention the beauty of being human…I think that allows us the element of choice…we can choose to open through fear and doubt (or not) and in such a way we choose whether or not we fall in love, and the depth in which we will “allow”. On the days I feel radiantly Divine, the choice is as effortless as breathing; on the days I feel utterly human, the choice requires a process to center into. My mind doesn’t always understand it, but my being responds whole-heartedly :)

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