Pearls of Peace: An Ebook Gift For You

Affirmation: There is more than enough time and space to create that which is meaningful to me and connect with all that is enriching and enlivening.

Peace is my purpose, my passion.  I stepped out of a life of chaos and abuse into this wonderful space of peace, full of love and gratitude.

As I practice not only creating from my heart truth, but living it, and sharing it with World, my life expands, gently and joyfully, beyond that which I know.

My heart asked me to create a gift of peace to commemorate International Peace Day 2012.  My mind contributed a bit of resistance, so I quickly sent out an invitation to my peers asking them to assist me with amplifying peace in this wonderful way.

As a clarity and energy facilitator, the feeling of peace allows me to explore and experience all that I do.  As a writer, it is a joy to share in words this current of feeling.  As one who enjoys sharing connection, it thrills my entire being to collaborate with such a diverse group of talent.

While I have been advised to require an opt-in or sign-up, it is my heart whisper to make this simple and easy.  Just proceed to the ebook page by clicking this link: Pearls of Peace for more information about the book, and to download your complimentary copy.

(If you do wish to join the Facets community, you may do so through this link: Reflections of Joy).

Thank you for your presence!

May you feel the abundance of joy, love, peace, passion, and gratitude that has been vested into this project!

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore. Experience.

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  1. When I logged in to email this morning, I was delighted to see your message, Joy, and could not wait to read the book. So I got myself a nice large mug of coffee and spent beautiful minutes reading and feeling wonderful as I turned page after page of lovely affirmations and photos and contributions of the various authors in the book. What a great start to my day! Thank you, I will cherish this book forever. And I am honored to be a part of it.

    Hugs, Love and Peace, Vidya

    • What a lovely image, Vidya, so peaceful as you read of peace! That was my vision…that the overall message of the book would invite readers to experience peace in this moment, then allow it to infuse their creations and connections as they move through not only this day, but every day!

      Thank you, for all that you share!

  2. Joy,

    Thank you for creating and sharing such a beautiful book. It is my pleasure to be a contributor, but more important, it is my sincere pleasure to read the book and take its wonderful message.


    • Thank you, Alex, for your contribution to the project, and for taking the time to show your support, here.

      My vision for this book was to invite readers to experience peace in this moment, then allow it to infuse their creations and connections as they move through not only this day, but every day. Thank you for affirming that with action!

  3. The book is lovely. Thank you for allowing me to be part of it, and to be one among such a diverse and inspiring company.

  4. Dear Joy

    You have shared with the world yet another BEAUTIFUL resource that radiates your peace-filled energy in unmistakable ways. The book is beautiful and the content is so valuable, but what spoke to me the most was the energy that it holds. There is again, no mistaking it when we allow ourselves to feel and hold the space in the fullness of our presence with this resource.

    Thank you for being the light and for inspiring others to be the light – radiating love, joy and peace into this world!

    It was such a pleasure and honor to be a part of this creation and I thank you for honoring your heart whispers in making it happen!

    Yes, there is more than enough time….and we each have all the resources we need to make anything that our hearts call us to make happen :)

    With love and peace,

    • Thank you, Evita, for your beautiful contribution to this project, in spirit and message!

      As I share within the book, my intent while creating it was to allow the process to be fun, and to embrace each connection as it was placed. *That* intent meant that I balanced writing and editing with lots of beach time, personal energy sessions, and abundant gratitude, all of which is infused throughout this book. I do believe that what I create absorbs the energy I create with, so all of that *joy* and peace is poured into each message!

      I love this affirmation: “Yes, there is more than enough time….and we each have all the resources we need to make anything that our hearts call us to make happen :) ”

      Thank you for your love and support, for being one who has consistently encouraged and inspired me to create from my heart truth!

      Love to you!

  5. Thank you Joy for letting me participate in your wonderful project. And in reading all the contributions I was infused with peace. Aaah. Just loverly.

    Love Elle

    • Thank you, Elle, for very clearly sharing in your message the theme of the entire book: “just choose it”. All that you share affirms my personal practices of creation and connection.

      Loverly, indeed!

  6. I’m very proud to be part of this beautiful book. Thank you, Joy, for the invitation to one of the contributing writers. I’ll be mentioning it in an upcoming post. Thanks!!

    • Thank you, Betsy, for your participation in this project..your wonderful spirit exudes joy, gratitude, peace and affirms so much within my own practices …my heart is full of gratitude for your presence!

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