The Waiting Game

She put a question out to Universe.

A pretty significant question. (Or so she thought).

Nothing happened.

The skies remained the same, mountains stayed in place.

So, she waited.

While she waited, she wondered if there was something to release to make room for the answer to be perfectly placed.  She cleaned and straightened and organized (physically and energetically).  She wondered if there was something to embrace to enhance her practice of presence so continued studying and applying the principles that resonated.

Her spirits felt buoyant and her heart whispers were roaming free.

She sourced Universe again, this time a bit more playfully.  As in: “in case you hadn’t noticed, I have prepared space and vested full presence”…

Nothing happened.

So, she continued to wait.

While she waited, she began to revel in her newly cleaned space. Gratitude overflowing from her heart turned to laughter within connections and joy within creations.

She began to reach out to others who laughed and created and connected.

Surrounded by such delight, she began to explore the physical world around her more, taking different paths along the beach and hiking trails in the mountains.  She began to experiment with creative process, using different materials and techniques.

One day, in the midst of it all…this “new” life full of fresh connections and creations, laughter and gratitude, buoyancy and free-flowing whispers…she Felt *it*.

She felt the answer. (How could she not?  She was living it!)

Ha! While she was waiting, the Answer was perfectly placed.

What was the answer?  And, how might you apply this reflection in your life?

What are you waiting for?

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore. Experience.








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  1. Lovely. A beautiful endorsement to my belief that Happiness is a DIY project :D

    Hugs, Vidya

    • I love the beautiful synchronicity, Vidya, of endorsing and affirming happiness (inner peace) through the practice of living it :)

      A huge energetic hug to you, too :)

  2. jean sampson said:

    I have been thinking about the roll of gratitude in keeping joy present. This is probably so obvious to everyone reading this wonderful post—but when I am FULL of gratitude “thank you for the tea, thank you for the figs, thank you that I can turn a switch and have light, thank you for the easy access to lots of good and healthy food, thank you for my bed and the pillow and the kitty that is sleeping near me, thank you that my husband has lost weight”, and so on, when I am so full of gratitude for everything, then nothing that is not light and of the moment can slip in. There is just no room for anything else! And it feels SO GOOD to just be grateful! This, I notice, has become my way of being in the world and I am thoroughly enjoying it! Love and hugs to you!

    • Thank you, Jean, for sharing your reflection! This stands out to me “when I am so full of gratitude for everything, then nothing that is not light and of the moment can slip in. There is just no room for anything else!”….

      This is the basis of my life’s practice of presence with love and gratitude. When the moment is full of love and gratitude, external circumstances are irrelevant to the process, allowing inner peace full reign in all moments.

      I love that you are enjoying this way of showing up and moving through world..I can only imagine the ease and joy with which you create and connect. Thank you for sharing a bit of your process :)

  3. Joy,
    The answer comes sometimes when you least expect it. Or slowly it becomes your life. I love your story. I really like how you manifest, too!! It’s reminds me of a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote:

    Adopt the secret of nature. Her secret is patience.


    • Thank you, Betsy for sharing such a beautiful quote, how have I not heard it before, what a wonderful affirmation!

      And, that is the gift of connecting through vulnerability; I chose to share from my heart, and I received such a perfectly placed *gift*…thank you!

      As I read your reflection, I see that sometimes we hold on to “form” while waiting for the answer, but it can be simply placed in myriad ways, such as the lovely affirmation you chose to share :)

  4. A beautifully serene post. It’s calmed me right down! :)

    • Thank you, Carolyn, for sharing your reflection…calm is a wonderful space to connect and create from…I wonder, what *magic* shall you create today? And, energetically, how might you *play* with the feeling of calm to extend it throughout the day :)

  5. So hard to be patient and relinquish control. I have to learn this over and over.

    • Thank you, Galen, for sharing your reflection! I am sure many can identify…

      As I read your words, my thought is that the times I have been patient and honored cycles (relinquished control) have been the most *magical* beyond what mind could expect or ask for. As I dabble in photography on my nightly walks at water’s edge, I notice that if I become uncomfortable (the water is very cold, the air temperature is chilly, something doesn’t feel *optimal*), I wish to leave, even knowing that sunset will be absolutely magnificent and thrill me in all ways. And some days, I turn away to leave “early”…then turn back to see the gorgeous colors lighting the ocean, the hills, the sky…And I know without a doubt that if I apply this to relationships, creations, and all areas in life, there have been times I have “left too early” or “quit too soon” or “jumped ahead a few steps too quickly”…and I let this inspire me as I move forward.

      It has now become an energetic game for me…which makes learning fun. I challenge myself to utter patience within unfolding to see just how magical the experience can be :)

  6. What this says to me is that growth and transformation sneak up on us gradually, and that life isn’t usually characterized by a-ha moments but rather by nearly imperceptible but unmistakable change. I know that’s always been true for me.

    • Thank you, Chris, for sharing your reflection! As I read your words, I think of all of the times that I wished to “rush through the ordinary” moments to get to the ah-ha ones…yet, it is often the daily commitment to be present to the “ordinary” that invites the full creative expression, transparent connection. Wow…thank you for that insight!

      I love the feel of this “imperceptible but unmistakable change.” When I sail in races, the slightest adjustment to the sails absolutely makes a difference in boat maneuvering and overall placement. And, how might I apply that in life? Wow.


  7. A beautiful message Joy! Thanks for sharing! The Lord speaks to us in so many ways and is speaking to us all the time. We just have to take the time to see, feel and be thankful for what he is telling us in the moment, otherwise we might miss it!

  8. I love your reminder to “act as if” I already have what I seek in my dream whispers and then ta-da, I am there xo

    • Wow. I love that you commented on this, Tanya…because I am in this space again–having moved and been to court…and feeling like I have done so much inner work, waiting patiently for external to align.

      What I am reflecting in this message is to celebrate what we already have as we focus on our heart whispers, we find we are living them. Thank you for the reminder! A gift!

  9. I’m going to be bold here and say that the answer is irrelevant. What matters is the question that sets her into motion and into her beautiful self and life. We do not need to understand or feel that the Universe is responding. IT IS (responding too, actually) and that’s enough. Being that awareness answers all questions without words. ?

    • I love that you are choosing to be bold, Maryse! Thank you!

      To review this article, today, is wonderful for I lived it yet again…since November I have been waiting for an answer. I wanted it to look a certain way. It didn’t. I almost missed the “lesson”. Reading this now is such a powerful reminder: *the answer is irrelevant…what matters is the question that sets her into motion*.

      May I ask, what type of questions would you ask…or *do you ask*… in your practices of presence?

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