Centered Into Gratitude, Aligned With Love

This essay is Part II of Fresh. Free. Light. ( A Celestial Celebration). 

I didn’t know there would be a part two.  A  continuation of falling in love.

In honoring my recent commitment to anchor into light in the morning and evening (through sunrise and sunset), I am accepting World’s invitation to fall in love.

(A reminder that these photos are taken with a Droid camera phone, just imagine how spectacular the experience in person).

I didn’t wish to fall in love. (True).  But, I did.  (True).  I opened my heart far beyond what I know and infinite possibility became my reality.  (Have you been there, it’s exhilarating!).

Each sunrise is an invitation to center into gratitude, each sunset is an invitation to align with love.  From such a space I feel my ethereal essence, the one that affirms life with an enthusiastic “here I am, let’s roll!”.

I understand that I am able to physically experience this magnificence, because I currently live mere steps from the beach and honor the time for the experience. I also fully understand that I may energetically experience this magnificence (center into light), each moment that I open my heart to the possibility.

Reflection: we may energetically center into abundance, each moment that we open our hearts to the possibility!. 

People (friends and clients) often ask me how do I live such a heart-centered life, especially with “all that I have been through”.  *This* is how: what I cannot describe with words, I can share with photos.

I find the beauty in the moment and I celebrate that beauty (affirming essence with gratitude)I feel that love and align with it.  

When you look at the above photos, what you do not feel is the chilly wind–adding the “crispness” to the photos–or the storm clouds hanging heavily over the harbor–adding depth to the photos.  What you feel and see is the essence of the beauty within “less than optimal conditions”, because that is what I choose to focus on and share

You have a choice, each and every day, about the perspective you’ll have in life. Every morning when you wake, you can approach the day with positivity.” from No More Negative Nellys by Kerri Richardson

We choose what we focus on and share; I choose gratitude and love, as transformative as we allow them to be.  Instead of learning more techniques on how to manage discomfort, my focus is on learning to revel in the supreme “comfort” of inner peace–the abundance of the moment.

(I share these affirmation photos on my Facebook fan page and in the Sharing the Gift of Presence Affirmation ecourse).

As you move through World, what do you center into/align with? Please share your reflection in the comment section.

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore. Experience.

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  1. jean sampson said:

    Hi Joy–what an uplifting post! I think I center into my experience of well-being and my physical rootedness in the same place, same house I was raised in. I love that I played in all of the houses around me and that I walk by my Grandmother’s house when I walk to my studio (in the building where I went to grade school). I am in touch with myself at every age here, nothing is forgotten. Even the yard reminds me of how I used to play with all the neighborhood kids, and all of the dogs and cats that have roamed this area. My best friend lives next door, and the neighborhood is still like one big family! I am also rooted in all of the ways that I have grown over the years! I have made myself a very strong foundation with lots of personal work over the 66 years I have been on earth. And I love all of the beautiful new people, like YOU, that I have met on-line! Love and peace to you!

    • I love the feel of this reflection, Jean, thank you!

      I understand the importance of a sacred container and am now applying that to our home space (which I believe energetically is my heart space, and now see that physically it is the structure which I consider home). My experience is far different from yours; when I was young, we moved frequently, so I don’t have the same feeling of “rooted-ness” that many people do. In this stage, I am considering the reality that I taught my children rooted-ness in esoteric and energetic realms (in truth, love, and gratitude) but *had not* taught them “rooted-ness” in the physical realm. This is my opportunity to guide us through such an and different for me, and them.

      So, your reflection affirms that. I can imagine the strength, the empowerment of knowing a *consistent home*. The words “strong foundation” speak strongly to me. And, when we describe walking through the neighborhood, I feel a sense of “whole-body integration” and wellness pouring through.

      I have lived at the harbor for the last 14 years, so I (and we) have consistency of place…and I can see through you (and others) the joys of rooted-ness, and the beauty of the blossoms :)

      Thank you for sharing, I love turning reflections inward and learning from them!

  2. “I opened my heart far beyond what I know and infinite possibility became my reality”. “We may energetically center into abundance, each moment that we open our hearts to the possibility!” Key words: open/opened, infinite/abundance & possibility. There’s something ‘I’ have come across regarding the “thousand petal lotus” of the heart. Perhaps as we move along our paths in each incarnation, there is always unfolding of these petals happening. There is a simple matter of us awakening (opening) to this continuous event. And our heart/lotus is by nature infinite and abundant; an abundance of infinite proportion. As infinite as the Universe of no edges nor borders. “Possibility” represents, not so much that it’s possible if we will but open to it, but more an invitation to dissolve into its very “reality”. Oh dear Joy, your sweet words are strong medicine and flow steadily from your “heart cave “(Ramana Maharshi). Mibaraka! ~ ricky

    • Ricky,

      I read your words and they felt so beautiful, I read them again right away. You clearly capture the essence of what I am currently in..this unfolding of petals…recently I am drawn to pink and to the center of huge blossoms in the process of unfolding…I feel it is so symbolic of my heart space…so for you to share here is such a wonderful affirmation! And I used to wish to cling to each precious petal dropping away, but now I see how that is part of the process of organic growth and I can see the beauty and embrace the process.

      What an expansive knowing: “And our heart/lotus is by nature infinite and abundant; an abundance of infinite proportion. As infinite as the Universe of no edges nor borders.” I “needed” these words, the feel and the meaning…the timing is perfect…thank you, for taking the time to reflect in such a way! A huge energetic hug to you!

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