Harmonizing with Flow and Abundance

Danielle LaPorte poses this question: What would your life be like if you only did what was easy?”

Her thoughts arrive as a timely affirmation of my cultivation of love and gratitude as the foundation of my movements, connections, and creations.

When my heart is full of joy, it sings, overflowing effortlessly…movement is with ease, connecting is enlivening, creating is a wonderful experimentation with skills and technique. 

(Can you feel the ease in that? Ease amplifies freedom!).

From such a space, I vest full presence into this moment, all moments, because curiosity invites me to explore.  With wonder and awe, I lean into learning; full trust inviting me to take steps into areas previously unfamiliar. 

I find that I have so much conditioning to release around the word “easy”,  so I release it. Because what I want to feel in life is fulfillment; this conditioning acts as a barrier to that fulfillment.

I find that life is “easier” when I embrace simplicity.

Now that I have learned the power of full presence, simplicity is a space  I center into and create from.  (I used to shy away from simplicity, because it was a wide-open space in which “lack of” was quite obvious).  The spaciousness within simplicity invites transparency, radiance, depth, exquisite detail, excellence, whole-body nourishment and celebration!

This moment is full of abundance, and I want to absorb that feeling into my being.

That is my surface layer answer to Danielle’s question; let’s look beyond that to inner core. Because my mind (and perhaps yours) says, easy hadn’t been familiar to me, and mainstream doesn’t tend to approve of the “easy way”.

When I choose to live in alignment, drawing to me that which resonates, all that I do is ‘easy’.  

The “work” is in choosing what I wish to center into, consistently practicing full presence to unfolding within organic growth, “tweaking” my resonance to harmonize with flow and abundance.  From this space, I recognize that the power of my thoughts truly creates my reality, so “having it” is as effortless as thinking it.

A very simple example of this is that within energetic circles, my peers use examples of bird feathers floating into their life as affirmation of Divine.  My mind says how is it possible that a bird feather would simply show up as one moves through life.  My heart says, oh yes please, I would like that.

Yesterday, while on the beach, I arranged my spot in the sand, turned to the water to take a photo, and found this feather right by my towel.


What would be possible if we understood the ease of harmonizing with flow and abundance?  

What if creating and connecting was as simple as: yes, please…I want that…and because we are asking from alignment, it was perfectly placed…just like that…

(I weave energetic application as I create and connect.  The orange color represents this energetic application.  Just skimming those phrases, feels good…and when we feel good we trust enough to explore the message, even if it feels unfamiliar).

What is one way that you might incorporate the concept of ease into your movements today? 

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore. Experience.


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  1. There is so much in this message, Joy. I want to read it several times, at least. Yes, I’ve been resistance to “easy” too, but feel attracted to ease so it could all be possible. “Easy” to me is a state of mind in which I let go of all the struggle. The struggle comes from within. Hmmmn, so what is one way to incorporate the concept of ease today? Staying in the moment. Thank you, so many of us need this invitation to easy.

    • Thank you for your presence to this message, Sandra; I find it fun to see who each message draws in :)

      “Easy to me is a state of mind in which I let go of struggle”–what a wonderful affirmation! When we energetically lean into those words, we are embracing flow; from such a space, struggle effortlessly sloughs away.

      In my life, struggle was familiar, so even if it was uncomfortable I was so used to learning in such a way, I resisted new and different (easy) ways because the discomfort seemed more manageable than the unfamiliar. Learning to live with ease, to cultivate it, is a wonderful celebration of depth within this moment.

      I feel creating and connecting with ease, allows us to experience abundance in the moment…has this been your experience?

  2. When I first read the question, I saw many layers in it, as you elaborated in your post. We might think at first that only doing what’s easy would be a lazy approach. In our US culture we seem to value struggle, especially struggle against all odds, persevering through setbacks, fighting the good fight. But when you look deeper, into the concepts of harmony and flow, then the question takes on a whole new meaning, one that is transcendent and, in all the best senses, productive. Great post!

    • Thank you for your presence, Galen; I love when you stop in!

      As you shared, we tend to equate easy with lazy. I think this belief is a huge barrier to inner peace and abundance. So many people end the day exhausted, burnt out, drained; when one’s muscles scream out, and mind is tired, and spirit is drained, where is the peace and abundance…how may we love and celebrate life in such a state?

      I lived this way the majority of my life, as did many of those around me. To learn to embrace harmony and flow, and even abundance, is a practice that takes studying and commitment and whole-body integration, certainly not “lazy”, yet the overall result of applying effort feels enriching/enlivening, inviting us to explore a depth that we might not experience if we chose the way of struggle.

      Transcendent, indeed!

  3. jean sampson said:

    Yes, Joy, there is a great depth to this post. At first, I thought, “Easy! How boring!” But then, as I read and realized what you were saying, I thought, yes! We are the ones who make everything hard and stressful by our patterned responses to things we have to do or things life hands us that we weren’t expecting and don’t really want to deal with. What I am not sure about is, are there things we need to learn that we would NOT draw to us if we had the choice, that are lessons that just are not inherently easy? I guess I will have to think about this a little more.

    • Thank you for your presence, Jean!

      I love that you originally equated easy with bring…I used to feel the same…if everything was “easy” how would I feel fulfilled? What I find now is this depth to explore and discover; vesting presence to new and different means the process might not be “easy” but the feeling is of “ease”. Can you feel the distinction in that? (For instance, learning code for my site is often tedious, but leaning into that feeling, and creating through it, in flow, allows for the “ease”).

      You pose a great question, I would love to know what others readers feel, perhaps I will pose it in a future article! “Are there things we need to learn that we would *not* draw to us if we had the choice?”

      My initial feeling is that within your question is a reference to perceived pain…I wonder, then, if one lives a life of ease in flow, would fear of perceived pain exist? In my personal experience, it does not…in full presence, I am not afraid of losing a person, death, injury (things my mind says will hurt, that I used to avoid) because in full presence the feelings are there but they don’t “hurt”…they guide through this experience to the next one. In essence, a lesson is not inherently “easy” because we are resisting something about it. (How does that feel? Again, I am so glad you shared and opened up this discussion!).

  4. Joy,
    I love your first quote! I am like that sometimes, just doing the easy thing. I’m trying now to leave my comfort zone a little more often. (read this week’s post where I did leave my zone) I reread your post several times. I do think when things are right, they flow and are easy.
    Thought provoking post! Thank you!

    • Thank you, Betsy for sharing! So often, we complicate things–out of habit or conditioning–when “easy” offers an experience of depth and richness. I don’t think easy means “no effort”; I think easy means in flow, allowing for joy and bliss as we vest presence.

      I am delighted that you are experimenting with the parameters of your comfort zone! Stepping into the unknown can be as thrilling as we allow it to be! We tend to explore more, and allow expansion into unknown, when we are enjoying the experience..may you enjoy each step :)

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