Listen. To The Sounds of World Around You.

My silent retreat via Susan Piver’s  Open Heart Practitioner’s Program was amazing. I still have no words (no pun intended, it’s just true *grin*). Makes connecting and writing a bit more challenging since words seem to be “required”.

Instead of struggling against this feeling, I chose to embrace it and set the intent this week to listen.  To my body, my heart whispers, the sounds of World around me, and beyond those sounds to the energetic meaning and feel of it all.

For example, I can hear the birds chirping outside of my window as I write this, and feel the invitation to appreciate the individual melody as well as the harmony within community.  If I turn that inward, do I appreciate my own voice–the sound, the quality, the love within it–and do I share it openly and willingly within community?

I received that invitation in an even deeper way: do I appreciate my own voice through this site?  So caught up in creating and connecting, had I taken the time to say thank you, I love you and here is what you mean to me?  I felt I hadn’t, so I took the time to write a love letter to Facets.  (Please click the link if you are interested in reading my love letter).

This exercise was powerful because Facets is an extension of my heart space.  In essence, then, I wrote a love letter to *me*.  I can tell you with sincerity that I am fully present to self as I move through World, yet I hadn’t felt that presence because I hadn’t vested it with depth (if that makes sense?).  This insight is not a criticism, it is shared in a gentle, compassionate way. Once I had the insight, I felt the invitation to turn love and light on my self. 

Active listening is a practice of unconditional love.  Hearing the sound, processing the meaning, feeling the energy, accepting the gift of connection.  No judgment, no criticism, just a space of love and light and gratitude.  

Within the structured silence of this retreat, when I chose to listen to the silence, I heard World say “I love you”.  I spend so much time loving World, that I hadn’t heard the response.  It feels very safe, very fulfilling.

Love is a multi-faceted connection.  It is the ability to receive as graciously as we share; the ability to appreciate and celebrate as generously as we create and connect.

From such a space, I experienced a depth of whole-body nourishment that I hadn’t made time or space for in a long while.  I hadn’t recognized that I was “missing” this whole body nourishment, so it was a joy to re-connect with self in such an enriching way.

Here is a snapshot of a few of the photos from my retreat:

I set out a blank sheet of paper with art supplies to invite myself to paint (something I used to do quite consistently but hadn’t since we moved to land). This symbolized to me “a blank page”…an invitation to create and connect *today* as I wish.  To use bold strokes and bright colors, and turn mistakes into masterpieces. 

I chose to light candles as I meditated, wrote, and painted.  Even in daylight.  This reminded me to light candles in the moments I consider “sacred”: meals, yoga practice, journaling, creating and connecting online.  And, to energetically light those candles as I move through my day, a living namaste of recognizing and appreciating the Divine in everything.

I love to walk Ocean’s edge at sunset; it happened that this particular evening was also a full moon evening.  Powerful and inspiring to see Sun dip into the ocean as Moon rose over the beach.  Surrounded by love and light, my heart affirmed my commitment to love, as my being celebrated the beauty of World around me.

Realizing I tend to walk in “only” the evening, I chose to walk to the harbor opening during the day.  Watching sunlight glisten as a lone boat pulled into port reminded me of individual path, and the depth of peace and joy I feel when I honor my heart whispers and create and connect from this truth. 

World speaks to us in myriad ways, do we make the time and create the space to listen?

A central theme of my message, interwoven throughout each segment of this site, is the concept of allowing your heart whispers to become your reality.  

Sounds quite esoteric.  (It can be.  it doesn’t have to be). 

If you are reading this, you are most likely interested in living a life full of “magical moments”, regardless of external circumstances.  We read about abundance, we listen to numerous real life examples and we want to experience it in our own life. However, we don’t always feel it is possible for us so sometimes we disregard the possibility; in essence, choosing to continue to live a life that feels lacking in some way.

The *magical moments* within movies and best-selling novels captivate us, fascinate us; but when we are finished with the movie/book, we tend to leave infinite possibility *there*…at the theater or within the book binding.

Understandable.  I used to do that as well (sometimes I still do!). I allowed my fear of “not enough” to morph with this overall feeling of “lack” in my life.  From such a space, the magic feel of abundance felt very far away, and unattainable to me.

Yet, whenever we wish to connect to this abundance, all we need to do is listen. 

May I ask, what in your life is asking for your attention, your presence?  Is there anything calling to you today?

Much peace and abundant love,


Reminder:  Experiment. Explore. Experience.

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  1. Oh Joy,

    I *love* this! All of it! Read your letter and messages earlier today and responded, but it was not until just now I read the whole of your latest post here and *magical* that we are so aligned my *heart whispers* to me today, inspired by and through your and my shared essence of connecting through and with and *in* love, to create a practical guide to invite abundance in to our lives, just as you write about above, and beyond that I just connected to my own abundance, inner and outer, just these past few hours of listening and processing and working with free resources that have opened doors in my heart to allow me to access new depths of understanding within myself about what unique gifts I have to share with the world. *So magical*, so beautiful, so many creative ideas sourcing today- calling to me- and I am listening! Listening and recording. Listening and receiving. Listening and hearing. *Feels* abundantly light and free! Today, I have fallen *in love* with life, with myself, with every person I have ever loved, with every magical moment I have ever shared, all over again. You might say I am *in love* with the World, even celebrating a new *love affair* with life tonight! Thank you for your presence, your essence, all that you are and all that you share here, in your daily world, and in all ways….

    *In Love,*

    Molly :)

    • Can you believe it has almost been one year, Molly, since you took a chance, and chose to invest your resources and walk a few steps with me. We create in different ways, yet our paths are parallel. Could you even imagine how *life changing* your decision would be *grin*.

      Here you are celebrating love in all ways…experimenting with full creative expression of your heart truth, and experiencing the joys of living in alignment, as you continue to explore in “Molly fashion”! How fun and exciting! I am looking forward to watching your journey unfold, knowing that whatever you choose to vest in will be at once *magical* and abundant.

      Thank you for the kind words, and for your presence to amplifying love…as I practice, what you see in me is the wonderful reflection of you.

  2. This is a beautiful message, Joy and it inspires me to do something similar. I’ve been slightly out of sorts since the past week – my birthday being quite a bright spot within it. Yet, though I was happy, I was restless. Disoriented comes closer to describing the feeling. I realized I’ve been sleep deprived and set out to remedy that immediately. I’ve just stubbornly stopped worrying about certain things I was getting worked up over. :-) Ah, well, I am getting there.

    I can tell the Universe is with me – as there is a State-wide strike here, where I live, so that means I have my folk at home for the weekend! Which makes me feel infinite peace as it has been a long week for all of us and we need the respite.

    Thank you – I always love reading what you write – and decide, in my mind, to make sure I cool down :D

    Love you, Joy.


    • You share so much within this one reflection, Vidya, so I send to you a huge energetic hug full of refreshment, love, peace, gratitude, and radiant sunshine!

      In one week you have experienced quite a lot of unexpected change, so your sense of imbalance is asking you for something, sleep perhaps, but something else. What is it that your heart is asking you for?

      Strong, incessant worry is another way of heart speaking to us. Many people advocate “not worrying”, yet I recommend that we lean into our worry, it is speaking to us, do we have the trust to listen deeply, because the refreshment is within that. When we choose to listen, worry transforms into creative expression.

      Universe *is* with you…I love the feel of that affirmation, and that you recognize the blessing within it all…may you continue to enjoy the inner peace as your week unfolds…and remember to look up to the sky for a visual reminder of infinity.

      Happy *birth* day week!

      Love to you, too :)

  3. So beautiful. Today I sit at the hospital waiting for my Mom to come out of surgery (cornea transplant). I listen snd give thanks for this time to be with her. love and light.

    • Love and light to you and your mother, Tanya! I think it wonderful that as you wait for your mom, you are taking the time to nourish your being with inspiration and to share from such a space! I shall turn that reflection inward as I move throughout my day: where am I “waiting” and how might I nourish my being as I do so?

      Thank you for your presence here, I appreciate that you chose to share your energy!

  4. Hi Joy, just stopping by to say hello. I am excited for you that you had such a wonderful experience :)

    • Thank you for stopping by, Julie, and taking the time to say hello :) I tend to set the space for “wonderful experiences” and I like to share them as a reminder that when we set the space with intent and awareness, *everything is possible*.

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